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Proyecto • By Tagir Fattori ArquiteturaSalas de Exposición

Power Lume Experience

El Power Lume Experience es, ante todo, una sala de exposición de los productos e innovaciones de la marca. Sin embargo, no se limita a presentar su portafolio, también crea espacios únicos y lúdicos para ser explorados por usuarios que son invitados a crear sus propias experiencias. Marcelo Donadussi Los espacios fueron concebidos para sumergir al visitante en un ambiente luminoso. Para ello, se creó un camino lleno de experiencias sensoriales a través de la iluminación. Los muebles, texturas, materiales y revestimientos son minimalistas y funcionales, mientras que los ambientes fueron diseñados para estimular la imaginación y crear registros inusuales para compartir. En... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 16 feb. 2022

KAAN Architecten complete a building for people and dedicated to the Earth

Located on a hill overlooking the valley and the city of Tübingen, the Geo- and Environmental Centre (GUZ), is part of a southern expansion at Morgenstelle Campus (Eberhard Karls University). The expansion brings together the previously scattered departments of the Earth Sciences Faculty and the Institute for Ground Water in a manner that fosters exchange between individual departments in the building and other natural sciences faculties located nearby. Designed by KAAN Architecten, the project is the result of an international competition. Brigida Gonzalez With a total height of six storeys and a 100 x 50 m footprint, the low and elongated volume of the building is partly recessed into the sloping site with the form enclosing tw... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 7 dic. 2021

Bold curving form of the new Shaw Auditorium distinguishes the new The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology building by Henning Larsen

Designed by Henning Larsen, the new Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) building combines the highly flexible, acoustically sophisticated Shaw Auditorium with bright, generous social spaces. The result is a ‘living room’ for the campus community and a world-class venue for Hong Kong. Kris Provoost On its open, elevated site, the bold curving form of the auditorium stands on the hillside, signalling the dynamic artistic and cultural activities that take place within. With no designated front or back, the building is welcomes visitors from all side whiles its elliptical form directs a natural pedestrian flow. The circular form appears as three concentric white rings, interspersed with glazing that allows f... Más