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Proyecto • By LUMIPOD by LUMICENEHoteles


Experience the promise of a gentle and comforting night immersed in nature: your next detox destination in southern Burgundy. An experience curated by Tomette Singulière, a poetic guest house located just 10 minutes from Cluny, and LumiPod, a minimalist hotel room designed for city dwellers seeking tranquillity. Jonathan Letoublon Jonathan Letoublon Jonathan Letoublon A Breath of Fresh Air In the village of Château, within the grounds of the Tomette Singulière guest house, a circular 18m² room has been delicately installed facing the typical bocage meadows of the region, offering guests the chance to reconnect with nature. Jonathan Letoublon Jonathan Letoublon Jonathan Letoublon This... Más

Proyecto • By ArchTankTiendas

Roaster’s House

Akitsu-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City, along the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. The abundant environmental resources have nurtured a rich industrial landscape, including sake breweries, oyster farming, shipbuilding, etc. "Roaster’s house", located in a small shopping street in Akitsu in Hiroshima, This is a two-story wooden store/house that was repaired after it was flooded by heavy rains in western Japan. The inundation damage added to the older owner’s shopping district and many private stores were forced to close. Tsutomu Yoshizaki Tsutomu Yoshizaki Before the renovation, the roastery rented a part of the clothing shop run by the owner's mother. However, starting with the lack of a cafe space, the owner wanted to take the... Más

Proyecto • By KAAF I Kitriniaris Associates Architecture FirmOficinas


This project involved the building expansion of the offices of a mining and rock processing company, as well as the full configuration of the interior structure of its product showroom. The total area of the project covers 3,000 sq.m. and its construction took place from 2020 to 2023. The architectural composition has relied on the reinterpretation of the realm of the Company's quarries through the feeling of hovering at the intercept of the rocky terrain and the absolute sense of freedom of the landscape route. Karen Gkiounasian Karen Gkiounasian Hovering is achieved through the interpenetration of the intermediate level bridge at the junction of the two curved spatial surfaces, made of metal elements on which the exhibits are p... Más

Proyecto • By URLO StudioTiendas


OLVIA is located on a plot of special relevance for the neighborhood of Bellavista in Quito, Ecuador since it’s on the main access street and has a prominent slope that helps to enhance the position of the building in its surroundings. JAG Studio The morphological complexity of the terrain and its pronounced topography made the boundary between the building and the public space one of the determining elements in designing the project. To provide a correct solution and avoid the creation of walls as enclosures, the volume that was proposed opens up to the public space as it descends along the perimeter of the property. JAG Studio In this strategy, the pedestrian access was located in the highest point of the lot, and the ac... Más

Proyecto • By B-tooRestaurantes

Mc Donalds Best

A concept of a McDonald's restaurant with heroes from the 50s.  Image Courtesy B-too Image Courtesy B-too The “Mac” Every lover of the world's most famous hamburger that comes from the Eindhoven region knows this special version of “the Mac” in Best. Not least because of the enormous, meters-high Michael Jackson that adorned the parking lot of this branch located on the A2 for years, but certainly also because of the genuine 1950s architecture and interior. Super cool, including a real convertible on the ceiling, Marilyn Monroe waving her dress and a jukebox with Elvis Presley behind it.  Image Courtesy B-too Image Courtesy B-too 50's  Close to Eindhoven is one of the best-selli... Más

Proyecto • By GLA DesignHogares de Cuidado

Weihai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

01 Location and Context Weihai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is situated in a coastal pinus thunbergii forest in East New Town, Weihai, near the sea. Covering an area of approximately 8000㎡, it functions as a comprehensive healthcare facility with three main components: the programme exhibition centre, Kangyang Yile Sanatorium, and medical care houses. YAO Li YAO Li 02 Site and Design Philosophy The hospital is built on a former area of dilapidated bungalows, chosen to preserve the surrounding pinus thunbergii forest. Faced with the popular trend of using Chinese elements in architecture, the architects and the proprietor agreed on "imitating but not copying" traditional Chinese styles. This project explores contempo... Más

Proyecto • By Kith StudioCasas Privadas

Triangle Residence

"El TRIÁNGULO", diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de una familia contemporánea, es un diseño arquitectónico moderno y robusto que presenta volúmenes geométricos simples que culminan en una casa minimalista y altamente funcional. Esta casa está diseñada en una desafiante parcela inclinada de forma triangular de 303 m2.  Kith Studio Kith Studio La inclinación del terreno se integra meticulosamente en el diseño mediante la existencia de un patio central y un puente de conexión que hacen coincidir el nivel inferior y superior del terreno; dando como resultado un diseño único y específico para el sitio, armonizando con... Más

