Town Hall Competition

Town Hall Competition

B.C.Glover & Associates.
Saitama, Japan | View Map
Año Del Proyecto

Town Centre and Town Hall redevelopment.

B.C.Glover & Associates. como Planners

The Town Hall / Community Civic Center is a group of buildable functional facilities . The proposal redevelops the typical regional centers zone to sustainably support population growth and economic prosperity . Primary intersecting axes separate transport and pedestrians. Public open space occurs along the pedestrian axis. The 12 meter clear-span allows planning adaptability and variation. Seismic structure is eccentrically braced. Glazing provides aesthetic and environmental envelope performance. Thermal Air Exhaust and Natural Light is provided by through floor openings. Energy systems supply 24/7 high voltage power - tank hydroelectric generators. A/C evaporative O2 supply air / biosecurity. Civic Centre 4.0192 Hectares 12 : 1 Mixed Use Commercial Residential.163.7938 Hectares. Park 30.6679 Hectares 19,655,264. SQ.M GFS Total Mixed Use Commercial Residential. 10,800,000 SQ.M GFS Residential plus Bonus.Superblocks for 300,000 Persons @ 36 SQ. M / Person.

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