Zapiola House
Fernando Schapochnik
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ElementoMarcaNombre Del Producto
Floor tilesBarugel Azulay
TapsFV Grifferia
LightsHuup Iluminacion
Marble; kitchen island and counterItati marmoleria

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Floor tiles
Marble; kitchen island and counter
por Quadri

Zapiola House

Estudio Florida como Arquitectos

ZAPIOLA HOUSE is a project located in Buenos Aires that begins with the request to build a new floor above an existing house and the consequent reorganazation of the rooms in the original building. The ground floor is freed from the existing walls in order to create a single open space where the kitchen, the dining and the living room are, facing the inner patio. The upper floor locates the bedrooms and, above them, a large rooftop is designed.

photo_credit Fernando Schapochnik
Fernando Schapochnik
photo_credit Fernando Schapochnik
Fernando Schapochnik

The challenge in this Project was how to assemble the original building and the new expansion. The premise was not to replicate the existing construction but to find a new language that brings both parts to balance. In this search , the original bricks from the facade and the patio were restored and new materials were added such as ceramic tiles, granite tiles and a perforated metal facade that extends over all the floors of the house. This mesh, besides allowing the natural ventilation of the bedrooms, brings privacy and provides an atypical view from the rooms to the city.

photo_credit Fernando Schapochnik
Fernando Schapochnik

Materials used:

  1. Interior lighting: Black reel + appliances, Huup iluiminación
  2. Interior furniture: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture, Zonda Muebles
  3. Marble kitchen island and counter, Itati marmoleria 
  4. Ceramic tiles ceramic bathroom tiles, Acuarela
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