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NoticiasNoticias • 17 sept. 2021

MVRDV complete landmark courtyard building that combines intimate streetscapes with expansive greenspace

In Bordeaux, France,  MVRDV has completed Ilot Queyries, a courtyard apartment building that combines intimate streetscapes with expansive green space. The site is located to the east of the River Garonne and across from the city’s UNESCO World Heritage historic centre. Ossip van Duivenbode The courtyard apartment building provides 282 homes – including 128 for social housing – parking, commercial space, and a rooftop restaurant within a new neighbourhood of four buildings masterplanned by MVRDV alongside Joubert Architecture. Ossip van Duivenbode In line the ambitions of the Bastide-Niel masterplan, the irregularly shaped courtyard building fills the site to its boundaries, resulting in an intimately scap... Más

Proyecto • By A6A - atelier 6 architectureApartamentos

113 . OAK FLAT

« Le chêne lui est noble et grand, Il est fort et il est puissant Il est vert il est vivant Il est haut et il est triomphant » Raymond Queneau, Chêne et Chien, 1937.  The challenge of this rehabilitation is to build on what already exists to respect the spatial quality already present. Sustain it by intervening in the most discreet way possible to meet the new needs of the order. A main material punctuates the project and distinguishes the new elements of partitioning and furniture. Oak is this common thread. By its robustness, its sobriety, and the warmth of its natural color, it allows us to stage each volume. The apartment is located on the second floor of a typical building... Más

Proyecto • By Sara DimitrijevicApartamentos


The “Apartment SS” project included a complete adaptation of the apartment located in Banovo Brdo disctrict (Belgrade), in a residential building from the 1960s. The works took nearly a year and included architectural and furniture design as well as full supervision of the process.The client, a young choreographer, wanted to turn a somewhat shabby old apartment, that was almost untouched since the time in which it was built, into a strongly personalized, modern and aesthetically boldly shaped living space.The functional challenge was fitting an entry hall with a wardrobe and a shoe closet, a kitchen with a dining room, a bedroom with a makeup table and a dresser, and a living room, into a small surface area of 51 square meters.As a result,... Más

Proyecto • By Mateo ArquitecturaPaisaje Residencial

Block B9 in Bassins à Flot

In the Garonne river port, Bassins à flot, Bordeaux. As though washed up here by nearby waters, rises the hulk of the World War II submarine base. Beside us, other remains of the shipwreck: some small constructions that have to be integrated into the project (A). The water table is very high. We cannot excavate to build car parks. We build two storeys right across the plot, introducing the car parks at the centre and arranging dwellings around them, with services along the front. In this case, the floor is porticoed, drawing the perspective from the street towards the old submarine base. Three volumes are arranged on this platform. (B) is very low (2 floors), and metal. A small, shiny animal that accomp... Más

Proyecto • By VIGUIERApartamentos


Hyperion will be the first residential tower made of wood in France, in the city center of Bordeaux, close to the new TGV (high speed train) station. The Saint-Jean Belcier area is part of a wide urban renovation program. The project for this site, which is visible from the train station is to unite the necessity for the area to regenerate itself while being an ambitious showcase for the metropole. This project follows in the footsteps of the main phases of a wider city planning and development project for the old town.Located where rue Carle Vernet meets rue d’Armagnac, the Hyperion project features several buildings with a total of 176 housing units, an underground parking ramp, an office building and shops.The highlight of this proj... Más