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Proyecto • By Cotaparedes ArquitectosCasas Privadas

La Piedad

The project became a piece of land within a closed subdivision in the city of La Piedad Michoacán, one of the main states of the Republic of Mexico hit by crime.The project is born from the analysis of the terrain and the needs of the client at the same time as it is the result of the exploration of the concepts of introspective architecture. César Béjar With dimensions of 10m wide x 35m deep, the land has the same dimensions as the Gilardi house of the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, one of the main references of our architecture, in a way that analyzes his proposal to understand how to solve the problem of the elongated proportion. The land of the Gilardi house has a large "Jacaranda" tree in the center,... Más

Proyecto • By VM ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Axial House in Vadakara, Kerala by VM Architects

The Axial House is one of the best examples of contemporary architecture designed and executed by VM Architects under the helm of Architect Vinay Mohan. Mr. Vinay Mohan is the Founder and Principal Architect at VM Architects is known for his out-of-the-box contemporary architecture style, with more emphasis on Nature and Green Architecture. His latest project The Axial House too follows the same pattern. Caption The Axial House is the result of functional and innovative architectural techniques combined with eco-friendly designs. When it came to building his dream home, the client, Dr.Libin Balan, the now owner of the Axial House had a clear image in mind – he wanted to have a soothing habitable space with all the modern ameniti... Más

Proyecto • By Barault ArchitectsHoteles

A twisted prismatic approach of a boutique hotel

The Ampia Vista retreat is located on a steep longtitudinal plot at the southern part of Meganisi island offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Additional to the 34 double rooms, 8 triple rooms and 6 luxurious suites, the complex includes high standard food and beverage facilities as well as a wellness  center.    The name derives from the Italian meaning of the phrase “ample view”, which is the key element of the hotel. A prerequisite for the design team was that all rooms and facilities have unique unhindered views of the mesmerizing blue of the nearby bay.    As Greek villages are anchored on mountainsides and have their public square located at the center, the retreat is deployed on a sta... Más

Proyecto • By MosaCentros de Información

Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm Hut

Project Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm, published by Mosa. Location: Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Austria Category: Housing, Restraurant Connect with Mosa for more information Más

Proyecto • By BEGAMuseos

EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam

With the distinctive new building of the Film Museum, the north of Amsterdam, near the city centre, is experiencing a welcome revival thanks to a throng of visitors. Besides an extensive range of events, it is also the architecture itself that invites visitors to this new experience.The attractive building cannot be missed as it rises from the banks of the IJ river and guarantees a different appearance depending on your point of view. The building opens up towards the south with large areas of glazing. Closed areas of the façade are directed northwards, offering room for cinemas and exhibition areas in the interior.The futuristic structure is illuminated according to a simple principle. Four in-ground luminaires supply the light for... Más
The metal rafters with a wave kind of pattern broken with the trapezoidal boxes impart the bold and brutalist look to the entire façade.

Proyecto • By A.J ArchitectsOficinas

Rhythmic screened Façade

The commercial complex planned in Jigani, an industrial and marble trader’s hub, in the suburbs of Bangalore. The program of the structure was clear in client’s brief. The structure was primarily made with the objective to earn rental income in the fast-growing area and they wanted the lower floor to be used for retail or restaurant and office space in the upper floors. The typology of the structures prevailing in the area are box type industrial shed type. The design team planned to make a building to complement and stand out of the otherwise box type industrial shed look.   The team planned the structure with placing the core of the building on the right-hand side corner of the structure facing the main road. The side ro... Más

Proyecto • By Phaedrus StudioTiendas


While designed for a specific client and a site with opportune zoning and planning, Hi-Lo Hybrid tackles a prevailing narrow lot condition along Toronto's main streets. Despite the demand for increased density and housing options on these existing transit and mixed-use corridors, they remain largely underdeveloped, including an estimated 250km composed of existing single-family homes reinforced by low-rise residential zoning and planning. Outdated zoning and current planning policies limit the range of infill opportunities, driving homogenous stacked townhouse forms, as well as outsized mid-rise developments and retail spaces requiring long term lot assembly. Over time these development models become further entrenched. Hi-Lo Hybrid demonst... Más

