Decorative etched glass

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Producto • By BendheimUltra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Ultra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Bendheim's Ultra-White Laminated Fade® and Low-Iron Etched Fade® glass designs present an elegant, timeless aesthetic, defining interior spaces when used in partitions, doors and windows, atriums, and staircases. The superior fade effect of Bend... Más

Producto • By BendheimSatinTech® Etched Glass

SatinTech® Etched Glass

Bendheim SatinTech® etched glass offers elegance, a sense of privacy, and exceptional ease of maintenance. The permanent, chemically etched glass surfaces are superior to sandblasted and particle-etched glass, and are naturally resistant to fingerpri... Más

Producto • By OmniDecor glass designDecorFlou Design - decorative glass

DecorFlou Design - decorative glass

DecorFlou® Design High-quality glass for architecture, decorated with modern textures given by selective etching on one or both sides of the sheet. The high light transmission of the DecorFlou® acid etched glass sheets is further enhanced in DecorF... Más