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Producto • By BASSANO PARQUETOak and white stone

Oak and white stone

The Geometries Oak and white stone 50x50 cm Más

Proyecto • By jihad khairallah architectsApartamentos

Chalet Zaarour

The interior features modern Scandinavian-style furniture and a lighter coloured timber, to make the space feel welcoming and bright. Oak timber clads the walls and ceiling to create the sensation of a "cocoon" with views of the mountain beyond, with inherent characteristics that form textures and colours while evoking sensations of warmth, cold balancing feelings of soft and hard to the touch. Concealed sliding panels, discrete hand pulls and hidden cupboards conceal storage throughout the Chalet.   Más

NoticiasMaterialización • 31 jul. 2020

Edwardian home renovation an example of masterful material choice and craftsmanship

Exhibiting masterful craftsmanship, material choices and attention to detail, this extension and renovation of an Edwardian house in Northcoat, Australia by Melanie Beynon Architecture & Design feels warm and generous throughout.  Credit: Tom Blachford Housing a young family of six, the house has two zones: one for adults and one for children. The zones are located at opposite sides of the house and are joined by a central living space. A new family room features exposed Tasmanian Oak timber panels on the wall and pitched ceiling, alongside reclaimed brick walls and handmade Anchor Ceramic tiles.  Credit: Tom Blachford A feature can be found in the large sliding doors that connect the spacious living room to an out... Más

Producto • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABWoodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO™ is available in a number of wood types such as pine, spruce, oak, larch, cedar tree, birch, ash, maple, poplar and in plywood as spruce, birch and poplar. The wood products are manufactured in accordance with the European Commission Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011 and performance certified and CE certified according to EN14915:2013 and EN13986:2004+A1:2015. Woodsafe PRO™ is a flame retardant wood method for interior and exterior use. The actual performance of the flame retardant wood panel takes place in an industrial vacuum pressure impregnation process, and associated fixation of the fire retardant in the wood cell structure is achieved through the KDAT process. Manufacturing is done according to o... Más

Proyecto • By Anat Lazar ArchitectureApartamentos

A secret garden apartment in Tel Aviv

A Garden Apartment in central Tel AvivI met with the owners of the apartment, a couple with two children (the third child was born later) before the construction of the building began. They had many ideas, dreams and great taste.  We knew this apartment was going to be a special, joyous and creative one. It should be a practical and comfortable living space suitable for a young family with energetic children.   After a long period of joint planning and execution, we managed to complete this project this year. Let's take a short journey to this special place: Whilst walking to the apartment through a standard corridor similar to a new building in Tel Aviv, you open a door which leads you to a surprise – you are lead to a s... Más

Proyecto • By Elkus Manfredi ArchitectsOficinas

Charles River Associates

Working closely with the CEO and employees of international consulting firm Charles River Associates (CRA), Elkus Manfredi Architects has transformed the company’s headquarters and four additional offices to express the firm’s culture, support the performance of its exceptional staff, and attract the world’s top talent.   Elkus Manfredi Architects’ transformativeworkplace redesign of CRA’s Chicago office at One South Wacker Drive unifies the company’s existing two-floor office and replaces the previously dim, dark, crowded environment with a daylight-filled, expansive workplace within the original two-floor footprint.   Elkus Manfredi’s Vice President and Workplace Strategist, Linda Ma... Más

Proyecto • By DA bureauRestaurantes

HUNT restaurant

"HUNT" es un nuevo restaurante, que se ha abierto en la plaza con cocina oriental. El concepto cambió radicalmente: no había ningún rastro del rico restaurante chino. Se convirtió en un lugar completamente nuevo, único en su contenido y basado en motivos naturales, tanto en la cocina como en el interior. El restaurante combina tres conceptos que se reflejan en las soluciones interiores: bar con mariscos frescos, platos gourmet y carne.   El nombre " HUNT " ha sido interpretado en el diseño interior: los motivos y materiales naturales predominan aquí. El espacio está lleno de madera, piedra, cuero, decoraciones de arcilla y una abundancia de plantas secas. La caza es histó... Más

Proyecto • By BWM Architekten und PartnerRestaurantes

Konditorei Oberlaa Stadthaus

BWM Architekten – in collaboration with A2K Architekten – have transformed the town house in which the renowned Oberlaa confectionery is located into a true landmark. Three storeys, a two-storey conservatory and a completely redesigned interior await guests seeking the company’s famous sweet treats.The popular Konditorei Oberlaa has been a Viennese fixture for more than 40 years, and its main branch at Neuer Markt 16 has been a magnet for lovers of finest patisserie and confectionery since the very beginning. In the course of extensive renovations, an entire storey was added to the grand town house, which now comprises three floors. The new two-storey conservatory was also fitted out and the interior completely redesigned.... Más

Proyecto • By EDAA | Estrategias para el desarrollo de arquitecturaGalerías de Arte