Proyecto • By XBD CollectiveFincas

AlThuraya Island

In a world where serene island living merges seamlessly with architectural finesse, AlThuraya Island stands out as a bastion of tranquillity and design sophistication. Entrusted to the visionary minds at XBD Collective, known for their award-winning endeavours in design and architecture, the island undergoes a transformation that redefines the essence of luxurious living spaces. This development is brought to life by AJMAL MAKAN Real Estate Development, aiming to infuse AJMAL MAKAN City – Sharjah Waterfront with unparalleled elegance and community spirit. NORVISKA Harmony Between Nature and Design Situated effortlessly within a stone's throw from Dubai, AlThuraya Island offers an idyllic retreat. Its blueprint, a testament to s... Más

Proyecto • By XBD CollectiveApartamentos

Rixos Residences

In the heart of Dubai's skyline, a new standard of elegance emerges with the launch of Rixos Financial Centre Road Dubai Residences, a grandiose 84-floor residential high-rise conceived by Aedas. The impressive Rixos Residences represent the world's inaugural standalone Rixos branded residential project, which, along with XBD Collective's sumptuous interior designs, delivers an unparalleled fusion of architecture and design excellence in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Rixos Hotels and Residences, part of Ennismore, a global lifestyle and leisure hospitality company, adds further value and recognition to the project.  rendertaxi rendertaxi The tower, a new addition to the luxury residential scene in Dubai, hold... Más

Proyecto • By nu.he StudioPaisaje Residencial

Casota Alentejo

Just minutes from the breathtaking Alentejo coastline in Portugal, this eco-friendly project encapsulates a vision of conscious tourism and it is a collaboration between desirelines studio and nu-he studio. It offers visitors an opportunity to relax, recharge, and reconnect with nature and the earth. The rural lot features two existing houses, each accompanied by its own orchard, located just a few meters from the main residences. The property also boasts a reservoir and various hiking routes that meander through picturesque paths lined with natural stone pine trees. As part of an environmentally conscious guest house master plan, an existing water tank and storage construction on the property will be transformed into a charming 1-bedroom... Más

Proyecto • By RooviceTiendas

Shirokanedai House

Shirokanedai House: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and ModernityThe Shirokanedai House project is a meticulous renovation of a 50 years old two-storey wooden residence situated in the vibrant Minato ward of Tokyo. The owner, a seasoned real estate professional, had long rented out the empty lot. Upon the departure of the last tenants, it came back with a property built on it. Considering the prohibitive costs of demolition in Japan coupled with the property's good condition, the owner decided to have Roovice rejuvenate and modernize the house for continued rental use. Akira Nakamura Akira Nakamura Akira Nakamura The primary concern for the renovation was enhancing the building’s earthquake resistance, ensuring safety... Más

Proyecto • By B-tooAlojamiento


An unlikely design for 12 homes. B-too has developed a concept in Almere for affordable social housing on a plot where only high-rise buildings seemed the solution. The study shows that this way of living is a good social solution to allow elderly and young working people to live in their familiar surroundings. Image Courtesy B-too   Unexpected On a location, slated for 12 residences, where high-rise seemed the only option, we designed something unexpected. Using round shapes and internal gardens, the amount of area these homes occupy is limited, a positive aspect in this restricted space. It allows for close placement without compromising privacy. The circular design provides the flexibility to position each home at a unique... Más

Proyecto • By 00groupCentros de Distribución

The Cosmic Creek

The Cosmic Creek is a groundbreaking commercial street project located in the Luhu Eco-city of Tianfu New District, Chengdu, China. This innovative development spans 100,000 square meters and seamlessly blends urban activity spaces with lush natural landscapes. The project's standout feature is its "L-shaped" main water system, which follows the site's natural topography. This water system, along with its branches, creates a dynamic, terraced landscape that encourages interaction with water through play, observation, and relaxation. Buildings are strategically placed along these terraces, offering a unique, engaging walking experience. 00GROUP At the heart of the design is a central square with layered facades and cascading waterfall... Más

Proyecto • By noronofficeCasas Privadas

Damon Villa

Nestled amidst the temperate and humid climate of Mazandaran, Iran, Damon Villa stands as a testament to its harmonious integration with its surroundings. Elevated on sturdy foundations, the residences are safeguarded from the encroaching dampness of the earth. Encircling the structures, expansive covered verandahs serve a dual purpose: as a shield against the elements and a conduit for natural ventilation. This ingenious arrangement not only protects the structures but also embodies the deep-rooted coexistence of the inhabitants with their environment. Residents are immersed in a seamless blend of interior and exterior spaces, fostering a profound sense of unity with nature. Prepared in noron office Design Process: The living area i... Más

Proyecto • By BURATTI ARCHITETTIAlojamiento


"Typological hybridization" is the theme that characterizes this project, which on one hand, completes the historical building curtain of the street on the square, reinterpreting the traditional elements of the typical architecture of the historic center of Albino, while on the other hand, it transforms into a villa with a garden on the inner courtyard. Marcello Mariana Marcello Mariana Marcello Mariana Albino is a small town where everyone knows each other, and we have often discussed with our clients the beauty of living in the square, of going out on foot and meeting friends and being able to have a coffee at the corner bar, but also of being able to stay isolated and protected in a villa that opens onto a private interna... Más