House Ostrava-Polanka

House Ostrava-Polanka

Ostrava-Polanka nad Odrou, Czech Republic | View Map
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Ondřej Durczak
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ElementoMarcaProduct Name
Washbasin, toiletCeramica Catalano
Flooring: Concrete + reinforcing groutFortemix s.r.o.
Fortedur 1020
Aluminum Windowsheroal
Roofing: roofing foil, EPDMFirestone Building Products EMEA
Interior lighting: Fermaluce UrbanCreative Cables
Facade cladding: Brick, Full Brick (the cheapest)Zlínské Cihelny s.r.o.

Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
Washbasin, toilet
Flooring: Concrete + reinforcing grout
Fortedur 1020 por Fortemix s.r.o.
Aluminum Windows
por heroal
Roofing: roofing foil, EPDM
Interior lighting: Fermaluce Urban
Facade cladding: Brick, Full Brick (the cheapest)

House Ostrava-Polanka

Bydloarchitekti como Arquitectos

A house for two architects and their children, a house for us. Our house is situated on the site of a brick house after great-grandmother. The house is undemanding on square meters and technology. Demanding of compactness, simple materials and identified materials.

There are two brick blocks on the sides, one with a private bedroom open to the atrium with a sauna, the other one with children's rooms and a shed. Daily life flows between them. It leads from the street through the entrance courtyard with a tree and a covered parking space, around the kitchen and bathrooms to the living room with dining area to the terrace and to the garden. The concrete ceiling extends out above the southern glass wall, which protects against overheating. The floor is made of smooth concrete. The bricks are complemented in the interior by plywood tiles and furniture.

Someone is surprised that everybody can see everything inside. But we don't mind. We enjoy the view of the landscape, our dog lying on the terrace, the flowering flower meadow, the growing fruit trees in the orchard, the smell of herbs and the rustle of reeds.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Brick, Full Brick (the cheapest), Žopy – Zlínské cihelny
2. Flooring: Concrete + reinforcing grout, Fortedur 1020, Fortemix
3. Doors: Plywood, DIY
4. Windows: aluminum windows, Heroal
5. Roofing: roofing foil, EPDM, Firestone
6. Interior lighting: Fermaluce Urban, Creative Cables
7. Interior furniture: Plywood, DIY
8. Washbasin, toilet: Catalano – green, Catalano - sfera

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