Proyecto • By OB Architecture LtdApartamentos

Greyfort House

Terminada en diciembre de 2019, Greyfort House es una urbanización de 8 unidades en un prominente terreno de esquina en el sur de Croydon. El reto era crear un diseño que satisficiera las diferentes condiciones urbanas del lugar. El edificio actúa como una interfaz entre las diferentes escalas y patrones de desarrollo que lo rodean, al tiempo que aborda el concurrido cruce de esquinas de manera coherente y compuesta. Su forma ha evolucionado a través de un análisis contextual de la escala, proporciones, líneas de construcción, materiales y detalles arquitectónicos de los paisajes callejeros circundantes y ha sido esculpido por las oportunidades que se han presentado.   Fotograf&... Más

Proyecto • By OB Architecture LtdCasas Privadas

Chelsea Townhouse

Extension and complete refurbishment of a 5-storey Georgian townhouse Más

Proyecto • By HBOA (HB Ong Architect)Casas Privadas

Impian Residence

The site is situated on a higher ground between a peaceful residential road access with approximately 1.3m difference in level at front and approximately 0.6m at the back, facing a beautiful golf course.   The design intends to encourage owner to enjoy and engage with: Semi-outdoor & outdoor spaces Greenery surroundings Tropical climate The house is designed to experience tropical modern living with a series of indoor, semi-outdoor spaces and outdoor spaces of different functions. It is generally planned with 2 main wings with a swimming pool in between with the intention to break the building mass yet increasing the building perimeter for the vistas facing the golf course. By doing that, it also encourages more visual li... Más

Proyecto • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHoteles

Hotel Tafelrond – The Fourth

A partir de 1479, el edificio fue el lugar de reunión de varios gremios de la ciudad de Lovaina. Los retóricos dejaron la mayor huella en el edificio, donde se reunían para recitar poemas y beber. Después de su demolición y reconstrucción, la música y el teatro dieron vida al edificio en 1817. El Tafelrond era un teatro para un público de casi mil personas donde se realizaban espectáculos similares a lo que hoy consideramos conciertos de salón.   Tafelrond fue bombardeada y destruida durante la Primera Guerra Mundial. Después de la guerra fue reconstruido en su estilo gótico original por el arquitecto de Layens y hoy se ve como en su primera vida. A p... Más

Proyecto • By Studio EngenhariaCasas Privadas

Casa Andrade

Located in a privileged residential condominium with lots of green area, the owners opted for the construction of a new house, due to the fact that the wooden building no longer met their needs. In fact, the building had not been constituted with materials recommended for wooden constructions, so it was decided to demolish it. According to the definition of breafing, the building is intended for use on weekends, being a small residence, comprising 01 suite, 02 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. The architectural design meets contemporary architecture. Más

Proyecto • By Carlana Mezzalira PentimalliOficinas

Ex Tribunale

The Municipality of Bressanone (in the region Trentino Alto Adige, Italy) is gradually changing its skin.    This process has taken place for many years, with important private and public projects selected through international competitions. Those operations are both on small and large scale and involve several actors and different types of partnership. The quality of these projects is the same one that characterizes different aspects of this region, among them the contemporary architecture. A slow transformation is taking place also inside the city of Bressanone; moreover, it is working in a silent way, almost discreet, without revealing itself to whom is walking in the historical city centre.   This metamorphosis has in... Más

Proyecto • By HUNI ArchitectesHoteles


Green Paradise is an outstanding project in the application of local cultural values to contemporary architecture, including a 5-star resort with a 30-hectare expanse of beautiful beachfront (managed by M Gallery, under Accor Group).The existing land is covered mostly by Casuarina forest amid small sand dunes formed by ocean wind over many years. The design orientation, focused on preserving and embellishing these sand dunes, arranged groups of villas on top of the hill in order to maximize the views and catch the ocean breeze. Access routes are arranged alternately between the foothills, creating privacy and tranquility for guests to relax.The beauty of local culture integrated into each architectural detail will bring an exhilarating feel... Más

Proyecto • By Ana CoelhoCasas Privadas


Baumhaus is a traditional Oporto house, built in the bourgeois-architecture style, around the year 1850. It was originally built with the most traditional materials and techniques and presented most of its original XIXth century features, without major transformations from the original state. João Morgado João Morgado The challenge was to combine the ancient building charm with a contemporary architecture, providing its users with a more comfortable way of living. João Morgado The new layout provided this house with a total of 9 open-space apartments, with private bathroom, kitchenette, and living-room area. João Morgado All the original architecture elements that were in good condition and... Más