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With increased high price housing problems, it is getting harder to have a proper-sized room in cities. However, people should not frame our life by size; it's about depth and versatility in living. NestSpace Design proposed a practical scheme throughout a 23 sqm apartment to echo small space livings in metropolises to pull up this idea.


This micro-apartment has a perfect location for shopping and commute, yet the limited dimension was not comfortable. Since its former plan could not maximize space efficiency, along with low sunlight and ventilation, the studio redistributed the flat, removing one of the original walls to create a space-saving and flexible place.


The concept was the meaning of "Miao Miao", far away from the mundane to run through the context. The more you go inward, the further you get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside. Minimizing materials and colour palette would result in a widespread and refreshing view in a small home.


The layout developed from horizontal and ended up vertical, roughly divided the space into four proportions. A relaxing moment begins at the entryway; the short corridor helps to shift the mood. Then is the multi-functional public area, where it encourages fun things to happen. The bedroom is on the mezzanine level, while a study recessed beneath it. Besides function, the steel-construction also implies an individual walking into a hidden realm that provides a sense of security. On the opposite side are the well-equipped kitchen and cupboards. Despite the narrow scale, the interior incorporates complete functions for a house.


For a music lover with many collections, it is vital to have sufficient storage at home. Aside from large cabinets along the walls, the staircase was also integrated with a storage role to showcase CD collections. NestSpace Design covered the kitchen island cabinet with guitar-inspired rusty texture to show the owner's rocker spirit and love for music. This apartment provides a decompression hideaway that is both open and private through a fresh, simple design.

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