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Proyecto • By Doblle ArquiteturaAlojamiento

New House - A new way to live

The project was conceived as a study of different alternatives for a refuge residence that at the same time can be replicated in different situations, such as countryside, beach or even in the same urbanized centers. Hence the proposal to make a modular structure in which it is easy to assemble and standardized manufacture, seeking greater precision and generating less waste, this makes our proposal sustainable and less aggressive with the environment. The aim of the project was to propose the primitive shape of the house: open to the landscape. The play of lights and shadows enriches the transformative perception of the house, as volumetry we have a subtle square box that does not interfere with nature and can also integrate with the diff... Más

Proyecto • By Shed Architecture & DesignCasas Privadas

Irwin Caplan Midcentury

Originally designed for Irwin Caplan, the illustrator who designed the poster for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and cartoonist renowned for his “Famous Last Words” comic strip in The Saturday Evening Post , this mid-century home was both humble and grand–a modest one-story street facade harboring floor-to-ceiling windows with territorial views. The new owners bought the home directly from Caplan’s estate in hopes of settling their growing family into the residence conveniently located near public transportation and the Burke Gilman bike trail. But in order to accommodate the family, the mid-century home needed updating, remodeling, and fortifying–Seattle-based SHED Architecture & Design was selected t... Más

Proyecto • By OffstageCasas Privadas


Una montaña, hogar del alma. Esta podría ser la definición de esta casa en Montecampione (BS) para Claudia Parzani, presidenta de Allianz Italia, vicepresidenta de Borsa Italiana y socia directora de West Europe Linklaters.   Claudia nunca ha cortado los lazos con los lugares y la gente de su juventud. En Montecampione encontró no sólo a los famosos prealpes lombardos - nació en Brescia - sino, sobre todo, a los amigos de toda la vida. Un oasis de tranquilidad, por lo tanto, lejos del frenesí de una vida diaria de viajes, reuniones y compromisos públicos.   El apartamento, situado en uno de los condominios perfectamente integrado en la zona boscosa, era una casa familiar... Más

Proyecto • By Olson KundigCasas Privadas

Omaha Art House

The redesign of this Omaha, Nebraska home focused on seamlessly integrating artworks from the couple’s extensive collection. Devoted almost entirely to the work of artist Jun Kaneko, the collection includes several large-scale sculptural and two-dimensional works. Kaneko is known for his strong sensitivity to space and surrounding environments. Accordingly, this home’s design paid special attention to the relationship of the artworks both to the built environment, and to the newly integrated natural environment brought visually into the home.   Opening up the home to the surrounding landscaping was a prime directive for the remodel, as was the desire to concentrate common living spaces onto a single level. The new program... Más

Proyecto • By VOLAHoteles

Ett Hem

VOLA unveils the third of a series of short films focused on architecture and design, featured online Presented by the award-winning British designer, Ilse Crawford, the latest film explores how design can enhance and support our daily interactions, behaviours and attitudes, as well as the important role wellness and wellbeing plays in design. With her StudioIlse team, the former founding editor of Elle UK has designed spaces for the Soho House Group, Aesop, and designed sustainable furniture collections for IKEA. Design is often associated with just form. A vehicle for something aestheticallypleasing or purely functional and the interaction with the human aspect isconsidered the final step. Ilse Crawford cou... Más

Proyecto • By Fearon Hay ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Mountain Retreat

The mountain retreat is a small structure set within a high country station occupying 1300 hectares on the south facing shores of Lake Wakatipu, Central Otago. It is an alpine environment formed by heavily glaciated schist mountainscapes and vegetated below the snow line with beech forest. Early European occupation of the region began in 1840 with explorers seeking to extend pastoral activities established in the gentler environments to the north and east of the Southern Alps. Early European occupation as well as the discovery of the Central Otago Goldfields resulted in structures for shelter and utility made from the stackable weathered schist readily available around the rivers and glaciated mountain slopes.   This retreat is desig... Más

Proyecto • By Scrafano ArchitectsCasas Privadas

West Loop Loft and Roof Deck

West Loop Loft ResidenceThis interior renovation unifies four existing lofts into one large open living space on three different levels. We located the kitchen/eating area in the center of the space to create a central social gathering and communal area. Fireplaces are used as focal points to mark both ends of the L-shaped living space. Built-in shelves and cabinetry separate interior rooms while simultaneously connecting spaces and storing the owners’ large book collection and travel treasures. The bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices are tucked upstairs under the building’s original wood ceiling. New, cantilevered metal grate floors with open rails increase the upper level live/work area and allow light to filter to the spaces bel... Más

Proyecto • By Searl Lamaster Howe ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Lawless Retreat

Los clientes habían buscado durante cinco años en cuatro estados para encontrar un sitio para su casa de fin de semana que les hablara. Este retiro iba a ser todo lo que su residencia en Chicago - un espacio elevado enclavado dentro de las vigas del ático de una iglesia convertida - no era. El loft está en el corazón del bullicioso barrio de Wicker Park; buscaban serenidad y un ritmo más lento. El loft cuenta con una colección altamente curada de mobiliario europeo contemporáneo elegante; se inspiraron en la idea de un santuario con una sensibilidad moderna pero también arraigada en su lugar con la artesanía manual sentida en escalas grandes y pequeñas. Las vistas... Más

