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NoticiasNoticias • 18 feb. 2021

Ateliers Jean Nouvel wraps a continuous spiral ramp with convex glass in between four granite pillars for Dolce & Gabbana’s new Seoul flagship store

Ateliers Jean Nouvel sets a cylinder of convex glass between four black granite pillars for the new Dolce & Gabbana Seoul flagship store. Located in Seoul’s main luxury retail street, the building is characterized by a continuous marble ramp that goes all the way to the roof terrace.  ©Dolce&Gabbana. Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Jean Nouvel Design Shoppers are invited up the spiral to discover the Dolce & Gabbana Collections in an interior dominated by black. Glossy black glass, gray concrete and black anodized aluminium contrast with warm mango wood shelves.   ©Dolce&Gabbana. Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Jean Nouvel Design The display made of a modular interplay of shelves and rods at different... Más

Proyecto • By Kavellaris Urban DesignCasas Privadas

Ivanhoe House

Situada en los suburbios interiores de Ivanhoe, esta moderna, aparentemente tranquila y sin pretensiones, casa suburbana se encuentra en su foso de arena.  La casa es una ingeniosa orquestación de tensiones equilibradas que ha creado momentos maravillosos a lo largo de la historia.   La casa puede ser leída como una conversación de dualidades, de pesadez y ligereza, de lo público y lo privado, de luz y oscuridad.  La primera expresión de esta tensión puede verse en la fachada de la calle, esencialmente dos formas bifurcadas por un vacío negro de doble altura, que forma una gran entrada recesiva.  Por un lado, tenemos una forma sólida, rígida y rectilí... Más

Proyecto • By Vibe Design GroupAlojamiento

Pembroke House

A private beach house in Portsea by Vibe Design Group, designed to take in all of its surrounds – from passing ships in the distant bay views, to its immediate rural setting. The glass ends to the pool draw your eye to set the tone from the initial drive up. Behind a concrete fin, the ultimate pool deck that conjures a scene from a Slim Aarons photo shoot. Playing into the pool house style was the design for the guest retreat. The space sits at its own level while maintaining direct access from the lower storey. A recreational deck wraps the glazed walls which view back through the pool in one direction and across the tree tops in the other. Complete with veneer robe and a walk around ensuite, it’s the ideal retreat for guests. Más