High St Office

High St Office

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Armadale VIC, Australia | View Map
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Nicole England

High St Office

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects como Arquitectos

A respectful alteration and addition to an existing heritage facade on Armadale’s prominent High Street, this project crafted the headquarters for a family business.

Its design is a nimble and sensitive response to a heritage street context. Set back from the original Victorian-era facade with the inclusion of a roof terrace, the new roofline mimics a traditional saw tooth construction. It is reminiscent of traditional warehouse building techniques of the same era, whilst maintaining the strong graphic line of the original brick front.

The top-most level opens up onto a roof terrace to the north, with expansive views of Melbourne to the north west and more intimate views of the Malvern Town Hall immediately to the east.

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Eames “Aluminium Group’ leather chair por Herman Miller
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