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Proyecto • By Baxter Green ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Country House Wiltshire

Location ·         Wiltshire Project Particulars ·         Listed Park land ·         Completed in 2021 ·         utilise the remaining buildings with a substantial new three storey stone building ·         stone cantilevered staircase and vaulted ceiling to the corridor Más

Proyecto • By Sachi DesignOficinas


The interior architecture of the building space is a concept development from urban nature into a sleek modernized form and scale of architectural methodology. Hap Seng 3 Tower, an aesthetical and functional commercial building that also meet top-notch industry standards with compliance of Grade-A office building, GBI certification, LEED Gold Certification and MSC zone.   This development is a 26-storey office building comprising of 5 levels of retail and F&B podium, 20 floors of office spaces as well as 1 level of roof F&B, sitting on top of 6 levels of basement parking. An approximately 90-metre high indoor vertical green wall within the internal atriums of the building that brings in indirect natural daylight to illuminate... Más

Proyecto • By EGM architectsHospitales

Drive-In OR Complex

EGM architects has completed a new, innovative complex of operating rooms on the roof of the visitor car park at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft. The unique drive-in complex offers rapid, easily accessible and welcoming care services. The complex responds to the growing demand for high-quality outpatient facilities in Dutch hospitals.   Unique concept With the design of this drive-in operating room complex (OR), EGM has realized a concept that provides care in a new way. Everything is geared to getting patients back on their feet and giving them full control. Built directly on top of the existing visitor car park, the complex lets patients drive right into the operating room, so to speak. And, after their treatment, they can... Más

Proyecto • By Jost ArchitectsApartamentos

Adela Apartments

The project came about with the development of a large residential block close to the Elwood foreshore and Port Philip Bay. The brief simply requested a spacious apartment product that was cutting edge and contemporary, but subtle both inside and out. The concept of a large apartment resulted in six single level dwellings, each with the proportions of a small house. The apartments are low maintenance, functionally adaptable to appeal to a range of potential residents, and highly sustainable. Externally, rather than go for a standard “stacked wedding cake” form, the building was set back significantly from the adjoining properties on the lower levels. This allowed the main volume of the building to have vertical sides and reduce... Más

Proyecto • By Estudio PKAlojamiento

Casa Sakura

Con un entorno del Delta Argentino, implantada en un lote trapezoidal, con vistas a una Laguna; su orientación norte, hacia uno de sus laterales, generó la inclusión de un patio de luz con abundante vegetación, el cual también utilizamos como ingreso. El mismo funciona como fuelle y articulador; como transición entre la calle y el acceso a la casa, es el corazón de la misma y todas las circulaciones se vuelcan hacia este espacio.  La fachada, de orientación oeste, posee un portón corredizo que se oculta al abrirse con la intención de generar una sensación escenográfica hacia el acceso peatonal a través de un recorrido que va cambiando sus formas... Más

Proyecto • By Swap officeCentros Culturales

port of cultures

This site is part of city’s history, and the existing building has been part of some important events. Based on people’s votes, they prefer to keep the building as it is; on the other hand, the city needs a new building with new programs, especially cultural ones.So how could we inject new programs into the existing building?That’s why we decided to preserve the envelope of the existing building, put a glass box inside filled with programs. As a result, we’ve got a building with old, familiar facade .At some points, the glass box would break the wall, so that the transparency provides visual connection between the inside and out. We strengthened the envelope with a metal structure, which is also the structure for the... Más
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat

Proyecto • By KET bureauCasas Privadas

PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat

The buckwheat model conveys the warmth of the building, as well as the atmosphere of "tasty" architecture. The concept was prepared during the “Great Buckwheat Standing” in first lockdown (April 2020).  Design models from Buckwheat became a trend in Moscow after that. * Buckwheat is the most demanded product in lockdown time in Russia. #trendByKet  Más

Proyecto • By Elval ColourHospitales


The magnificent project IASO with 3D shape in Greece. Elval Colour products can be easily formed to a small radius, allowing a great variety of shapes than many other competitive buildings products.  Design by Architectural & Lighting Design – Bllenddesign & Research Office Manufacturer: ConstAct     Más

Proyecto • By T3 ArchitectsCentros de Deportes

DOJO Saigon

T3 Architects acaba de diseñar el primer Dojo en Saigón (Vietnam). El proyecto comenzaba con una interesante mezcla de culturas: "Dojo" es el nombre japonés del edificio que significa que este se construirá con algunas reglas tradicionales japonesas para la correcta práctica del Judo. Además, el Dojo se ubica en el jardín de una antigua Villa francesa, y todo esto ocurriendo en la dinámica ciudad de Ho Chi Minh (Saigón) en Vietnam. Diseñado y construido con los principales principios sostenibles en mente desde el principio, T3 situó el Dojo correctamente en el jardín utilizando la Villa existente para proteger el nuevo edificio, que debidamente orientado e... Más

