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Producto • By Yellow Goat DesignCUMULUS


Our newest design, CUMULUS, will make you feel like you’re on design Cloud 9. Built to be a leaner, more budget-friendly version of the BUBBLE, CUMULUS is a separator screen for social distancing in reconfigured classrooms. Made in the shape of Bob Ross’s favorite "happy little clouds" these panels can be built in a variety of acrylic colors and/or can be digitally printed with a pattern or logo of your choosing. Más

Producto • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsGroove - Acoustic office partition

Groove - Acoustic office partition

Office design has progressed a long way over the years with an ever increasing global trend for large open plan working environments. There has however been many compromises that have had to be addressed with this trend such as acoustic considerations, a sense of privacy when required and a broad spectrum of general comfort within the office environment. These considerations are the catalysts behind GROOVE while still maintaining a strong design ethos of form and function. The system is highly modular and can be assembled and configured into an array of almost endless possibilities to create inspiring geometric landscapes within an envelope with the added convenience of day two re-stacks. Essentially, this kinetic architectural system can... Más

Producto • By Emco Bad GmbH & Co. KGLED mirror cabinet Prestige 2

LED mirror cabinet Prestige 2

Combined directly with the emco light system, the prestige2 with its all-round mirror lighting now offers even more customisable lighting moods for your bathroom. The inside of the illuminated mirror cabinet sparkles with its intelligent partitions and high-quality, functional equipment. Not only can you choose your own lighting mood, but you can also specify your preferred width, number of doors, and type of installa- tion. This, coupled with its luxurious interior design, is exactly how prestige2 creates the ultimate, customised ambience for your bathroom. The energy-efficient LED illuminated mirror cabinet can be traditionally wall mounted on the wall or even built in. You can even select your favourite from 40 different design options. Más

Producto • By Acoustic GroupZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS – is the oldest trade mark owned by Acoustic Group. It is identified as Sound Insulating Panel System. From 1999 until now different modifications of sound insulating sandwich-panels for additional acoustic insulation have been produced under this brand. The products under trade mark ZIPS are also patented in Russia, CIS countries and European Union. More than 1 mln. m2 of sound insulating structures for additional noise insulation of walls, floor and ceiling have been produced during this period All materials are produced in Russia.First of all, the sound insulating system ZIPS is frameless. Panels are sandwiches consisting of tongue-and-groove gypsum-fiver boards (GFB) and layers of sound absorbing material Shumanet and Shumost... Más

Producto • By KUTSKUTS Steel Web

KUTS Steel Web

KUTS Steel Web (Wire Rope Mesh) is a custom-manufactured, premium-quality product using the best technology today offers solutions for your company and projects. Wire Rope Meshes are made of stainless steel rope and can be easily bent and mounted.KUTS Steel Web (Wire Rope Mesh) can be mounted on railings or in staircases, they provide support and guidance; on façades, they can be used as training systems for plants; in large rooms, they will create partitions.The multifunctional KUTS Steel Web technology combined with stainless steel rope, rods, or tubes with appropriate end connectors not only discreetly fulfills its functions as a protective and supporting structure but also provides appeal as an elegant spatial design element. Más

Producto • By B&B ItaliaArea


Mesa baja para utilizar al lado de la zona de conversación, con la doble función de superficie de apoyo y de asiento gracias a una porción blanda. El puf, de tamaño reducido, se compone con el conjunto acompañando el espíritu gráfico.   Informaciones técnicas   Tablero y separadores:panel en fibra de madera MDF barnizado satinado o brillante   Estructura de soporte:trefilados de acero barnizado níquel bronceado, barnizado cromado negro o cromado brillante   Puntales:material plástico   Estructura (AR53P):poliuretano conformado de densidad diferenciada, forro en fibra de poliéster   Fondo (AR53P):tejido 100% yute, mat... Más

Producto • By B&B ItaliaAc Executive

Ac Executive

A complete range of executive wood based furniture for executive offices, meeting rooms and home offices. Available in grey oak, brushed light oak or smoked stained oak, the project includes a series of storage units, sideboards, bookcases, meeting tables and writing-desks. Elements include cables management, storage units with lockable drawers for suspended filing and wardrobe elements for coat storage.Technical informationFrame: solid wood, wood particles panel, veneered honeycomb-core and wood particles panelDrawers:wood particles panel, multilayered wood panelFrame and drawers finish:grey oak, brushed light oak or smoked stained oakFile holder support (ACE1-ACE4-ACE5-ACE8-ACE18-ACE21): drawn steel and steel profilesBase-f... Más

Producto • By Slalom SrlTERRAZZO felt


TERRAZZO felt, is a layer, an anti-reverberant skin. The few millimeters thick allow it to   be applied in any space and on any surface, straight or curved.It is available in rolls, to cover the walls with a line and to ensure the unit of design, or it can be cut in pantograph in different shapes and sizes, to become also a decoration.TERRAZZO is used to cover reverberant surfaces by creating an acoustic enhancement, by also inserting it into occasional projects, such as existing partitions between desk shelves, side or rear.TERRAZZO can also completely cover wall surfaces, combining different colors for an immediate aesthetic effect.Available in rolls or pre-cut shapes Más

