Haus in Albisrieden

Haus in Albisrieden

Michael Meier Marius Hug Architekten AG
Zurich, Switzerland | View Map
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Haus in Albisrieden

Michael Meier Marius Hug Architekten AG como Arquitectos

The property is located on the outskirts of the southern part of Zurich. Confined by the forest in the north the elongated parcel is situated on a steep hillside. Due to the hilly topography of the Limmat Valley a view over the east part of the city and the settlement area in the west is created.

The residential building appears from downhill like a four-storey, tower-like structure. In the building the two family dwellings are each organized over two floors. Relating to the adjacent dwellings of the 1930s, a nearly symmetric structure of the building is developed with large corner windows.

Oriel-like extensions of the building create a spatial reference in the diagonal of the living room. On the ground and first floor the access core subdivides the basic figure and encloses the niches in the area of the windows.

Through the inversion of the spatial principle balconies emerge in the corners of the building on the attic floor. The tower-like effect of the building, noticeable at border of the residential area of Albisrie¬den, is accentuated through the constriction of the basic shape and the centric elevation of the façade at the top floor.

The space-creating drywalls and furniture elements are veneered with light brown ash. Those ele¬ments together with the terrazzo floor and the smooth surface of the concrete create a harmonic colour and atmosphere of the interior. The guardrails are positioned within the interior, in front of the thin-profiled sliding windows which are made out of anodized aluminium.

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