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NoticiasNoticias • 7 dic. 2021

High Desert Residence creates a sense of calm and refuge in balance with the landscape and sky

Providing a sense of calm and refuge in balance with the landscape and sky, this 4,300 square-foot home in Bend, Oregon is designed as a regular weekend getaway for a couple and their extended family. The house by architecture practice Hacker draws on the natural forms, colours and textures of the surrounding landscape which includes volcanic cinder cones, lava flows, and jagged mountains. Jeremy Bittermann The exterior palette of cedar, steel, and glass asserts a bold presence in the landscape with simple, shifting exterior plans. From afar, the cedar cladding that wraps the house appears monolithic. From up close, variations and natural imperfections in the wood reveal an organized pattern in tune with the rugged surrounding environ... Más

Proyecto • By Ben Hudson ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Peninsula House

The Peninsula House occupies a tricky site on a rocky outcrop overlooking Lake Wakatipu, in Queenstown, New Zealand. To reflect the owners' relaxed style of living, the home was designed simply and efficiently, without fuss or excess. Larkin Design The clean, folded geometry of the roofline informs a clear hierarchy of spaces within. The roof extends to create a porch that frames views to the surrounding lake and mountains, and provide a variety of outdoor spaces to suit the differing weather patterns. Larkin Design Larkin Design Passive house principles were adopted in the design. This lakeside retreat is a modest, compact home that has a relaxed connection to its environment. Larkin Design Caption   Más

NoticiasNoticias • 16 nov. 2020

Cedar House tells the story of a site

Lithuanian firm Arches have reimagined a rustic farm dwelling into ‘Cedar House’, a two-volume project consisting of a family home and nearby storehouse located in the Regional Park area in Vilnius city county.  Norbert Tukaj Inspired by, among other things, local dog Brownie who greeted them upon first site inspection, the architects’ vision was to synergistically integrate the new volumes into the natural surrounds whilst retaining fidelity to regional design archetypes.  Brownie, originally a stray who was cared for by the former site occupants, stayed on after the property was sold, and accompanied the architects as they assessed the site.  This inspired them to frame the project within a larger &l... Más

Proyecto • By RTA STUDIOCasas Privadas

Takatu Hill House

Located on the hilltop of the Tawharanui Peninsula, New Zealand, the Takatu House nestles into bush and overlooks Christian bay.  Sitting lightly on its site and clad in dark cedar and burnt red steel, the house is simultaneously contextual and stands proud amongst the bush covered hills. The construction is basic and robust, utilising standard profiled steel cladding and weatherboards over a timber framed structure. The sub floor framing and piles were left visible, enhancing the utilitarian character of the building and allowing for straight forward construction with minimal groundwork. The linear plan incorporates a main living area in the centre, a covered outdoor living space at one end and two bedrooms at the other. The house... Más

Proyecto • By onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects / o+hCasas Privadas

House H

Esta es una casa diseñada para una pareja en Tokio. Como el sitio estaba rodeado de calles en sus tres lados, pensamos en integrar la calle restante que continúa de la ciudad a la casa. La calle rodea la casa, convirtiéndose en una escalera exterior, una terraza con forma de invernadero, un jardín que conduce al salón de la ceremonia del té, y finalmente continúa hasta el tejado. Al envolver la casa con la calle, hemos creado una casa a la que se puede entrar directamente desde el exterior a través de siete entradas diferentes.   Cuando una casa tiene varias entradas, también se convierte en una casa con muchas caras. Por ejemplo, se invita a los huéspedes a entrar... Más

Proyecto • By Olson KundigCasas Privadas

Tansu House

Designed for a couple with a grown family, Tansu House is named for its transformative quality that makes it perfect for entertaining and receiving guests.   Located on the shores of Fauntleroy Cove in West Seattle, the house is carefully positioned at the highest point of the site to maximize ocean views and natural light. A simple elegance unites the interior and exterior elements of the two-story home whose understated palette features custom hardware and steel accents by architect Tom Kundig. The main floor, which includes kitchen and dining areas, is essentially one open living space with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that open onto two outdoor spaces, a garden patio in front and a rear deck that faces the wat... Más

Proyecto • By RX ArchitectsBodegas

Tillingham Winery

El viñedo de Tillingham ry está situado en Peasmarsh, al borde de un camino sinuoso, entre campos y arboledas, con vistas panorámicas sobre el valle de Tillingham hacia la ciudad portuaria de Rye. La visión de nuestro cliente es producir vinos orgánicos artesanales de alta calidad. El mandato requería un enfoque creativo para reutilizar los edificios existentes, diseñar el hermoso paisaje circundante y hacer referencia al rico patrimonio del lugar. Este ambicioso proyecto incluye 70 acres de tierra de cultivo y varios edificios agrícolas, incluyendo un tradicional Oast del siglo XIX. Los edificios de la granja han sido restaurados para facilitar la producción de vino orgá... Más

