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Proyecto • By Galeria GabineteLaboratorios

Dental Clinic "Alfredo Queirós"

Teeth to take out. A violet entrance looking for the white tooth. The remodel shoots for a new geometry where lighting finds its way. The detail does justice to the care to be taken in this space. Soft tones and hand-picked furniture are feelings you get while waiting for your turn.   PROJECT INFO Year | 2015 Project manager | Helder de Carvalho Architecture | Helder de Carvalho, Vasco Melo and Margarida Leal 3D | Cláudio Ferreira Lighting design | Sérgio Azevedo and Manuel Fernandes Construction | FGS Lda. Photography | José Campos Más

Proyecto • By Galeria GabineteAlojamiento

Casa DP

It can, it should and it is comfortable! Passive House in exposed concrete and all on one floor! The structure grows and the formwork follows it. The central courtyard is also a sheltered refuge of a man's friend. A space designed so that when you leave home, you can also stay outdoors. Between smoked eucalyptus and varnished copper, textures and objects were the perfect selection for a promised goatling.   Project manager | Helder de Carvalho Architecture | Helder de Carvalho and Luís Moura Virtual reality | Adriana Mendes 3D | OkDraw Interior design | Carla Zuzarte Engineering | Helder Gomes, Esperança Azevedo and João Marques Passive House | Esperança Azevedo Construction | FGS Lda. Video | Agr... Más

Proyecto • By LODESHoteles

Exe Saldanha

The Exe Saldanha is a hotel that is contemporary in spirit and functional in character, the ideal place for urbanites. The hotel facilities have been designed paying great attention to every single detail so as to live up to your expectations, whether you are here for tourism or on a business trip. Lodes' suspensions Kelly and A-Tube as well as A-Tube ceiling lamp blend in naturally with the design, decorating and embellishing the café, the dining room and the hotel's entrance hall. Más

Proyecto • By superstudiob.Apartamentos

Apartamento CG

  Ubicado en la ciudad de Porto Alegre, este apartamento firmado por Superstudiob, fue diseñado para satisfacer el deseo de los residentes: espacios prácticos e integrados para recibir amigos y acomodar la vida familiar. El apartamento de Cris tiene un potencial cada vez más difícil de encontrar en las grandes ciudades: una vista libre a través de todas las ventanas, desde donde se puede contemplar el atardecer en el horizonte. A su llegada, al entrar en la sala del apartamento, el visitante es recibido por una "caja" totalmente verde que crea la marca de llegada. Esta solución fue elegida para integrar las diferentes puertas que había, así conseguimos una unidad. Uno de los... Más

Proyecto • By Niimori Jamison ArchitectsOficinas

Daisen Work Hut

Daisen - Work Hut This project is the administration building for a small construction firm fromTottori, a nearby small city.  In the midst of the recent pandemic, the firm opted to relocate their office to a nearby rural area.  The new location is abundant in flora and fauna, with small scale agricultural buildings and a vista dominated by the nearby extinct volcano Mt Daisen. The firm hoped that this setting would provide an escape from the dreariness of city lockdown for themselves and their team. In the manner of a terminus or infrastructural building, the Work Hut stands alone in its context; a carpark in a village amongst rice paddies.  Like the nearby barns, the Work Hut is activated at the start of the day, with the... Más

Proyecto • By WINTERI | Architecture & PlanningAlojamiento

Casa LB - Llanquihue

El proyecto consiste en potenciar el entorno en una zona donde llueve gran parte del año, es por ello que se proponen grandes ventanales que enmarcan los distintos hitos y que conectan al individuo con la naturaleza sin tener la necesidad de salir a una terraza. Gracias a la topografía del terreno, podemos tener una gran vista panorámica a la laguna y a los campos colindantes, entregando además interiores iluminados.  Más

Proyecto • By WINTERI | Architecture & PlanningAlojamiento

Casa SA - El Buchén

El foco principal del proyecto era lograr mimetizarse dentro del extenso bosque, armonizando con el paisaje y montañas circundantes. Es por esto que se opta por elevar la casa sobre palafitos, para mantener la mayor cantidad posible de vegetación. Más

Proyecto • By JCPCDR ArchitectureOficinas

Paris dental studio

For most people, going to the dentist isn't exactly something to look forward to. Some of us even dread the idea to the point of avoiding it until it is absolutely necessary. No matter how technological, clean, or modern the cabinet is.   Created by 4 young and renowned parisian dentists, Paris Dental Studios proposes a new approach to dental health, and wishes to transform your dentist appointment into a relaxing moment of self-care.   To achieve this warm and laidback, yet high end atmosphere, young parisian agency JCPCDR Architecture was commissioned by Paris Dental Studios with a simple brief : to make it different, to put the customer’s experience first, with access to the latest medical technology, and to address t... Más

Proyecto • By OFFTECOficinas

"The flow": a path to Fitt Experience

Honorable Mention - Fitt Future Headquarter- YAC competition Más

Proyecto • By OFFTECMuseos

new Sara Hildén Art Museum

proposed project in Tampere, Finland Más

Proyecto • By OFFTECOficinas

Open City Palermo

New Administrative Centre of the Sicilian Region in Italy Más

Proyecto • By Spark ChicagoOficinas

Water Quality Association

The Water Quality Association (WQA), a not-for-profit representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry, occupies a new headquarters that reinforces their dedication to science and quality. Water-inspired organic forms and a subdued color palette create a calming, trusted environment and encourage movement and flow through the space. Más

Proyecto • By Modern House Architecture & DesignCasas Privadas


Luxury high-tech country house House with a flat roof of variable number of floors with a total area of 750 m2.U-shaped structure forms a courtyard space with a swimming pool.In the exterior decoration used: clinker tiles, facade plaster and wood panels. Más

Proyecto • By Modern House Architecture & DesignCasas Privadas


Project of a house in a modern style combines restrained architecture and geometry. Private house in a modern style combines restrained architecture and geometry. Multi-level, it gets its own unique character, becoming a decoration of the surrounding area.   Más

Proyecto • By Wizhevsky ArchitectCasas Privadas


The house is designed on different levels with double-height spaces and an exploited flat roof in the high-tech style for the complex development of an elite suburban village. The building combines monolithic reinforced concrete frame structures and inserts made of wooden glued beams. The facades are cladded with decorative plaster, wooden planken and natural natural stone. Total area of the house 710 m2 Más