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Proyecto • By CAAT STUDIOCasas Privadas

Isfahan H to V House

The H to V House is located in a high-density urban block in the city of Isfahan-Iran. The project 's design corresponds to how traditional spatial relationships in a conventional Isfahan House can be transformed into a modern house within an urban block, whilst maintaining the same traditional circulation concerns and essence of space. Isfahan is considered as one of world heritage cities, which houses some of the best Iranian architectural and urban space monuments. Parham Taghioff - Persia Photography Center The people of this city have coexisted with multi-cultural and religious diversities for many centuries, and as a result of numerous cultural and religious influences they have built a very complex and specific behavioral patte... Más

Proyecto • By ExpolightParques/Jardines

Boulevard on Pivdenna Street

Illumination of the adjacent pedestrian boulevard includes functional light from supporting lamps, illumination of trees with spotlights built into the ground, and illumination of a stream laid across the boulevard. Expolight The main dominant of the boulevard is the longest artificial stream in Ukraine, 200m long, as well as the 7m Atlant sculpture. At this place 100 years ago, the underground river Polovitsa flowed, the channel of which was placed in a collector. Expolight The entire lighting concept of the boulevard is built around the manifestation of the theme of water. To add a corner of nature among urbanization and return to modern residents this ancient river, which was walled up underground. Expolight The task wa... Más

Proyecto • By CONTRERAS EARL ArchitectureApartamentos

272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal

Rising 44 storeys above its beachside setting, 272 Hedges Avenue presents an unfolding experience of architectural elegance and unparalleled amenity, with the design of the pedestal inspired by the natural forces of the project’s coastal location. Peter Sexty Australian property developer Sunland Group appointed Contreras Earl Architecture to design the two-storey pedestal base for the Mermaid Beach tower, including the interior and communal areas. Inspired by patterns of wind and water on rocks and sand, the exquisite design brings a human scale to the ground plane of the tower and creates an engaging, sculptural connection with the streetscape and parklands. It marks the transition between the coast and urban edge, and the sea... Más

Proyecto • By Between the wallsApartamentos

Single Malt

Single malt is one of our most interesting projects we have ever developed. 160 square meters, 3.7 meters ceilings, rounded wall in the living room, is all very non-trivial initial data for the beginning of the project. When designing the interior, we needed to apply all the accumulated knowledge and experience, as well as spend dozens of hours of consultations with engineers and contractors to create an unprecedented space where each element catches the eye, does not overload the environment but is its integral part. Caption First of all, as in all our works, we filled the apartment with functionality to make it as comfortable as possible. The entourage of the whole apartment breathes with natural textures, that's why stone and wood... Más

Proyecto • By dasso Bamboo ProductsHoteles

1 Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya

With lush gardens and native greenery, 1 Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya is inspired by the rugged, raw beauty of Hainan Island. Designed using dasso sustainable bamboo products to create a modern space and show the beauty of nature. dassoCTECH decking has been installed around the swimming pool, balcony, and roof decking; The bamboo timber circular railings and handrails in the garden are customized by CNC Process; Bamboo Fence is used in the gallery and grille of the outdoor dining area. dasso dasso Más

Proyecto • By FEI ArchitectsTeatros

Stand Installation of New Sun Student Center

Located in the center of the function area for students' living and studying, and adjacent to the Peking University Hall and No.2 Teaching Building, the New Sun Student Center of Peking University is a building integrate student activities, services, management and other functions. With the rapid development of the Information age, the problems of single function and aging facilities make the space unable to meet the students' extracurricular needs. Therefore, starting from the small theatre, making the New Sun Student Center a creative convergence point on campus has been the focus of this project. Caption People's behavior depends on who they are and where they are. "The attributes of the cells in human body will subconsciously gui... Más

Proyecto • By Design Associates NakamuraOficinas

Office in Shimabara

The site overlooks Shimabara Port and Mt. Unzen, so we planned an office where people can work while enjoying the view. By slanting the exterior wall, we planned to block the view from the street while at the same time securing the view. ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo The rhythm of the slanted exterior walls and random openings create a facade design that is not monotonous but varied. The slanted exterior wall also changes its expression with time.The slanted exterior wall plays the role of a niche in the interior, and by randomizing its size and position, a space with change was created.  ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo ©Keishin Horik... Más