Proyecto • By Yushe Design CompanyOficinas


Shanghai Former Celebrity Residence Converted into a Co-working Space Chinese native architecture design office Yushe Yuzhu was commissioned to transform a former residence into a co-working space in Shanghai’s downtown area where members can share the hundred-year old building and feel the pristine yet modern touch.   Situated on a famous road in Shanghai called Yuyuan Road, where some well-preserved buildings in European style built at the Former French Concession time, the three-storey villa was the old residence of the famous Chinese banker Sun Hengfu in the early 20th century, once called ‘Sun’s Garden’.   While the building was built at late 1920s and its façade was well preserved, archite... Más

Proyecto • By VMDO ArchitectsUniversidades

Stockton University Campus Center

When The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey needed to create a centerpiece for its environmentally sensitive campus in the New Jersey Pinelands, the growing institution turned to a collaborative design team to develop a new Campus Center – a place for students, faculty, and the community to mix, mingle, and learn.   The building serves as the centerpiece and primary collection point for the whole student body. The Center provides meeting and event spaces for student organizations; several performance venues; primary dining facilities; a bookstore; and retail destinations for the whole campus community. It is “the” place on campus to meet, study, dine, and “see and be seen,” thus providing a truly int... Más

Proyecto • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésCasas Privadas

Villa T

The project’s objective is the complete renovation of a classic town house in the centre of Toulouse (Occitanie region, France). The project is located in the centre of Toulouse, in the Montplaisir neighbourhood, between the Canal du Midi and the botanical gardens of the Jardin des Plantes. Its proximity to the Radoub Basin, created in the 19th century between the canal and the railroad for the maintenance and repair of barges, puts the project in a protected historical monument zone. The existing house, two stories plus an attic, was divided into 4 units that had fallen into a dilapidated state. It is characteristic of the regional typology: cornice, brick façade, double-pitched roof running parallel to the street, framed wi... Más

Proyecto • By McLaren.ExcellCasas Privadas

Brick Barns

Terminados en 1900, los graneros de ladrillo son los edificios principales de una casa de campo de modelo victoriano tardío en las alturas de las colinas de Chiltern. Situados dentro de una gran finca, los graneros no son realmente graneros, no en el sentido común del término. Son extravagancias de la albañilería artesanal, diseños de hierro fundido y ventanas con persianas - la apoteosis de la arquitectura agrícola. Aspirando a los ideales rurales del movimiento de Artes y Oficios, los edificios encarnan la gran exuberancia y confianza en sí mismos de la época y son un ejemplo de cómo tal detalle y artesanía honraron hasta el más modesto de los edificios: e... Más

Proyecto • By Archisoul ArchitectsCasas Privadas

K&C House - Manly Heritage

Sly Brothers Semi es uno de un par construido hacia 1910. Los Hermanos Astutos eran muchachos locales con la aspiración de ayudar, desde las cabañas adyacentes en Manly caminaron por el sendero a la playa, abordaron los barcos y salieron a las olas simplemente para salvar vidas. Sin saberlo, iniciaron una ola y así nació "Surf life Saving Australia". A medida que Manly ha avanzado en los años posteriores, se ha adaptado a una nueva forma de vida y por lo tanto, era hora de que la casa de campo que los hermanos Sly llamaron una vez hogar evolucionara, fuera flexible y se adaptara al estilo de vida moderno de Manly.   El propietario, un expatriado que vivía en Viena, buscó crear un produ... Más

Proyecto • By Piccola Bottega di ArchitetturaCasas Privadas

Private NZEB villa

The building is located just outside Ferrara and it is made up of a combination of elementary volumes which, thanks to different heights, give life to a succession of full and empty spaces. A careful choice of the materials, the building orientation, the wide glasses that maximize natural sunlight as well as a careful study of a wide range of household technology have allowed to achieve a remarkable result in terms of sustainability with a nearly zero-energy building (NZEB) performance. The house is provided with a finely designed heat recovery ventilation system and is totally void of any traditional heating facilities. Heat from indoor air and from sunlight, together with a high level of insulation, ensures maximum comfort even on freezi... Más

Proyecto • By Foster LomasCasas Privadas

Sartfell Restorative Rural Retreat

El Sartfell Restorative Rural Retreat fue nominado para la categoría "Casa del Año" de los Premios de Arquitectura de la Revista de Arquitectos 2018   "El retiro de Sartfell es uno de esos raros proyectos que parecen surgir de la tierra, proporcionando un sentido de permanencia y protección para los clientes, y entre los elementos del clima, la vida silvestre y la ecología local" - Will Foster, Cofundador de Foster Lomas   El consultorio Foster Lomas ha completado una casa única situada en un sitio de 7 acres en la montaña Sartfell, Isla de Man. El retiro es el resultado de una colaboración única entre los clientes - un científico retirado y un profesor jubilado co... Más