A Mix of Ingredients

Dos Veintinueve como Designers

'Mole tastes like mole and not like the sum of its ingredients'.

Enrique Olvera, chef.

Our restaurant MOLE is originated from the mix of elements with different natures which, when gathered in the same space, relinquish their original state and find a new identity altogether, as though as we were talking about a good cooking recipe.

It is a space than interacts differently with each user, depending on their baggage of experiences or memories and on the affinity or familiarity that each one has with the elements contained within the space. There isn’t a unique way of living it or understanding it since the posibilites rely on the individual and thus are enjoyed around the table. It is rustic, but also feminine, it is complex, subtle, elegant and ephemeral but extremely eclectic in summary. It’s a bunch of living spaces interacting as a whole.

We were inspired in the flavors of home in order to understand the future, applying technology within reach to discover and experiment new design possibilities as complex perhaps as a plate of mole, that which you enjoy in a family celebration or at México’s number one restaurant.

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