Nosedo central school renovation and expansion

Nosedo central school renovation and expansion

CDL Durisch Nolli Giraudi Radczuweit

Durisch + Nolli Architetti
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Nosedo central school renovation and expansion by Durisch + Nolli and Giraudi Radczuweit

CDL Durisch Nolli Giraudi Radczuweit como Arquitectos

The purpose of this project was to renovate and extend the primary school from the 60’s, built from the architect Alberto Finzi, the creation of a double gym and a canteen for the local community’s schools.

The project intended the conservation of the school building as an extensive renovation.

The design targets were the adaptation of the spaces in line with the modern pedagogy, the restoration of the support structure, the dismantling of the superflous installations and the energetical renovation under the actual regulations.

The adaptation of the expectations of a modern school needs larger classrooms as the existing ones, in order to offer a dynamic teaching in different learning areas. Consequently, the actual classrooms of the lower level have been expanded through courtyards within the whole length of the building,in order to reach the 100 square meters required.

The double gym has been partially buried in the ground in order to conserve the proportion of the school building. The roof of the gym is totally walkable and offers an open space for the school and the community with direct access to the canteen.

Another very important aspect of the project concerns the attention on the neighborhood morphology public spaces with different modellings. Moreover, there was the concern to restore the path connection which shapes the urbane tissue of Massagno.

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