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Proyecto • By Space4Architecture (S4A)Casas Privadas

Upper East Side Town house

INSPIRATION: The inspiration for this project was the concept of the loft, applied to the townhouse typology. Our client were used to live in a loft downtown and needed to move to an uptown townhouse. We wanted to give our client the feeling of living in a loft on multiple floor. The concept was to design a house with spaces flowing within floors and between floors without interruption. To emphasize our “open loft” design choice, we designed the rear with a glass curtain wall, overlooking the garden behind, allowing the inside to flow out. On the ground floor this glass wall separating the garden from the kitchen, lifts up entirely to literally make the house and garden one continuous Space. Michele Busiri-Vici UNIQUE PROP... Más

Proyecto • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Cortes Island Residence

The clients were looking for a house that would eventually become their fulltime residence but could also serve as a getaway, vacation and gathering place in the interim. Steve Keating Photography Located at the south end of Desolation Sound on Cortes Island, British Columbia, the site is formed of natural granite bedrock and contains a dramatic peninsula and cliff which serve as a windbreak for Cortes Bay as well as the Seattle and Vancouver yacht clubs. To the south, the house is exposed to the Straight of Georgia which delivers extremely high wind speeds and salt spray during winter storms. To withstand the high winds, the house structure is embedded into the bedrock with steel columns and exposed wood floor beams allowing the hous... Más

Proyecto • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsCasas Privadas

PS 1 House

This 3800 sq. ft. single family residence is located on a +/-2.5 acre Urban Western Washington site which includes a class (3) salmon stream running through the property. Steve Keating Photography Developed from the owner’s concept to create a converted warehouse loft space in a private park the design of the house called for open and flexible interior and exterior spaces. The main entry is intimate, open and inviting. The main double height vaulted ceiling living space combines the family room, dining area and kitchen w/ a second floor study and catwalk both which are hung from the exposed wood and steel structure above. The main curved roof form is bisected along the peak w/ a continuous skylight. The roof extends out and crea... Más

Proyecto • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceEscuelas Secundarias

North Park Academy

The proposed expansion to the North Park Academy would create a dramatic new addition to a historic but undistinguished existing school.  Occupying an unusual triangular site, the bold form of the new structure would offer an appealing visual termination to the axis of the avenue approaching the school. Caption Caption Using a language of arches, the building readily expresses its function as a school, and in particular its intended use for kindergarten and pre-K classes.  Within the elliptical form would be a hidden courtyard, serving as outdoor play space for children, and also as an outdoor assembly area, neatly incorporating the existing exterior facade of the auditorium as a backdrop.  A new main entry would b... Más

Proyecto • By LS3POficinas

Live Oak Bank Campus

El campus de Live Oak Bank en Wilmington, Carolina del Norte, celebra su entorno sereno y arbolado, al tiempo que cumple el objetivo de la empresa de crear el mejor entorno de trabajo posible para sus empleados. Los edificios se basan en una paleta de materiales común de ciprés, vidrio y acero para fundirse con el entorno natural y crear al mismo tiempo una estética moderna.  El primer edificio del campus está anclado por un salón central que da al patio central y a la terraza; las esbeltas alas de oficinas de dos plantas crean una sensación de transparencia y ofrecen fabulosas vistas desde cualquier punto del edificio.  Un segundo edificio con forma inclinada aprovecha la iluminació... Más

Proyecto • By Hemsworth ArchitectureOficinas

BC Passive House

Terminada en 2014, la BC Passive House es un proyecto de demostración de "construcción totalmente en madera". El edificio es la visión de una empresa dedicada al concepto de metodologías de construcción verdaderamente sostenibles, caracterizadas por el estándar internacional Passive House. El edificio consiste en un gran espacio de trabajo abierto utilizado para la construcción de sus sistemas de construcción en madera. Las oficinas de la entreplanta, los espacios de apoyo y la sala de exposiciones están construidos según el estándar Passive House.    Situado en Pemberton (Columbia Británica), el edificio aprovecha su exposición al sur par... Más

Proyecto • By Alessandro Bucci ArchitettiCasas Privadas

Gottardi House

From an old workshop to a private dwelling: renovation of a building in Faenza old town PRE-EXHISTENCE: an old workshop in the historical city centreDeserted buildings, distinguished by decadence charm, can become the scene of urban growth, even in small scale interventions. That is what happened to the building in vicolo Gottardi, in Faenza old town, few meters from one of the main streets of the city. Used in the past as a carpenter’s workshop, the building still preserves the characteristics and materials of a ‘raw’ place, such as concrete and unplastered bricks. It relates to the private courtyard through large stained glasses with distinctive steel frames. RENOVATION PROJECT: from workshop to private homeThe old bu... Más

Proyecto • By DLR GroupHoteles

Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District

El histórico edificio Advance Thresher/Emerson-Newton ha sido reposicionado como el nuevo Canopy por el Hilton Minneapolis Mill District. Construido en 1900 y 1904, el edificio Advance Thresher ha estado en el Registro Histórico Nacional desde 1977. El diseño del Grupo DLR para los interiores del hotel se inspira en los trabajos caseros escandinavos. Las abstracciones del acolchado y el tejido están presentes en todas las obras de arte del hotel y en sus accesorios y mobiliario. Con la intención de crear un diseño que esté enraizado en la historia del edificio sin sentirse abiertamente industrial, el interior del hotel exhibe puntos de contacto delicados y sutiles. Los elementos están... Más