Producto • By DORMA HÜPPEPorte vitrée ML100 Glass

Porte vitrée ML100 Glass

Transparency and sound insulationin a movable wall systemVariflex with Variflex glass is the versatile movable wall system which enables rooms to be adapted quickly and flexibly to changing usesand group sizes. Glass and opaque elements can be combined in one system to create room partitions with a high degree of openness and sound insulation – up to Rw 59 dB with Variflex, up to Rw 52 dB with Variflex Glass.The new fully glazed passage door and the minimal frame constructions offer transparency from top to bottom. New acoustic elements offer an effective combination of sound insulation and sound absorption. Variflex partitions can be equipped with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. Más

Producto • By Seves GlassblockVISTABRIK CLEAR 483


Vistabrik combines all the appeal of traditional bricks with the transparency and illumination of glass. This unique design solution can be used in place of traditional bricks to create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from space to space — or as a subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and color. Vistabrik is designed to resist high-impact ballistics, and time-tested and proven in a variety of applications. Vistabrik forms durable, transparent masonry panels for interior and exterior use. Because it combines the best in security and aesthetics, Vistabrik is widely used in institutional environments, commercial settings, schools, transportation terminals, and numerous public buildi... Más

Producto • By KRONOSPANKronoart®


Kronoart® high-quality architectural facade cladding is the ideal mix of next generation technical performance twinned with new levels of aesthetic freedom. It’s a HPL board that’s built to last, easy to work, immensely weatherproof, fire and UV resistant. Equally, Kronoart® offers inspiring creative scope. Whatever the character, size or function of the building, Kronoart® makes realising your idea a liberating and affordable process.In parallel with giving you vast creative latitude, Kronoart® provides many practical performance advantages. The very high pressure, high temperature laminating process produces an easily handled material of great stability and strength – one that’s exceptionally weather resistant and certified to EN438-6 typ... Más

Producto • By JansenJanisol folding partition

Janisol folding partition

The Janisol folding partition is based on the thermally insulated Janisol system and is flexible in use. It can be used as a room divider or for the exterior. The proven system – newly developed for flexible openings – can be opened inwards or outwards. Slender steel profiles and narrow face widths result in robust, hard-wearing and durable folding partitions.   Materials/surface finishes -Uncoated or galvanised strip steel-Powder-coating or wet paint finish   Element types -Manual folding-sliding glass doors -2 to 6 leaves -Inward- and outward-opening -Any leaf arrangement   Equipment -Fittings up to 200 kg -Weight of leaf up to 100 kg -Leaf widths up to 1'000 mm -Leaf heights up to 3'000 mm   Special technical features -... Más

Producto • By JansenJansen Art'15

Jansen Art'15

Slim steel profile system for interior doors and walls   The extremely reduced face width of Jansen Art'15, the new non-insulated steel profile system from Jansen, allows a unique design, while the steel material ensures a long service life. In this way, Jansen Art'15 not only meets the high design demands of ambitious architects, but also the high expectations of discerning clients in terms of design and function. Jansen Art'15 doors and partitions separate the entrance hall from the living space, the kitchen from the dining area, or the home office from the living room, without compromising on the generous space. The extremely narrow, highly resilient steel profile system always ensures durable, highly stable constructions in an unparal... Más

Producto • By JansenFire doors and fire-resistant partitions – Jansen Economy 50 E30

Fire doors and fire-resistant partitions – Jansen Economy 50 E30

Fire doors and fire-resistant partitions of class E30 can be easily assembled using the tried-and-tested Economy profiles. It is even possible to achieve fire resistance classes up to E120 for partition walls. The profiles with a depth of 50 / 60 have very narrow face widths. The appearance is identical to that of the other fire protection systems Janisol 2 and Janisol C4.    Materials / surface -Uncoated or strip-galvanised steel, suitable for powder coating or stove-enamelling -Stainless steel 1.4307 and 1.4404 uncoated or polished   Element types -Single and double doors, with or without side panels and transom windowsPartition walls   Equipment -Steel and stainless steel hinges for welding or screw-fit -Integrated door closer... Más

Producto • By JansenFire protection combination Janisol 2 EI30 70 mm

Fire protection combination Janisol 2 EI30 70 mm

The higher safety requirements in a building increasingly require the functional interaction of various fire protection requirements. So that technically demanding combinations also meet aesthetic requirements, individual door profiles in the proven fire protection system Janisol 2 EI30 have been expanded with the installation depth 70 mm. In this way transparent Janisol C4 EI60 fire-resistant partitions - in the extreme case even EI90 fire-resistant partitions- can be combined with Janisol 2 EI30 without problems.    Material / surface finish  Uncoated steel or hot-galvanised strip steel, suitable for powder coating or stove-enamelling   Element types  Single and double leaf doors with fixed side frames and/or transom window   Equi... Más