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The results of extensive research and the sensory sensations of soft, fascinating earth are the origins of the Motion collection. The 3 available sizes - 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm and the 30x56.5 cm wall size, a typical Fiordo feature - combined with neutral, versatile and welcoming tones, with a wide product range, enable modern and creative customizationof rooms, both in the residential and in light traffic commercial environments, with products suitable for both indoors and outdoors thanks to the structured surfaces. Más



In-Wood uses the elegance of oak in a contemporary way, combining the natural qualities with technical excellence. The 20x121.5 cm slatted size is a modern and versatile choice, where veining, 5 warm colours and the wide range of graphicdesigns are combinedin a clear,discreet style to create a unique sensation of authenticity and harmony. The refined, modern coloursadd warmth and personality to rooms, creatingan intense,invitingatmosphere. Más

Producto • By Cotto d'EstePIETRA D'ISEO


Pietra d’Iseo retoma la piedra lombarda tradicional, el Ceppo di Grè, con la que se construyeron palacios, villas y monumentos que caracterizan la imagen histórica de la ciudad de Milán.  La superficie de esta piedra, con su diseño irregular y sus diversos tonos de gris, logra personalizar con carácter y, al mismo tiempo, con elegancia, cualquier ambiente, también gracias a los múltiples formatos propuestos por Cotto d’Este.  Kerlite Pietra d'Iseo forma parte de la línea PROTECT: suelos y revestimientos antibacterianos con unas altas prestaciones, que brindan un entorno saludable, seguro y protegido. Más

Producto • By BlustyleCHATEAU ROYAL


Finally, the CHATEAU ROYAL collection, which evokes the characteristics of rustic, antique stone, and itsway of adapting to new styles and times, while remaining classically noble. The series comes in the new colours"Cheverny" and "Amboise”, both two modern and original, and in two surface finishes: Naturale, irregular and with chippededges typical of rough stone and Lappata, more elegant, with the characteristic softness of stone worn by time. Más

Producto • By BlustyleCOUNTRY


COUNTRY, an amazingly realistic porcelain stoneware series, is inspired by the charm of wood, with anintentionallychosen antique, lived-in look. It is welcoming with a strong, natural style, available in three intense colours: Aspen, clear and sophisticated; Creek, warm grey, modern and trendy; Vermont, with warmer tones, elegant and stylish. The all have rich graphics and excellent technical properties includingdurability and are easy to clean. In addition, there are also alternative colour tones: Aspen-V2; Creek-V2; Vermont-V2 Más

Producto • By BlustyleCONCRETE JUNGLE


The CONCRETE JUNGLE porcelain stoneware collection, inspired by modern cities, industrial sites and important contemporary buildings, comes in the typical tones of urban concrete, with original graphics and two fascinating finishes with a contemporary feel and an innovative design. In the 20mm thickness it is particularly suitable for outdoor floors. Más

Producto • By BlustyleYOSEMITE


YOSEMITE is a new series that Blustyle is showing for the first time. Inspired by a careful selection of limestone slabs, Yosemite captures all the iconic features of the material: carefully crafted and optimally matched details bring out the profoundly beautiful nature of stone with stunning colours and veining.Yosemite, this collection in porcelain stoneware, thanks to itsdistinctive, elegant character, is suitable for both modern and countrified projects. The surface finishes and the large 90x90 cm format further accentuate its appeal and suitability forversatile, contemporary concepts of space. Moreover, the high level of technological innovation at the production plantsassuresexcellent technical performance, both for the residential an... Más

Producto • By BlustyleBLUTECH


BLUTECH represents a further development in technical, unglazed porcelain stoneware. In fact, a unique manufacturing process, which achieves a combination of performance and elegance, is used. The full-body colouring of the tiles in this series produces an extremely elegant look: surface and body are the same colour, guaranteeing a homogeneous, compact chromatic palette, enriched by shades of tone-on-tone colour, obtained thanks to an innovative, patented "double loading" process, unique in its kind. In addition, the manufacturing process employed in the creation of this collection, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, guarantees incredible durability, maximum strength and superior performance. Its durability in the toughest conditions make... Más