Proyecto • By CSMM - architecture mattersOficinas

CSMM, Dusseldorf

CSMM – architecture matters is continuing its recent growth streak. To meet the demands for more flexibility in the workplace, the architecture and consulting firm opened a brand-new Dusseldorf branch office. The CSMM team has created a smart yet stylish design for its 300-square-meter office in the city’s Medienhafen district. The result is a true “place of possibility” designed to inspire staff with its communal areas for collaboration and its retreat spaces for concentration. Thanks to the flexible and variable layout, the design meets growing demands for more agile work practices and creates an optimal work environment. The addition of a desk-sharing scheme allows for more effective use of the office space and mo... Más

Proyecto • By CSMM - architecture mattersOficinas

Reply Lingotto, Turin

Reply tasked the architecture and consulting firm CSMM with developing a distinctive corporate interior design for its headquarters in FIAT’s former Lingotto factory in Turin. A section of the new office known as “Area 42” features co-design workshops where Reply clients can collaborate with the Reply development team on building and testing prototypes in a real-world environment. The interior design of these innovative research, recreational and office spaces expands on the concept CSMM has already introduced at six other Reply sites, including the Munich office. From the outset, the goal has always been to translate the Italian IT consulting firm’s brand identity into successful workplace design. As such, “Ar... Más

Proyecto • By Célula ArquitecturaApartamentos

São Mamede house

This house from the beginning of the century was found in an almost original state. It is composed of a few interior partitions and big closed terraces with a view to the gardens on the interior of the block. The floor’s height is of three meters, the wooden planks of the floor complete all its length without joints, the ornamented ceilings and mosaics are the starting point for a delicate and conservative intervention. The projects' intention is to connect some rooms providing a more multifunctional use of space, restoring the back facade to its original design, as well as modernizing the water closet and kitchen. The use of local and traditional materials reinforced some areas which had to be renewed. Célula Arquitectura... Más

Proyecto • By ANA architectsAlojamiento

Robin Wood

Robin Wood is coming to Centrumeiland in IJburg, Amsterdam: a high-quality urban block ‘cut from wood’ that embraces a Tiny Forest. A striking beacon that forms a playful, open connection between a lively city street and a pleasant residential neighborhood. Here a free-living environment is created, where the green invites you to move. The building is like the trees; made of wood, self-sufficient and circular. Its modular construction enables both large and small, flexible reconfigurable, and linkable dwellings which are easily adaptable over time. Robin Wood gives something back to the island’s residents and invites them to contribute to their own living environment. Beauty and the Bit Add new meaning Robin Wood i... Más

Proyecto • By Park AssociatiOficinas

Valtorta 52

The project salvages and regenerates part of an office complex dating back to the 1960s. Thanks to a complete rethinking of the façade and the internal layout, the strong retrofitting intervention manages to create a flexible, elegant building characterised by refined materials that establish a connection with the surrounding context — a district in the north of Milan that is undergoing significant transformation. © Andrea Martiradonna The existing curtain wall has been entirely replaced and a fourth floor set back from the façade has been added to the three existing ones, offering an additional office space and a green terrace along part of the building's perimeter. © Andrea Martiradonna Mostly cha... Más

Proyecto • By Mário Alves ArquitetoApartamentos

Puro Homes

The project is based on responding to a specific collective housing program. Inserted in a subdivision located in the new area of ​​the Aveiro city, the land is located between two lots, of which are not built yet. As such, the project idea is based on marking the highlight of a new design in this new area. Ivo Tavares Studio The project intends to take full advantage of the characteristics of the place, such as views and sun exposure. The proposed volume is composed of a slatted design to be able to extend the interior space to the exterior, and, at the same time, personify the horizon line present in the place in the project design. Its raw materiality in concrete intends to emphasize its irreverent personality. The glass, in additi... Más
The central square is a place of attraction for the district. Various usage scenarios: fairs, flower shows, central Christmas tree. Dry fountain, places for rest, floor chess

Proyecto • By Architectural Visualization Studio Vis-ONPaisaje Residencial

MOD landscape

A two-level landscaping (the second level is a stylobate) with a floating bridge, children's and sports grounds, recreation and communication areas and a central square, developed by the architectural bureau Kleinewelt Architekten, is a continuation of the general concept of the complex. Caption Caption Caption Caption Más

Proyecto • By AshariArchitectsGalerías de Arte


Mirror manifests honesty, transparency, and clarity in the Iranian culture. As one of the traditional architectural techniques, mirror fabrication has deep cultural roots and influenced by spiritual and religious beliefs. Caption Authentic artists consolidated small and large mirror pieces to creative decorative and geometric designs. The fragmented mirror pieces reflected the surrounding environment in a regular geometric composition revealing an abstract presentation of the environment composition. Caption With the presence of light, color, texture, and fluid reflections provides the visitor with a unique experience to depart from reality and picture himself in imagination. This departure depicts a transition into a world of w... Más