Proyecto • By PMA StudioCasas Privadas

Portixol I

La recien terminada casa de verano de estilo minimalista está situada en el barrio de Portixol, en Palma de Mallorca. Un barrio que se desarrolla alrededor de un histórico puerto pesquero, y que durante los últimos años se ha convertido en una de las zonas más demandas de Mallorca.El proyecto consiste en la renovación completa de una vivienda tradicional entre medianeras, situada en una parcela muy estrecha. A pesar de la complejidad de la forma, con solamente dos fachadas con posibilidad de huecos hacia el exterior, se desarrolló un proyecto que se apoderaba al máximo de la entrada de la luz hacia el interior. La propuesta aprovecha al máximo la luz natural, colocando la sala d... Más

Proyecto • By Magaldi StudioCasas Privadas

Casa Di-Dox

En la ladera del Pueblo Mágico de Valle de Bravo, un tranquilo enclave popular entre los habitantes de la ciudad, a sólo 140 km de la ciudad de México, podemos encontrar la Casa Di Dox. 13.000 pies cuadrados de una arquitectura vanguardista muy moderna construida con materiales locales.   El diseño apuesta por la intersección de volúmenes priorizados por dimensión y terminados aprovechando óptimamente la pendiente natural del terreno, reflejada en el informe de Arquitectura.   Tratamos de apuntar todo de adentro hacia afuera con un punto focal en el epicentro de la torre central y las escaleras principales que nos guiarán alrededor del edificio, también acom... Más

Proyecto • By Zeller & MoyeCasas Privadas

Haus Koeris

Haus Koeris is a private home that is situated among tall pine trees on a lot near a lake in close proximity to Berlin. As a structure entirely made of wood, the building is elevated from the ground to minimise the impact on the land and to avoid contact with the seasonally damp soil. The irregular shape of the house stems from the position of existing trees. Five boxes are arranged in a staggered layout with the individual rooms overlapping each other allowing for connections between them. The shifts in the floor plan create small patios and green niches along the building‘s perimeter. Some of these alcoves are sheltered from wind or hidden from views, others capture the sun and thus create pleasant microclimates. The recesses give t... Más

Proyecto • By Space Group ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Hopewell Yard

This is the fifth factory/warehouse-type conversion we had the pleasure to work on. This particular live-work unit is located within an old yard building in Camberwell, South London. The 150sqm+ floor plate is surrounded by an unsightly post-modern apartment complex limiting its amount of external glazing to just two windows, a few old skylights and a glazed entrance which is overlooked by the communal courtyard. Whilst the existing building is full of beautiful features such as fair faced brickwork throughout and an exposed wood and steel roof structure, it consisted of just a small bathroom, a kitchen in a dark corner and a non-compliant sleeping deck. It was our task to provide three bedrooms, two bathrooms and simply a general nice envi... Más
Formal living
Formal living
Formal living
Formal living
Wooden Partition wall

Proyecto • By SAJAN PLUS ARCHITECTSCasas Privadas


Elegance of timeless design Interior design for Mr joji ,Thevirathu Thejus Kudassanad. Introduction This modern, 3,000-square-foot, three bedroom residential interior is located in Kudashanadu. The client, Mr.Joji a well travelled Nri reached out to Ar.Sajan varghese of Sajan+Architects to do the interior design of his residence. He wanted an elegant, functional and a timeless design where his entire family could be comfortable and where they could host friends. “The clients are simple yet progressive; they are close-knit and highly fond of hosting large socials,” says Sajan.   Living area This home features a contemporary design aesthetic. Pops of colors waft across the living room and dining room—th... Más

Proyecto • By HUSO + PartnersCasas Privadas

MOAK Twin House

Una casa sencilla El dueño de esta casa es una joven pareja que ha soñado con una vida rural relajada en la que sus hijos sean libres de retozar en la proximidad de la naturaleza fuera del centro urbano.   Naturaleza Moak Lake Village es una urbanización rural construida entre el embalse de Gui y el Monte Moak, que cuenta con un magnífico entorno natural. Situado en el extremo suroeste de este pueblo, el emplazamiento del proyecto se encuentra frente a la carretera al norte y al paisaje verde al suroeste, por lo que tiene una ventaja para asegurar la vista y la luz del día, así como la posibilidad de ampliar su espacio exterior.   Una pequeña casa El requisito del cliente era... Más

Proyecto • By AtSpace ArchitectsHoteles

Private Villa JUGE

A rental villa called Private Villa JUGE, is located on a famous traditional tourism spot in Higashiyama Kyoto. The two story with two bedrooms and two tatami-rooms wooden villa is composed of generous private space, full sunlight through three individual gardens and modern interior inspired by Japanese elements.   A main purpose of the project is to establish new value by creation a modern architecture incorporating traditional Japanese ethos, because the villa is a new building in especially traditional area in Kyoto where there are already a lot of historical buildings including large temples and small houses. Therefore it is composed of the reinterpretation of Japanese elements with fresh sensibilities avoiding the old traditiona... Más