Redside residential complex

Redside residential complex

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Anton Likhtarovich

A sunny space that comes from two combined apartments.

Balcon studio como Arquitectos de Interiores

Customers are young family of three, positive with established traditions.

The main idea of ​​the project is to emphasize the character of the owners in the space, which is their new home, to make them comfortable and the apartment corresponds to their lifestyle.
There were not many bright accents in the visualizations of the project, which appeared in the implementation. The character of the customers is learned in the process of communication, and we wanted to reflect this in the interior.

Redevelopment in this project is the first thing that needed to be done, since it is the union of two apartments in compliance with all legal criteria for approval.

Marble was used to decorate the fireplace in the living room. "I wanted to find a calm and harmonious pattern. Since this is the area that attracts the most attention",- tells Victoria Maslyuk, designer of this project.

It was important for the customers to have a large, spacious dressing room and several storage areas to relieve the rooms.
Therefore, we managed to make a bedroom exclusively for sleeping and a living room for relaxation.

The general color scheme is calm light tones. The living room area faces the sunny side, there is always a lot of light and we wanted to use it. We amplified the effect and supported it with color accents: green in the chair textiles and warm orange as a complementary shade.

The dressing room has become the brightest accent of the whole apartment. We settled on a luscious orange hue to lift our spirits. This is a metered splash of color without compromising the overall picture of a calm interior. The project designer likes to use this technique and calls it "the 'box effect".

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lighting in bathroom, bedroom, living roomEichholtz
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Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
lighting in bathroom, bedroom, living room
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bedside tables
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