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Producto • By PriviglazePRIVIGLAZE Smart Glass Partition & Door

PRIVIGLAZE Smart Glass Partition & Door

Twin glazed panel incorporating switchable smart glass for privacy on-demand. Más
LC Privacy Glass: Transparent, door closed
LC Privacy Glass: Conference Room - Private
LC Privacy Glass: Transparent, door slid open
LC Privacy Glass: Conference Room - Private, door slid open
LC Privacy Glass: Inside Conference Room - Private

Proyecto • By Innovative Glass CorporationOficinas

LC Privacy Glass: Conference Room

LC Privacy Glass was used to create this state-of-the-art conference room for a prominent Construction Management company in Woodbury, NY. The door and surrounding glass walls, when transparent, allow a full view of the beautiful reception area and m... Más
Ocean Key Resort Fixed Pool Enclosure
Ocean Key Resort Fixed Pool Enclosure
Ocean Key Resort Fixed Pool Enclosure

Proyecto • By Roll-A-Cover, Intl.Hoteles

Ocean Key Resort Fixed Pool Enclosure

The Roll-A-Cover fixed pool enclosure at Ocean Key Resort in Virginia Beach, VA, allows guests to use the pool year-round with an outdoor ambiance. Even though the glass enclosure is not retractable, it is panoramic and allows swimmers to feel like t... Más

Proyecto • By ASB GlassFloorOficinas

Dell Cube

Dell asked us to design a cube without metal posts. The ceiling and floor are illuminated across the entire surface. In addition, the glass walls function as a projection screen visible from inside and outside the cube. On the inside of the glass wal... Más

Proyecto • By corde architetti associatiOficinas

PRFLPS offices

The transformation of this office building has to deal with the long, narrow shape of the plan that leads to an almost forced solution. Therefore, to avoid the hallway to be dominant, the project is based on curves, transparent walls, calibrated inte... Más

Producto • By BendheimGlamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Glamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Bendheim introduces its Glamir™ architectural glass collection, providing design professionals several original mirror colors to brilliantly enhance the look and feel of interior spaces. These rare mirrors create a sense of openness, seemingly expand... Más

Producto • By BendheimVintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass by Bendheim is decorative laminated architectural glass featuring true chicken wire. VintageWire Glass is available in translucent form for partitions and enclosures, as well as mirror-backed for wall cladding, elevator interiors,... Más

Producto • By BendheimSatinTech® Etched Glass

SatinTech® Etched Glass

Bendheim SatinTech® etched glass offers elegance, a sense of privacy, and exceptional ease of maintenance. The permanent, chemically etched glass surfaces are superior to sandblasted and particle-etched glass, and are naturally resistant to fingerpri... Más

Producto • By BendheimProjectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Projectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Bendheim's award-winning Magnetic Glass Marker Boards have gotten even better, now featuring high-performance, maintenance-friendly projectable writing surfaces. The exceptionally strong magnetic action of Bendheim’s magnetic glass marker boards sets... Más

Producto • By Bendheim+2 Acoustic Laminated Glass Collection

+2 Acoustic Laminated Glass Collection

Inspired by the needs of today’s office worker, Bendheim launches an industry first – decorative sound-control glass featuring a delicate brushed aesthetic. The +2 Collection is named for its ability to provide combined acoustic and visual privacy. T... Más

Producto • By BendheimJelly Bean Collection

Jelly Bean Collection

Bendheim's “Jelly Bean” Collection of safety-laminated architectural glasses features bright colors bringing a sense of optimism and comfort to hospitality, retail, healthcare, educational, and corporate interiors and exteriors. It responds to curren... Más

Producto • By BendheimHoudini™ Privacy Glass

Houdini™ Privacy Glass

The low-iron, ultra-clear Houdini™ glass lets in maximum daylight, while its fine, micro-ribbed surface reduces glare and obscures the shapes of people and objects behind it. Houdini’s outstanding daylighting properties make it an ideal solution for... Más

Producto • By BendheimChannel Glass Wall Systems

Channel Glass Wall Systems

Bendheim Wall Systems, Inc. offers a variety of exterior and interior channel glass systems, allowing architects and designers to create virtually seamless glass walls, up to 23 feet high and limitless in length, including corners and serpentine wall... Más

Proyecto • By Steven Holl ArchitectsEmbajadas

Swiss Embassy in Washington DC

This scheme placed first in the competition of ten Swiss-American team’s designs for the replacement of the Washington D.C. residence of the Swiss Ambassador. It is not only to be a private house but also a cultural gathering place on which standards... Más

Producto • By NanaWallFoldFlat


NanaWall Systems introduces the industry-first FoldFlat®, which allows glass wall panels to fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of the way, parallel to the opening. Useful for patios, decks and balconies where space is a premium, the Fo... Más