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Producto • By LINVISIBILEInfinito 10 Hinged Door

Infinito 10 Hinged Door

Infinito 10 Hinged Door is the new flush-to-wall door comprising an anodized or matt lacquered aluminium perimeter frame with a thickness of 102 mm, combined with a honeycomb panel. Designed to accommodate multiple decorative finishes on the panel surface, it stands as the emblem of a door that becomes an element of the interior design, giving personality to and enhancing its surroundings. Particularly suitable to include the application of Heavy Coatings, like marble, natural stones and granites. Más

Proyecto • By Rolflex Netherlands BVEstaciones de bomberos

Fire Department Hoevelaken

Due to the nature of the building, reliability is naturally high on the list of requirements at fire stations. The option for a fast-running engine is also often an important condition. Because the fire engines are often parked close to the entrance, it is important that all facilities are also present around the cars. The pipes, lighting, etc. are often mounted on the ceiling and around the doorway. When selecting the service door, the Hoevelaken fire brigade considered all the above requirements and opted for the Compact folding door. Más

Proyecto • By Haro ArquitectosCasas Privadas

Casa Aldebarán

A white, solid structure seems to float on a wall formed by vertical strips of exposed concrete and solid parota wood. This is the facade for Casa Aldebarán standing on a piece of land very close to the Primavera Forest in Zapopan, Mexico. Designed in a simple contemporary style, paths emerge from two courtyards that boast the pre-existing trees in the land, which embellish the building with their green foliage, and create a natural foyer at the main entrance, and a welcoming sensation for its dwellers as they enter the house. The heart of the house features double-height ceilings, and strategically located windows to capitalize on views and natural light, channeling sunshine to its spaces. Therefore, the house is very open towards... Más

Proyecto • By Architect Daniel EllecostaCasas Privadas

House in Hörmannweg

The residential house is situated in a hillside location at the edge of the historical village center and is in line with the local building traditions. The project captivates through its clarity in shape and space creating a synthesis with a consistently determined uniform choice of material. The use of high-quality regional materials gives the building a huge added value: a combination of plaster surfaces with porphyry and dolomite aggregate and larch wood is creating a connection to the surrounding building typologies. Neatly placed apertures allow focused views and constitute a reference to the surrounding rural and mountainous landscape. The doorway element emphasizes the location “along the path” and substantiates the outside area. Vi... Más

Proyecto • By DENIZEN WORKSCasas Privadas

Extension One

Extension One is a small-scale intervention that has transformed a small terraced house on Whistler Street in a conservation area in the London Borough of Islington. The project, for a modest budget, is clad externally in bitumen stained larch with a large sliding oak door that defines the architectural character. Extract from our client reference: Our brief was to turn a small, dark bachelor pad of a terrace house into a spacious, beautiful and functional family home, full of light. It was also important to connect the courtyard garden to the new internal structure, maximizing the living space. Murray was different to the two other architects we had meetings with. He didn’t arrive on a foldable bicycle and during our first meeting he j... Más

Proyecto • By Technē Architecture + Interior DesignCasas Privadas

Bell Street House

Technē Architecture + Interior Design’s most recent residential project, Bell Street House, balances industrial influences and warm minimalism to create an entertainer’s haven in the heart of Richmond. The client brief called for a contemporary family home that would accommodate their love for entertaining. Thoughtfully responding to this brief, Technē undertook a full reconfiguration of the existing floorplan to maximise space and improve connectivity within the home. “It was important to create openness and continuity between the interior and exterior spaces, allowing the home to respond flexibly to the needs of its owners,” says Technē senior interior designer and project leader Jonny Mitchell. By introducing new front and re... Más

Proyecto • By Russell JonesCasas Privadas

Mews House

This completed project in a mews in Highgate, North London, in the borough of Haringey, evolved from a successful planning application, HGY/2013/2196, submitted in 2013 for the construction of a new 2 bedroom dwelling. Planning consent was obtained in December 2013 and construction of the project was completed in late 2015. A 68 m2 compact 2 bedroom mews house and enclosed courtyard of 11 m2 in Highgate. This 2 storey brick house faces onto a quiet cobbled mews. Its 90 m2 site, on land to the rear of a 5 level locally listed building, was formerly occupied by a disused garage and derelict garden. It sits amongst a patchwork of rear fenced off gardens, garages, mews houses and ad-hoc rear ad-ons and a recently completed house, also by Russel... Más

Proyecto • By Matt Fajkus ArchitectureCasas Privadas

Strass Residence

The L-Shaped configuration of the Strass Residence aims to subtly incorporate itself into the existing neighborhood fabric, while tucking the larger two-story private wing away from the street. The design has an indirect yet celebrated entry, organizing a procession to the back yard. A large existing tree on the site separates the common areas from the private realms, along with a glazed corridor and distinctive staircase. The scheme enables open, airy, and light-filled interior spaces through carefully designed openings - each forming an intimate connection to the outdoors. The common areas bleed outside to enhance indoor-outdoor entertainment, while the private wing has its own secluded patio area. Más

