An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about Cersaie2018

Producto • By Ege SeramikPeace


Get ready to be surprised by Peace, the new member of Ege Seramik Hi-Tile Technology family. With Deep effectink application, this series has a micro-textured surface without molding and its dimensions are 25x75 cm. Peace is one of the trendiest options of these as on with linear patterns and soft colors.   Más

Producto • By Ege SeramikJungle


With Jungle series of Ege Seramik, now the latest tile technologies are available in all your living spaces. With the glossy effec tink, a Hi-Tile Technology material, applied on its surface, this wood look tile series has a partial brightness that matches the pattern and looks natural. The newest and technological interpretation of the wood look will impress you. Más

Producto • By Ege SeramikIndiana


Ege Seramik redefines the marble look tiles with Indiana Series. Thanks to Deep effect ink application, a Hi-Tile Technology material, it has a textured surface matching the patterns on the series. Therefore, it is very difficult to distinguish Indiana from natural marble. With its large sizes of 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm, this series allows a more natural appearance on the floor. Más

Producto • By Ege SeramikGalaxy


The surfaces of Ege Seramik Galaxy series produced by using Crystal Shine effect, a Hi-Tile Technology material, are as bright and eye-catching as the stars. Meet this brightest and stylish version of the concrete look as soon as possible. Más

Producto • By ITT CeramicPOLLOCK


Pollock presenta un nuevo acabado que sorprende por el efecto de los trazos en bajo relieve y su brillo. La creatividad y el arte se combinan en este excepcional porcelánico. De base cementosa, con un marcado carácter minimalista y estética industrial, Pollock es un homenaje al brillante pintor americano, emblema del expresionismo abstracto. Del mismo modo que sus obras pasan de tener nombres convencionales a estar numeradas, este sobresaliente modelo representa un viaje artístico del caos al orden que nos permite contemplar la cerámica pura. Más

Producto • By TechnovaOV


The OV bathtubs have the shape of an eggshell that create a very enveloping and harmonious space where relax is natural. The colours can make the difference, you can have the bathtub in the nuance of your dreams. The dimensions of OV bathtubs can now allow a small bathroom to have its special tiny OV bathtub. Más

Producto • By TechnovaRock


A new line of shower trays with a stone effect surface. The small size makes them installable both on the floor and recessed flush with the floor and ideal for replacing the bathtub. The rock effect texture gives not only pleasantness to the touch, but also safety thanks to the anti-slip effect. Más

Producto • By TechnovaModulo


The washbasin MODULO is characterized by minimalism and linearity. It is a monobloc in four versions, shine or mat, white and in any colour, a handmade washbasin which enriches the bathrooms with a special out of the ordinary piece of furniture. Más

Producto • By TechnovaSquare


An elegant and minimalist line, versatile in the use and flexible in the measures. With multiple uses: fixed measure, custom-made measure, wall-hung or counter top, with one or two basins and with the possibility to approach one another; now, also available in the versions Console. Más

Producto • By TechnovaConca


The ellipse and circle shapes, in their structural simplicity, can be found in many products of the nature and they inspire our Conca line which represents them and it makes them tangible. A line of countertop basins clear and simple, inspired by the shapes of the nature. Más

Producto • By TechnovaDéco


The evolution of the bathroom in one century, from Liberty to Minimalism.A bathtub on feet, a modern reinterpretation of a historical bathtub. Más

Producto • By TechnovaWal


Sinuous and symmetric shapes characterize Wal series consisting of a freestanding bathtub and of a counter top basin. Elegance and simplicity thanks to harmonious lines which offer comfort and wellbeing for a bathroom on a human scale. Más

Producto • By VerniprensModel Tivoli

Model Tivoli

If we look for a wall cladding that combines elegance and originality, we are definitely talking about the new Tívoli.The exquisite texture of the eroded stone and the careful design of its straight lines and large-format pieces make this wall cladding always a wise choice for the most special areas.* ± 1cm joint included in the calculation of pieces per m². Más

Producto • By VerniprensModel Sierra Nevada

Model Sierra Nevada

Once again, Verniprens draws its inspiration from nature to create its wall coverings. The model Sierra Nevada, with its great variety of colours, volumes and textures, stands out for its realism and naturalness. Its panellized format permits an easy and quick installation.Moreover, the variety of complementary pieces available meets any constructional or decorative requirement. The Sierra Nevada model is, like all our wall covering models, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Más

Producto • By VerniprensModel Colorado

Model Colorado

Similar to our model Sierra Nevada, this wall covering allows a greater versatility and customization. Its great variety of pieces in different sizes, tonalities and textures, encourages us to create an endless number of combinations with an extremely realistic and always unique result.It has special corner pieces that achieve a perfect finish in any environment and is suitable, like all our wall covering models, for both outdoor and indoor use.* ±1,5 cm joint included in the calculation of pieces per m². Más