Novorizhskiy cottage village

Novorizhskiy cottage village

Balcon studio
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Mikhail Loskutov
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ElementoMarcaProduct Name
Coffee tableEichholtz
Diamond coffee table
Engineered planksCoswick
FurnitureDantone Home

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Coffee table
Diamond coffee table por Eichholtz
por IKEA
por BelBagno
Engineered planks
por Coswick

Two-storey cottage with an attic in Novorizhskiy cottage village

Balcon studio como Diseñadores

What was the brief?

We created a calm design for a comfortable family life. But this does not mean at all that there was no room in the interior for bright accents and bold geometric ornaments.

The customers are a very pleasant family, it was impossible not to fall in love with them, - says project designer Anastasia Bondarenko. - The incredible ease of communication, which arose literally at the first meeting, was reflected in the interior itself. It turned out to be both classic and at the same time very light.


What were the key challenges?
We got a house with a good layout.

The first floor was kept in deeper, darker colors. It is dominated by noble gray and dark blue, which go well with brass inserts in the decoration of lamps and fittings and the dark marble of the fireplace portal.

A staircase with a laconic design of steps and a strict brass railing leads to the second floor, where the bedrooms are located.

The second floor is made in lighter colors. It is dominated by white and creamy beige colors, diluted with juicy accents of green and berry shades.

This is a home theater in the attic, combined with a work area. Its interior was transformed into a semblance of a tropical garden by the sea using hand-made painting. At the same time, upholstered furniture and other interior items were chosen in the calmest shades and laconic forms so as not to overload the space.


What materials did you choose and why?
To completely transform a white room, it is enough to complement the wall with bright moldings or make a colored background behind the shelving.

The walls of the public part of the house were painted in a noble smoky gray color. In our opinion, this is the perfect backdrop for placing art objects that will eventually appear in the house.


Material Used :
Flooring: French herringbone pattern, Coswick engineered planks.

Living room. 
Sofa and armchairs, Dantone Home. 
Textile decoration, Tessuti. 
Coffee table Diamond, Eichholtz.
Table and chairs, Dantone Home.

The kitchen was made to order according to the sketches of the Balcon studio.
Barstool, DantoneHome.

The fireplace portal is made of Nero Marqina marble. The floor is covered with a French herringbone pattern from Coswick engineered planks.

Bed and bedside table, Dantone Home.
The wall is decorated with moldings painted in the color of the headboard. The bed is made to order. Bedside table, Dantone Home.

Bath, BelBagno.

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