Rifugio S S
Gabriele Rivoli

Rifugio S+S

manuarino architettura design comunicazione como Arquitectos

The preexisting construction was recent and of medium value, nevertheless the clients clearly asked us to make sure that this small holiday home became a prestigious and contemporary mountain hut but at the same time very warm and welcoming to take however of at most the little space available with a good design all strictly tailored by good local artisans. The high technological level achieved with the use of a very accurate LED lighting and state-of-the-art demotic systems, remains very silent and not at all ostentatious to make way for furnishing materials.
Wood dominates the space and defines its colors with a natural oak honey-colored essence alternating with white walls. The stone-effect porcelain stoneware floor tiles in the living area give way to parquet in the sleeping area.
All the walls are painted with a special stucco treatment that gives a material and elegant effect.
The entirely custom-made furnishings exploit the available space to the minimum, defining it through volumes set and folded according to the needs.
Small color accents have been given by the furniture and textiles, favoring the tones of red and amaranth which well capture the warm and welcoming mountain atmospheres.
A small living gem that came to light thanks to the will and dedication of the clients who immediately felt like a real family refuge.

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