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NoticiasNoticias • 6 dic. 2021

‘The Ledge’ by Wallmakers evokes a dream sequence of spatial experiences

Situated on the edge of a mountain in Peeremedu, India, ‘The Ledge’ by Wallmakers is based on a dream sequence of spatial experiences, drawing from a child-like whim to jump from the top of a cliff or the human desire to walk into the clouds from a mountain top.  Syam Sreesylam Blending with the natural landscape, the roof and external walls of the building are made of treated Casuarina poles. This is a fast-growing tree of the region that is typically considered to produce low-value wood and is thus often for scaffolding of fencing applications.  Syam Sreesylam A long span Casuarina-ferrocement composite roof is supported with the help of Casuarina trees planted in the central courtyard of the house. The C... Más
Entrance courtyard
Bamboo formed concrete
Front facade
Main door
Stairwell and light

Proyecto • By Sifti Design StudioCasas Privadas

House of Voids

The House of Voids at New Amritsar Colony is nestled in an upcoming township in the city of Amritsar. The plot is narrow and deep, bounded by residential buildings on three sides while facing a beautiful park on one edge. This context challenged the possibility of opening up the interior to air and light while maintaining privacy – which became the driving force behind the layout of spaces.   A combination of passive design techniques have been used to make the enclosed spaces comfortable and open to the elements of nature. From the outside, the mass of the home is solid and unassuming, giving almost no hint of the vibrant interior. A four feet buffer with cut-outs along the south side has been introduced, which follow the sun-... Más

Proyecto • By LIKO-SOficinas

Kafnú co-working centre

Modern business centres are being set up in India's fast-growing metropolises, where the largest multinational companies in the field of IT and other industrial and commercial activities are building their headquarters. Bengaluru is one such city. Among the others, one of Kafnú's co-working centres was established here. It is a space, which changes every day, and is being used in many different ways. Users have their own permanent office here or come only occasionally and use one of the shared tables or organize a presentation for their clients in one of the various meeting rooms. For maximum comfort of the users throughout the day, there are various nooks or open spaces with a cafe and bar. However, such spaces are very difficult t... Más

NoticiasMaterialización • 22 jul. 2020

Office Complex a material realization of colourful factory works

Located in Metoda, India, the Gopal Printpack Solution factory is a leader in delivering customized packaging solutions. The architectural proposal for their new office building, imagined by I-Con Architects and Planners is reflective of the work that is undertaken inside the factory. Credit: Bhavesh Raghavani - Yellow-Frame Photography The process of manufacturing is such that a blank plastic sheet is dipped sequentially into inks of various colours that amalgamate to form the final Printpack. The idea of this amalgamation was abstracted and explored through both the landscape and façade design. Credit: Bhavesh Raghavani - Yellow-Frame Photography Clad in Corten steel, this material was chosen for its inherent weathering... Más

Proyecto • By space race architectsCasas Privadas

waterfall house

Take a breath. Calm yourself. And enter the Waterfall house.    Inspired by the meditative forces of nature, the Waterfall house is a modern rendition of an urban sanctuary, and home to the Vashisht family in Jalandhar, Punjab. As one approaches the house, the exterior palette leaves a lasting impression. The facade is inspired by the rocky landscape and the snow-capped mountains of upper Himalayas. Dual waterfalls mark dual entrances into the house. Much like the origination point of a river from its glacier, the waterfalls translate into grand points of initiation into the house.   The informal entry frames a view of a landscaped court just as one enters, blurring lines of separation between indoor and outdoor. The form... Más

Proyecto • By Srijit Srinivas - ARCHITECTSHospitales

Benziger Hospice Home

The Malabar Province of the Order of Discalced Carmelite (OCD) – affiliated to the Catholic Church, commissioned the ‘Benziger Hospice Home’ project in the South Indian city of Trivandrum with the vision of providing free accommodation for cancer patients visiting local hospitals. The project’s original brief was for five floors, which was reduced to three storeys encompassing 26 Patient Suites during project development.   Design Context – Challenges and ResponseThe site was oddly shaped – with a square front portion markedly tapering to the rear with an offshoot to the left housing an existing building earmarked for future demolition.   The design remit was to deliver a place of temporary... Más

NoticiasConstruyendo Innovaciones • 19 jun. 2020

India based Rhino Machines introduces brick made from recycled plastic and sand

The problem: India currently accounts for 10% of world production in the casting and forging industry, of which carbon dust and residue from recycled waste forms nearly 4.3 million metric tons of dumped waste each year, a huge environmental hazard. Added to this is mixed plastic dumping taken across the country by hospitals, industry and society at large. The result is landfills cropping up every few kilometers across major cities.  Ketan Patel  India based company, Rhino Machines has launched the Silica Plastic Blocks - a sustainable building brick that is made from recycling foundry dust/sand waste (80%) and mixed plastic waste (20%). The project comes in collaboration with r+d labs, which is the research wing of the archi... Más