Marble, wood, paint. Rice

Marble, Wood, Paint. Rice, where new materials overlap the existing ones to promote the emergence of new surfaces and textures, transcending the visual and pursuing a narrower relationship with time and space. In the central room is inserted a Grigio Carnico continuous marble surface which allows to see behind it, separated from the wall, the original textures. By doing this, it is possible to give volume to a two-dimensional surface, enhancing the visual qualities that this specific marble provides. Once, this marble was used for the interior of financial institutions; nevertheless, the temporal closure of the marble quarry turned it into a scarce material. By understanding the hallway and the stairs as transition spaces between... Más

Proyecto • By ROOM+ Design & BuildHoteles

Cities & Gardens

El Ciudades y Jardines es un edificio de 7 niveles situado en un hermoso lugar cerca del CBD de la Ciudad Ho Chi Minh. El edificio alberga una cafetería, ocho suites de alquiler y un jardín en la azotea. El sitio consiste en dos lotes de terreno idénticos de 4x22 metros cada uno con vista a un pequeño parque. El edificio está dividido en dos partes contiguas ya que cada lote de tierra es propiedad de uno de los dos propietarios que también son hermanos. La primera parte se construyó 6 meses antes que la otra debido a la financiación de los propietarios.   Saigón es una ciudad de multi-cultura y oportunidades. Cada año, la ciudad da la bienvenida a millones de visit... Más

Proyecto • By Behnisch ArchitektenApartamentos

Living in the Spinnereipark

Spinnereipark—a landscape park covering seven hectares next to the old spinning mill in the heart of Kolbermoor—contains an enchanting population of stately trees, a picturesque pond and brooks, and a network of inviting footpaths. BehnischArchitekten designed a residential area comprising an ensemble of nine buildings on the edge of the park. Two of a total of five Y-houses—so called because of their geometric ground plan—were completed in the first construction phase. The apartments have a distinctive character featuring light-flooded interiors, spacious balconies, and magnificent views out into the landscape.   Residential park on the spinning mill siteThe overall concept for the development of the park env... Más

Proyecto • By Weber ArquitectosCasas Privadas

San Simon Cabins

Localizado dentro de un bosque a unos 20 minutos del lago en Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, el proyecto consta de cinco volúmenes que se distribuyen en una superficie de 5.000m2 de terreno con el objetivo de dar cabida al extenso programa arquitectónico de menor impacto en la vegetación existente del lugar, así, en lugar de una gran huella conjunta que requería la tala de varios árboles, las diferentes cabañas se desplazan entre los huecos que naturalmente existen entre los árboles, integrándolos también en la arquitectura en todo momento.   Una cabaña de uso social, cuatro cabañas para huéspedes y una cabaña principal que albe... Más

Proyecto • By GFDCasas Privadas

Hangzhou Boee • Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa

Southern China has been known for fascinating landscapes and elegant lifestyles since ancient times. Misty mountains, rippling water and floating boats form a poetic scene, which is often depicted in Chinese poems.   Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the world, getting close to nature, living with the family and occasionally gathering with friends and relatives, constitute a desired lifestyle for those who has achieved a successful career.    The project provides a perfect living space that caters to the demands of those who aspires to live a poetic life. Situated in Hangzhou, China, this model villa brings in elements of mountain, lake and cloud, and showcases a serene, elegant ambience.   HomeSunshine pe... Más

Proyecto • By 932 Design ConsultantsCasas Privadas


The interior space challenges the unequaled potential of dark hues and the dramatic effect it can bring forward with the contrast of warm wood texture. Strong use of black profile and natural wood tone amplifies the language of masculinity, rawness and simplicity to mute the plain volume, soft lighting form create drama within the interior ‘shell. The hue of symmetrical black colour feature further defines different part of the space with visual interest.   Material Used :1. Customized Bedhead Feature carpentry – Top Portion -10mm Diameter Solid oak woodFeature profile. 2. Customized Bedhead Feature carpentry – Bottom Portion - Panaplast brand Ash white anti finger print laminate for lower bedhead panel. 3... Más

Proyecto • By Jofre Roca arquitectesCasas Privadas

Casa SV

En un entorno urbano inmejorable, en la ladera del Tibidabo, con unas vistas incomparables sobre toda Barcelona, encontramos el SV Villa. Esta casa disfruta de las ventajas de la ciudad con los privilegios de una casa de campo. Un proyecto en el que se han empleado métodos de producción tradicionales (tejado de teja, uso de piedra, ladrillos manuales, vigas de madera maciza seleccionadas y tratadas, etc.). Asimismo, se utilizaron soluciones energéticas pasivas, aprovechando los recursos locales. Así mismo, materiales para generar un espacio auténtico, agradable y natural.    Programa El SV Villa distribuye sus más de 1.000 metros cuadrados en tres niveles. En la planta baja se encuentra... Más