Proyecto • By alcolea+tárrago arquitectosCasas Privadas

MP House in Sesma

The commission began in a private competition, in which our office was selected not by a particular project, but by the attitude showed to the clients to build a maximum house with a very small budget in a plot with a very sharp slope. And not least, the involvement and commitment, perhaps beyond any logical reason, to propose successive approximations to the project (up to five preliminary projects and a full executive project with its visa) before the final solution. Anyway, the program answers common needs for a young couple with two young daughters, including a garage for two cars and a small garden and orchard. It is a monolithic volume, which emphasizes its archetypal geometry using concrete and stained pinewood. Any gesture is... Más

Proyecto • By Patricia Almeida ArquiteturaCasas Privadas

Jones House

The house is located in a residential area of Brasilia that despite being in the city center, provides great interaction with nature. Given the urban planning requirements of the district, the project focuses within the minimum limits of recess from the access road so the entire background could be occupied by the green area, as requested by the customers. The project starting point was the couple's desire to have a house that integrates with the landscape, combined with the functionality and aesthetics. Our goal was to bring the landscape into using the architecture. The project designed from the outside in shows full integration between the interior and exterior, and through large openings and skylights, it values the natural lighting... Más
Portapivot 6530 XL
Portapivot 6530 XL
Portapivot 6530 XL
Portapivot 6530 XL
Portapivot 6530 XL

Proyecto • By PORTAPIVOTAuditorios

Pivot walls - Portapivot 6530 XL

These Portapivot 6530 XL pivoting walls are installed in the Hoornbeeck college in Goes, The Netherlands. This pivoting door (system 6530) is made from a minimal anodized aluminium frame in combination with glass. The bronze anodized frame is fitted with 8 mm thick laminated white safety glass in this particular case. The anodized color is requested by the architect and matches the profiles of the rest of the doors and windows in the building. The minimal frame is equipped with our invisible "Stealth Pivot" pivoting hinges, designed specifically to be mounted on top of a finished surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures. The doors are measured and installed in the fully finished door opening without any pre-installed moun... Más

Proyecto • By ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajovaCasas Privadas

C2 House

C2 House represents a family living in a quiet green neighbourhood for people who like spending their free time outdoors all year long. The main idea is the diffusion of spaces within the house and the garden. The atrium with a fireplace and a summer kitchen becomes the core of the family life. Pato Safko Pato Safko The project is based on an invited architectural competition. A quiet residential area lying close to the Váh River is a popular relaxation zone. The spacious flatland estate is located at the corner of a calm street in a built-up area of detached houses. The size of the plot makes it possible to divide the functions into two one-storey prisms: while the house communicates with the garden and with its surr... Más

Proyecto • By Knauf AMFLaboratorios

R&A Test Centre in St. Andrews

The R&A worldwide golf governing body based at St Andrews, has a purpose-built equipment testing centre, Allan Robertson House. The building accommodates the R&A’s Equipment Standards Department and offers world class testing and research facilities. The new building utilises the latest technology, is energy efficient, maximises the use of natural daylight and uses sustainable materials. HERADESIGN® and THERMATEX® ceilings from Knauf AMF are fitted throughout to provide essential sound attenuation, add aesthetic appeal and meet environmental requirements. The R&A’s Equipment Standards department tests thousands of golf balls and clubs every year to ensure they conform to the Equipment Rules. Some of the machinery deployed here has th... Más

Proyecto • By PORTAPIVOTOficinas

Office with Portapivot 6530 XL pivoting doors

Modern office space with Dark grey glass partitions and Portapivot 6530 XL pivot doors. Portapivot was contacted by Jos Heylen, the interior subcontractor selected by Crepain Binst Architure, for a glass pivoting door solution to be installed in between the Dark Grey colored office partitions they installed. After discussing the desired design and technical specifications, our popular Portapivot 6530 XL system was selected as the most appropriate solution and best match with the Dark glass with it's black anodized profiles. Portapivot 6530 XL is designed with a minimal anodized aluminium frame, measuring 65mm x 30mm and is available in 3 colors. The frame can be fitted with any type of 6 or 8 mm thick tempered safety glass. We advise... Más

Proyecto • By IntersticialCasas Privadas

Casa Zirahuen

Casa Zirahuen is the first stage of a two twin house project that create a small dwelling in a residential area in Querétaro’s periphery. Facing the residential monotony in typology and isolation of the area generated between the 7 meters high adjoining walls, the proposal’s idea based on shaping a different integration to the site, one that dignifies and offers better ways of living in its outside and inside space. Some of the principal challenges to solve were to create a product that makes use of passive design strategies, local constructive methods and a commercial competitive scheme which is sensitive to a complex real estate context. The house works around a main guiding axis that splits and distributes the public program in ground... Más