One-storey building in Austria

One-storey building in Austria

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A house in Lichtblickhof

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A house which was built in Lichtblickhof, Austria, is development of the project aimed at transforming a barn into residential one-storey building with the attic space. The object characterized by a compact design for this type of construction has been enriched with roof windows which filled the attic with high quantities of natural light. The facade in white colour was cut with wooden boards which together with blue door warm up and visually highlight severe structure of the barn. The aim of the owner was to create a friendly space both for children and adults. Smart selection of colours, ample natural light and minimalist interior design make the room bright and spacious despite its small surface. The design is dominated by wood which perfectly matches character of the building, giving it a unique climate of both rural and modern house. Furthermore, to protect space in the attic against excessive heat gain during hot summer days windows have been fitted with awning blinds which provide much better protection than internal blinds.

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