Fiordo is presenting a further addition to the range, to give contemporary consumer the choice of versatile, reliable products: FRAME is a collection inspired by stones and extends the brand’s range of products, known fortheir style, durability and affordability.For those who love the elegant character of sandstone, Frame is a rangewith a strong visual impact: finely drawn markings and vibrantshades of colourcharacterise the rich and varied charm of the surfaces and the textured finishescapture the natural beauty of stone. The large 45x90 cm size, the various surfaces and the increased thicknesses, together with the multipurposemosaic and wall tiles, increase the number of possibilities for arranging the tiles and give maximum freedom in de... Más

Producto • By Panaria CeramicaNUANCE


It is the refined essential nature of wood that characterizes Nuance, the new collection in porcelain stoneware available in the sizes 30x120 cm and 20x120 cm, 10 mmthick, and 30x180 cm and 20x180 cm, 12 mm thick.Wood is a natural material and gives a feeling of warmth and pleasing tranquillity to the surroundings thanks to the variety of colours, tones and shades that PanariaCeramica presents in the new collection.Strong and decisive grains, harmonizing with shades of colour obtained from the combination of different types of oak wood, offer a choice from the warm tones of hazelnut oak to the colder tones of oak in grey tones.Versatile and dynamic, Nuance is available in five colours - Caramel, Miel, Tabac, Cendre, Perle - which reflect an... Más

Producto • By Panaria CeramicaEVEN


Panaria has significantly extended its commitment to residential buildings with a series dedicated to cladding: the new Even collection, rich and versatile, proposes a number of stylistic solutions with six colour variations in the 35x100cm size and a wide range of designs.The porcelain stoneware surfaces are characterized by solid colour backgrounds that are complementary and can be combined with all the products in the company's catalogue. These adapt to various settings in the home and to commercial properties, creating harmonious and fascinating surroundings.Three light, neutral shades from white, ivory and dove-grey, together with three other more vivid colours, sage green, air blue and oxide red, which evoke the elegant, flowing shade... Más

Producto • By Panaria CeramicaETERNITY


The brand's excellence in large thin slabs finds an extraordinary expression in the new Eternity Zero.3 collection. The focus is on the aesthetic aspects of marble and reflects its elegance and harmony, interpreting the many different forms, with refined surfaces, varying patterns of veins, light and shade, and elegant designs.The collection, available in the new 6mm thickness and in the 120x260 cm and 120x120 cm sizes, presents the marble surfaces in four styles: the grey veins of the classic statuary marble and the thicker and more dominant ones of arabesque marble, the delicate light blue grey tone of the breccia marble and the fascinating black with marked white veins typical of Marquiñamarble.In the versions of the four laminated porce... Más

Producto • By Panaria CeramicaContext


The Context collection comes in the new 6mm thickness and is available in 120x120cm and 120x260cm sizes. It is inspired by cement mortar, a traditional building material based on pure cement and fine inert minerals that, mixed with water and natural pigments, is a high-performance product with beautiful, high-quality finishes. The company has taken inspiration from this material and enhanced its uniquequalitiesto create a surface with new materiality and texture.Thenatural surfaceis formed by the inclusion of inert materials and pebbles which, creating slight variationsof colour and surface texture, transform the characteristic look of mortar into a contemporary and versatile PanariaCeramica product, suitable for a variety of settings.The c... Más

Producto • By Lea CeramicheDelight


Slimtech Delight, the new marble effect collection by Lea Ceramiche is all about making ceramic surfaces a key design component. It is available infascinating aesthetic variations, offering new tactile sensations,in new sizes. From the intense MarquinaNerowith its characteristic white veining, to the CalacattaOrowith the distinctpatterns crossing the slabs, moving on to the colour of Invisible Light, a white background and the powerful effect of irregular veining and, to finish,Venato Bianco, with its characteristic, delicate patterns. Four different concepts that interpret theancient natural material marble, but with a post-modern imprint, in keeping with contemporary tastes. Lea Ceramiche's research and development of manufacturing proces... Más

Producto • By Lea CeramicheBIO SELECT


Bio Select was conceived to recreate the natural, elegant appearance and the texture and warmth of wooden floors on ceramic material.It is inspired by oak and walnut, which are among the most precious varieties of wood. In Lea Ceramiche's research laboratories, a meticulously detailed analysis led to the identification of colours and designs to be reproduced on porcelain stoneware, using increasingly innovative digital printing techniques. The resultsare perfectly calibrated colours and veining: flowing graphics in the case of walnut, greater irregularity and nuances in the case of oak, but with a perfectly harmonious aesthetic result in the seven base colours.The collection,available in 7 different coloursand5 different designs, is rich an... Más