Parque Novo Santo Amaro V

Parque Novo Santo Amaro V

Vigliecca & Associados
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Residencial Parque Novo Santo Amaro V

Vigliecca & Associados como Arquitectos

We understand residence as a synonym of city. And we do understand that housing production on a large scale constitutes a basic part of the city production.

Collective architecture projects must generate comprehensible and visible sectors willing to organize the scale by confronting the real city and rejecting heroic formalities.

We believe that housing production must value the variety and the identity, which can be reached through a respectable relationship with geography and solidarity with the existent.

The project is located in the south area of Sao Paulo Municipality, in Guarapiranga dam region, within a protected water spring area. The intervention area totalizes 5,4 ha, and it is inserted into a Special Zone of Social Interest (ZEIS 1). It is formed by public areas and irregularly occupied plot settlements.

The project general guideline objective is the creation, along the existing watercourse, of a green central axis, characterized as a linear park, structuring the whole intervention group. It is designed as an animated axis that qualifies the area, stimulating an identification feeling toward its inhabitants. Both leisure and educational equipment are installed at the axis edges, working as attraction points in order to stimulate the people to circulate and, therefore, to guarantee the place security as well as its entertainment.

The housing buildings compose the interface between the official street of the surroundings and the park internal area. They are comprised of access on both sides in order to assure the circulation, and, consequently, the security and maintenance of the external-internal areas of the complex.

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