The Stack

The Stack

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Año Del Proyecto
Amy Barkow
Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto

ElementoMarcaProduct Name
Solid SurfacingCORIAN® Design
Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (Metal Doors)Ceco Door
Series 3902 (Metal Frame)EFCO Corperation
Vynil Plank Flooring (Resilient Flooring)Karndean Designflooring
Classic Fusion Maple (Cabinetwork)Merillat Masterpiece cabinetry
Paints and StainsSherwin-Williams

Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
Solid Surfacing
Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (Metal Doors)
por Ceco Door
Series 3902 (Metal Frame)
Vynil Plank Flooring (Resilient Flooring)
Classic Fusion Maple (Cabinetwork)
Paints and Stains

The Stack

GLUCK+ como Arquitectos

THE STACK addresses the need for moderate-income and affordable housing in Manhattan. It finds opportunity on a small, difficult urban site by taking advantage of offsite construction methods.  Offsite construction offers an accelerated schedule and shorter financing period, turning sites that might otherwise be considered risky and turning them into opportunities.


It is a pilot project for developing a quality and economically viable housing solution to strategically rebuilding and filling gaps in outmoded housing infrastructure in the city.


Although not necessary to this construction methodology, the design of this 7-storey residential building expresses its modular construction.  Each individual unit is legible but also reads as part of a knit-together whole.  A common misconception of “modular” construction is that the units are products; each one containing a complete apartment of a specific design. In fact “offsite” construction is simply an alternate construction method. The building is designed according to its needs and then “cut” into pieces that can be completely fabricated in the factory and then transported and erected in its intended location.


This is the first prefabricated steel and concrete multi-unit residential building to be erected in New York City. Twenty-eight residential units (6 studios, 6 one-bedrooms, 14 two-bedrooms, 2 three-bedrooms) are built with fifty-six complete factory-finished modules prefabricated offsite.  5000 SF of infrastructure and foundations were built on site, in the same first three months that 28,000 SF, 6 stories of building, were simultaneously completed in the factory. A steel column grid structure was built on top of a poured-in-place concrete foundation to receive the stacked modules, and is designed to allow for wider clear spans for commercial leasing on the first floor. The two came together in a four week period of installation. It will have taken approximately 10 months for construction—6 months less than if built with traditional construction methods.


Material Used :
1. Vapro Shield Wrap Shield SA (Moisture Barrier)
2. EFCO Series 3902 (Metal Frame)
3. Ceco Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (Metal Doors)
4. Craftmaster Hardboard Solid Core Door and Wood Frame (Wood Doors)
5. Merillat Classic Fusion Maple (Cabinetwork)
6. Sherwin Williams (Paints and Stains)
7. Corian (Solid Surfacing)
8. Karndean Vynil Plank Flooring (Resilient Flooring)

Créditos Del Proyecto
Geotechnical Engineer
Structural Engineer (Foundations)
Structural Engineer (Modular)
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