Proyecto • By SOGANIOficinas

AROMA, Light Installation

Aroma light installation becomes the centrepiece in the reception atrium (50 feet high) of a leading spice manufacturing company. Its design traces the journey of the process of cooking, ascribing to it a tangible, sculptural sense. The 35-feet-tall light installation is suspended from the ceiling, representing beauty in its truest form — mirror finished stainless steel balls, almost glass-like in feel, and floating ‘aroma rings’ of light keep enlarging as they spiral up and spread out. Spices and herbs are depicted as vital determinants in the making of a culinary masterpiece, as they waft gracefully from ‘vessel’ below, pervading the air with flavour and fulfilment.  The light installation essentially,... Más

Proyecto • By K&M Design StudioCasas Privadas

House JP28

Set in a prime location in Bengaluru, this modern house provides a calm respite in the midst of a bustling city. The three-storeyed residence is inhabited by a family of four, and is a carefully curated juxtaposition of minimal aesthetics, functionality and concepts of Vastu (traditional Indian science of spatial design and placement).   The main entrance to the house leads the visitors to the portico on the first floor while the car parking entrance provides a more private access to residents via the internal staircase and the elevator.    The main visitor entrance reveals a double-heighted, extensive living area. The volume rendered to the living area maximizes fresh air and natural light in all connected spaces. The li... Más

Proyecto • By Studio MohenjodaroOficinas

Slayback Pharma

Seeking to establish an Indian headquarter in the city of Hyderabad, Slayback Pharma wanted a vibrant office space to house 40 of its employees. The American Start-up Pharma Company, Slayback required a contemporary, corporate setting that would reflect a lively and happening office space while maintaining formality necessary for its day-to-day functioning. The space was to denote the enthusiasm with which this young company is making progress in the industry at such a nascent stage.Located in a multi-storey office complex in the IT hub of Hyderabad, the 4000 sq. ft. office space is set apart by its warm and inviting interiors designed to exude comfort and luxury, despite being a corporate space.The concept behind the planning of the interi... Más

Proyecto • By Priyanka Arjun and AssociatesRestaurantes


Zucchini is an Indo-Italian fine dining restaurant situated in Udaipur, the city of lakes. The USP of restaurant is its authentic food, which reflects the blend of cooking skills of international chefs, organic ingredients, Parisian cheeses etc. These delicacies had to be served in very classy and unique ambience. Looking around at one of the busiest streets of town, the serenity of Udaipur was nowhere to be found; hence the desire to achieve 'classy fine dining experience' was a challenge. After long hours of contemplation, discussions and brain-storming sessions, designers agreed to go for an interior theme that could exude the charm of contemporary serenity. Since the food served is Indian as well as Italian, the restaurant had to be a m... Más

Proyecto • By Priyanka Arjun and AssociatesHoteles

Ayaan Resort

Ayaan Resorts is a 15 acre proposed eco-resort located near Udaipur, the City of Lakes. Inspired by site's raw natural beauty the resort's design is a modern interpretation of vernacular architecture. The resort incorporates 50 rooms, banquet, spa, restaurant and outdoor activities like boating, meditation, hiking, zipping, camping etc.This project is sited over steeply sloping rocky terrain, with phenomenal 360' views of Aravali Hills. The placement and footprint of built structure preserves the natural site features through minimal grading. The idea is to make minimally intrusive buildings in relation with natural environment. Spaces to appreciate what has been there since long.Upon arrival, the reception area with a dramatic curved roof... Más

Proyecto • By zero space architects & plannersEspacios Verdes Urbanos

art walk

Well defined pedestrian connectivity along with safety, plays a major role in urban fabric. The pedestrian networks not only serve as transitional corridors but also act as a place for social interactions. In most of the cases in India the pedestrian networks are potential unorganized bazaars, city services, parking lots, garbage bins and many more, which is disturbing the core values and functionalities of a network. These ill-managed majors are forcing pedestrians to traverse on carriageway and increasing the chances of meeting up with accidents. Identifying and connecting or adorning the pedestrian walkways with the right dots of social drama in a pragmatic manner would help in easing the city’s social life as much needed breathing space... Más

Proyecto • By SOGANIExposiciones

Unveiling new collections

A signature brand of Lights & Light Installations, SOGANI by International Award Winning Artist & Designer Vibhor Sogani - with an experience of 25 years in the design fraternity - now comes to Germany to unveil 3 new collections of Light Installations, each of which is bespoke & unique.At brand SOGANI, quality craftsmanship and creative design solutions that add value and beauty to everyday life are quintessential. Along with avant-garde aesthetics, the designs fuse innovative use of material with state- of-the-art technology to create lights that are bespoke and sculptural. Personalized and exclusive, each piece is customized to suit the desired space and lifestyle. The studio’s eclectic repo... Más


Daikin VRV System

The Daikin VRV system is a multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building. Más