Proyecto • By RSAAWBodegas

Copper Spirit Distillery

Mixología Destilería de Espirituosos de Cobre: La vivienda y la industria están unidas por un enfoque sostenible. Verano de 2019   El estudio de arquitectura RSAAW, con sede en Vancouver, ha terminado recientemente la destilería de alcohol de cobre, un edificio sostenible de uso mixto. La Destilería de Espirituosos de Cobre integra una destilería artesanal de ginebra, vodka y centeno con una sala de degustación y unidades de alquiler residencial muy necesarias para los isleños. Este proyecto innovador es el primer first de su tipo que combina el uso industrial y residencial de esta naturaleza en el Canadá.   Situado en Bowen Island, un municipio que forma parte de... Más

Proyecto • By Richard Kirk ArchitectCasas Privadas

Tinbeerwah Residence

The Tinbeerwah Residence is a semi-rural retreat located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for an international Client. The design of the residence continues KIRK’s commitment to simplicity of form and planning. There is a great emphasis on material qualities, with a shared commitment between the Client and Architect to produce a residence that will age and improve over time.   Siting of the residence has been carefully considered to respond to environmental conditions, and to control the transition from the designed landscape of the residence to the natural bushland beyond. The materiality of the dwelling is defined by an exterior and interior skin. The external zinc clad skin acts as a robust barrier to the elements wrapping a... Más

Proyecto • By Christopher Simmonds ArchitectCasas Privadas

Atlantis Avenue

Locating the living spaces on the upper level is the key strategic move that gives the home expansive views over NCC green space and the Ottawa River. Honed concrete-block walls and grey-stained cedar siding pass from exterior to interior, successfully blurring the lines between what’s in and out. The main level contains the office, a guest room, the mudroom and an entertainment room. A sleek open-riser stair rises up through a large double-height space to the main living-spaces. In the double-height space, floor-to-ceiling windows create dramatic views from the second-level living space out to the ground-floor deck below. Linear pendant lights emphasize the vast volume space at the core of the plan. A minimally-detailed steel and gla... Más

Proyecto • By Fornacelli HomesCasas Privadas

Eden House

Casa del Edén: Un oasis sostenible en el corazón de Londres "Creemos que ahora es nuestra obligación moral edificar de forma más sostenible para ayudar al medio ambiente y crear hogares para la próxima generación que no sólo sean hermosos, sino que también beneficien y promuevan el medio ambiente natural. Nuestro objetivo es demostrar que los hogares sostenibles pueden ser elegantes y bellamente diseñados".   Casa del Edén es el primer desarrollo sostenible de Fornacelli Homes que propone una experiencia de vida contemporánea centrada en la calidad y el bienestar. La empresa de diseño interior con sede en Londres, Mood London Design, colaboró... Más

Proyecto • By R21 ArkitekterCasas Privadas


Three houses situated in a row, replaces an old villa. The houses share a driveway, while parking and entrances are solved separately on the ground floor in each volume. The sloping terrain allow three levels, and provide the houses with a private garden with entrance from the first floor, completely separated from the driveway.   The ground floor services the rest of the house with storage and bathrooms. An open L-shaped first floor encircles the south facing garden ensuring light in the kitchen, dining and living area. On the second floor, a part of the volume is subtracted, and a terrasse is created. The subtraction improves the quality of light emitted to the garden, and the overall volume of the project is given a less continuou... Más

Proyecto • By MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple ArchitectsHoteles

Bigwin Island Club Cabins

Las tres primeras cabañas de una comunidad planificada de 40 personas en la Isla Bigwin están anidadas entre arces, pinos y fresnos. Las impresionantes vistas que disfrutan, hasta el campo de golf y el lago más allá, se deben a los ciervos de la isla: la línea de pastoreo bajo los árboles, una franja de aire abierto a través del verdor, ha influido en la colocación de los edificios y el énfasis en la transparencia entre el techo y el suelo, y la tierra y el cielo. Las 40 cabañas seguirán tres patrones de diseño, cada uno inspirado en un tipo diferente de paisaje que se encuentra en la isla: lineal en el lago, patio en el bosque y molinete en la pradera. &nb... Más

Proyecto • By DM2 ArchitectureCasas Privadas

Ashgrove Residence

Positioned in a quiet, conservative street the additions to the existing workers cottage nestle into the suburban setting respecting the scale, form, and materiality of its context and weave between the constraints of a substantial hoop pine, the existing house and a pool sited centrally in the backyard.   Presenting a conservative street elevation, the extended eave overhangs combine with a lower pitching height to reduce the perceived scale of the addition whilst the dark elevation of the addition blends it into the shadows of the pine.   Only the double height glazed entry provides an indicator of the contemporary planning of the addition. The additions focus on the visual awareness and connectedness to the garden and the p... Más

Proyecto • By Bligh Graham ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Tarragindi Steel House

The starting point for this project was a number of 'givens' including: small lot (10m frontage) with the long north side boundary significantly overlooked by a two storey house; a structural engineer client who had a family steel fabrication business; owner-builder; the Small Lot Code: and a partial architectural commission.   The brief was generic for a current suburban house - a simple home suitable for a young family, with a living room plus rumpus, ensuite, walk-in-robe, home office, and double garage. In this sense the project became about developing a scheme that could be a prototype for small lot housing with the challenge of getting what for us are 'fundamentals' despite a large briefed floor area - ie. climatically responsi... Más