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Producto • By PETRUS -evident design-Together


The designers of TOGETHER were inspired by nature. This very clear 3D collection recalls the rhythm of collective motion of large number of animals like flocking birds or shoaling fish.  These collective social behaviours evolved by choosing co-opera... Más

Producto • By PintarkLima Surface

Lima Surface

Faceted three dimensional geometric surface that creates visual complexity through the use of form and material.           MATERIALLeather – Scala, Taupe  Max Panel Size- 2440 mm x 1220 mm,... Más

Producto • By PintarkFoliage surface

Foliage surface

Free form technique where individual hand pinned petals create an organic ruffled surface. MATERIALLeather - Classic Supple, BeigeMetal - Medium Brushed Antique Finish, on Brass Max Panel Size- 2440 mm x 1220 mm, 96" x 48" Más

Producto • By CERAGRESPatchwork


Patchwork offers 4 neutral colours that emulate a different type of textile. The four colours with their individual textures are available in a 24" x 24" format. Patchwork adds to its collection a 6" x 48" format that mixes the textures together per... Más

Producto • By STUDIO ELISA STROZYKMiss Maple pendant lamp

Miss Maple pendant lamp

The pendant lamp “Miss Maple” is made of the material "Wooden Textile" which consists of wooden triangles and textile. This innovative material is flexible and folds into a sculptural surface.While the lamp generates warm light at night the textured... Más

Producto • By Richter akustik & designLightBeton®


LightBeton®Real concrete for attractive and unique interiorsWhen the 0.079 inches LightBeton is applied to various panels such as plywood, MDF or partical board, to offer just a few examples, the possibilities are unlimited for architechural and des... Más

Producto • By mafi natural wood floorsBEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna

This floor is particularly suitable for zones often walked on barefoot, as its 3-D structures have a massaging effect on the soles of the foot. With their decorative character, mafi Fresco planks are also ideal design elements for walls and ceilings.... Más

Producto • By BendheimFritted Channel Glass

Fritted Channel Glass

Bendheim channel glass is available in hundreds of translucent & opaque colors by applying permanent, colorfast, scratch resistant color frits. The frit is applied to ultra-clear low-iron glass, which renders the truest colors. The glass is fully... Más

Producto • By Pure + FreeFormUrban Cement

Urban Cement

Urban cement flaunts one of our new technologies- ‘exterior texture’- and creates a beautiful greyscale cementitious color with a strong underlying silver pearl, giving it significant tone and depth, especially in direct sunlight. One of the des... Más

Producto • By Pure + FreeFormFrozen Titanium

Frozen Titanium

The blackening of Titanium is a difficult process and typically requires a nickel or copper plated layer to allow this process to happen. We took a frozen silver nickel pearl and generously brushed the surface; the resul... Más

Producto • By Wallenstein Manufactory GmbHOld Messing

Old Messing

The variation of rust and gold creates an opulent and sensual experience of the room. The unique texture and reflective properties of the materials create special visual effects and give the surface an artistic expression. Más

Producto • By Verde ProfiloMOSSWALL® FUSION

MOSSwall® Fusion

Verde Profilo presenta las nueva solución para interior Vertical Gardens, nuevas tecnologías para crear superficies naturales de cualquier tamaño, forma y color. MOSSwall® Fusion: Es el nuevo sistema patentado para realizar jardines verticales sin m... Más

Producto • By Verde ProfiloMOSSwall Boiserie

MOSSwall Boiserie

When wood and lichen come together, MOSSwall® Boiserie is born.Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan, the Boiserie finish confirms all the expectations, placing among the most popular Verde Profilo® products on the market.Designed in two c... Más

Producto • By Sensitile SystemsPIXA


PIXA is composed of a micro concrete substrate integrated with light conducting channels that create a selectively transparent, light-filtering concrete screen. Lightweight PIXA incorporates revolutionary new manufacturing technologies to reduce the... Más

Producto • By MirrlMirrl


Mirrl ® is a solid surface material created in Glasgow, Scotland, through a unique process involving layers of tinted resin in different tones or colours onto Birch plywood. Más