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NoticiasConstruyendo Innovaciones • 9 jun. 2020

New augmented bricklaying technology integrates craftsmanship into the digital fabrication process

The façade of this winery building in Kitros, Greece is made from 13,596 individually rotated and tilted bricks and was assembled on-site with an innovative augmented bricklaying process that combines the power of computational design with the dexterity and skills of human craftsmanship, introducing a new fabrication paradigm.   © Michael Lyrenmann The technology used was developed by Gramazio Kohler Research – the Chair for Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich. Known for their pioneering use of robotics in architecture, the widespread use of the technology in the field still faces many barriers, including the limited mobility and dexterity of existing industrial robots, and the relative difficulty... Más