Proyecto • By T3 ArchitectsAlojamiento

HippoFarm Bioclimatic Dormitories

El equipo de T3 ARCHITECTS fue invitado por Hippo Farm para diseñar dormitorios que introducirán unas nuevas “clases verdes". Estudiantes y familias que quieran aprender más sobre la naturaleza, la permacultura, la equitación, la construcción sostenible y todas las actividades que nos conectan con lo esencial: educación, trabajar en equipo, compartir tiempo significativo con amigos y reconectarse con el entorno natural.   El edificio debe reflejar todas estas ideas para estar en línea con el concepto de Hippo Farm. T3 decidió entonces, proponer un diseño bioclimático, trabajando con la orientación del sol y estudiando cuidadosamente la dirección... Más
house interior
interior of a residential building
the interiors of houses photo
interior of a private house
стили интерьера загородного дома

Proyecto • By Chado Architectural studioEdificios Individuales

Private dwelling house

La casa para una familia de cuatro personas utiliza la idea de contraste entre la monumental "concha" - y el transparente "interior" lleno de luz y aire. Las formas agachadas de hormigón armado están revestidas de ladrillo y piedra, y el acristalamiento panorámico abre una vista del interior, que se convierte en parte integral de la arquitectura. La simetría del edificio está subrayada dinámicamente por la chimenea de doble cara que atraviesa el centro de la fachada.   La casa para una familia de cuatro personas utiliza la idea de contraste entre la monumental "concha" - y el transparente, ligero y aireado "interior". Las formas agachadas de hormigón armado están revestidas de l... Más

Proyecto • By Kazuto Nishi ArchitectsCasas Privadas

House in Tonami

It is a house planned in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture.The site is in a good environment surrounded by roads on the east and west sides and a park on the north side. In addition, the downtown area is nearby, making it a convenient location. The owner, who lives far away, decided to build a new final home in his hometown. This area has a typical climate on the Sea of Japan side.Although it varies from year to year, there is a lot of snow in winter, and the cloudy sky spreads throughout the year. In such an environment, I thought of a one-story house with a large roof that would envelop a peaceful life. Under the big roof, the openings are gathered on the park side where the good environment spreads so that you can fully feel the change of t... Más

Proyecto • By Kazuto Nishi ArchitectsCasas Privadas

House in Kamiaraya

text: It is a private house for a family of four.The most request is a house where the voices and actions of the whole family canalways be felt.The location is located in a quiet residential area.On the other hand, the building was simple, but when we stepped in one step, weplanned a pleasant interior space as if we were in the shade of a tree.Many trees are used for the interior space.A house that represents the structure as much as possible and can enjoy the strengthand kindness of wood.The walls have also been aggressively unified with Lauan wood and painted in silvergray to guide the light into the interior of the room.A large atrium is set up at the top of the living room, and the family is connected throughthis atrium, a soft light wr... Más

Proyecto • By Kazuto Nishi ArchitectsPaisaje Residencial

House in Nanto

It is a small house that accepts various environments and aims for a unique architecture. The project site has typical Japanese Seaside climate. Annual sunshine hours are low and precipitation is high. The snow cover can exceed 1m, and in summer some hot summer days are recorded. The first thing I noticed was the presence of a carport. This area with a lot of snow is installed in most houses. We accepted the carport culture positively and reflected it in the building. At first glance, the appearance of a barracks is the result of carefully interpreting the local environment. We are accepting the monsoon, sunshine, and scenery in our buildings, and are exploring ways to live together with the environment. In addition, the frame plan i... Más

Proyecto • By Nadel Architecture + PlanningApartamentos

The Rhys

The Rhys is a five story, 69-unit apartment building project over 2 ½ level 114 stall Type 1A parking structure located at Kenmore and Fifth Streets in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles. The project has a total area of 70,247 sf, a gym, rec/social room with conference space, outdoor landscaped deck with BBQ’s, fire pits, seating, and a spa. The massing of this concrete and wood-framed podium-type building provides the best possible unit orientation for maximizing access to light and air. By breaking open the corner of the building, Nadel has allowed southern light and air to penetrate into the building, its units and to the generous amenity deck. This gesture simultaneously breaks down the building’s massing, mitigati... Más