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Producto • By DynamobelM82


M82 es un sistema de particiones de perfilería vista en acero galvanizado, desmontable y modular. Gracias a su robustez y fiabilidad, es idóneo para entornos que requieren altas prestaciones técnicas acústicas y de comportamiento frente al fuego. Con amplias posibilidades de acabados y configuraciones, M82 es fácilmente montable y reinstalable, y se complementa con un sistema de forro de pared. Los paneles se instalan con la simple colocación del tapajuntas, y los marcos de las puertas y ventanas son independientes de la estructura interna para simplificar el montaje y desmontaje. La tolerancia de absorción en altura es de +-20mm. El aislamiento acústico que proporciona M82 es ó... Más



Introducing VetroPieno a solid glass block that combines all the appeal of traditional bricks with the transparency and illumination of glass. This completely unique design solution can be used in place of traditional bricks to create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room — or as a subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and color. Its standard shape and size make it a versatile building element that can be installed horizontally or vertically to achieve desired effects: traditional patterns, continuous surfaces, subtle outlines, or colorful light reflections. Unlike the classic glass block, VetroPieno is smaller in both width and height and can be used to obtain... Más

Producto • By Secco Sistemi SPAEBE AF


The compartmentalization of the areas in order to protect people from the dangers of fire and fumes caused by fire – with the constraints and specifications defined by firestop technology – presents the designer with the theme of integrating fire-proof doors and windows together consistently with the other fixtures of the building.Despite its high level of specificity, the system EBE AF EI offers a range of doors and glazed partitions – for both interior and exterior use – with the same materials, the same shapes and thicknesses, as well as the same accessories of the Secco Sistemi products: all the elements blend with each other in harmony with the rest of the building.Thanks to an accurate study of specific materials and internal componen... Más

Producto • By Secco Sistemi SPASA AF


The compartmentalization of the areas in order to protect people from the dangers of fire and fumes – with all the constraints and specifications imposed by the fire-resistance technology – means that the designer has to integrate fire-proof doors and glazing panels with the other fixtures of the building.In spite of its highly specific characteristics, the SA AF system still provides a range of doors and glass partitions for internal and external use, with the same materials, shapes and thicknesses and accessories as the other Secco Sistemi products: all the elements blend in with each other, in perfect harmony with the rest of the building.Thanks to an accurate study of specific materials and internal components, including accessories and... Más



With the new 3-6-9 Partitions System, Estel has created a unique solution for Aesthetics, Functionality and Sound Insulation. The use of glazed partitions is appreciated for its transparency, whereas privacy is granted by the use of wooden panels both for Executive areas and Workstations; 3-6-9 Partitions are suitable for Meeting Rooms and Training Rooms as well. A useful and easy-to-handle System, for Space Planners, Facility Managers and Architects.The ”3” single-glass wall (W 32 mm – 11/4”) meets soundproofing requirements of up to 36 decibels at the lowest possible cost, maintaining the same level of functionality as the “6” and “9” partitions system. Partition “6” double-glass wall (W 64 mm – 21/2”) increases acoustic performances and... Más

Producto • By Vitrealspecchi SpaMadras® Kyoto

Madras® Kyoto

One side of the plate is chemically and permanently etched: its texture is pearly white with richly nuanced satin tones, reminiscent of Japanese rice paper, perfectly smooth to touch, highly resistant to fingerprints and extremely easy to clean.Base product: float glass to EN 572 1-2; laminated float glass to UNI EN ISO 12543;Sheet sizes: 2250 x 3210 mm (usable 2210 x 3170 mm)Thicknesses: monolithic float glass 4/5/6/8/10/12 mm; laminated float glass 33.1.Colours: extraclear, clear, bronze, grey, green, blue, rose.Availability of standard colours/thicknesses is subject to change. Please verify whenordering.Weight: 2.5 kg/m 2 per millimetre of thicknessCompatible processing: all mechanical and thermal processes compatible with the basemateri... Más

Producto • By Tante Lotte DesignWhisperwool Akustikpaneele

Whisperwool Akustikpaneele

Whisperwool is an acoustically highly effective, health-promoting panel system made from Tyrolean sheep's wool. The surfaces are soft and felt for better acoustical effect, the core is hard but permeable and thus sound absorbing. The panels can be joined together almost seamlessly.The Whisperwool panels have been specially developed for use as acoustic panels: ceiling panels, wall panels, partitions.With Whisperwool, we have succeeded in developing a product for interiors that has a consistently positive effect on people, nature and the value chainProperties:• sound absorption: aw up to 0,9 ? sound absorption curve • room climate: adjusts air humidity and improves room climate• air-purification: cleans and filters out toxins (formaldeh... Más

Producto • By Lux ArchLux Fusion Acrylic and Wood

Lux Fusion Acrylic and Wood

Cast Acrylic Panels that are evenly embedded with solid wood strips or blocks for a decorative unique effect. The incorporation for acrylic produces translucency within the panels which allow natural and backlit lighting to transmit through. The Carved panels by Anvi Surfaces are part of the Fusion Line. The solid structure of our panels and doors provides the unique blend of design and light within applications for wall partitions, receptions desks, head boards, screen walls, elevator corridors, column wraps and furniture. Lux Fusion Acrylics Panels are UV Resistant and have Light and sound absorbing characteristics. Please feel free to contact a Lux Arch Representative for Samples and Additional Information. Más

Producto • By TESSAROPanneau SKYLINE


The Skyline system is a flexible indoor and outdoor solution that allows you to create railings, parapets, stairs, partitions or fences, leaving imagination and creativity to work. The model recalls the sinuous profile of a city in contrast with the sky, with this design we wanted to break the usual verticality of a simple railing. The lines stop almost wanting to go back, symbolizing Tessaro's tendency to revisit the whole concept of wrought iron. Más

Producto • By TESSAROPanneau CANNES

Panneau CANNES

The Cannes system is a flexible solution that allows you to create railings, parapets, stairs, partitions or fences, leaving imagination and creativity to work. Fresh and modern railing, very materialistic, represents a stylization of the bamboo plant. The individual panels are created one by one without a fixed scheme, practically unique pieces. The Cannes system is not a finished work, but a semi-finished product, of aid to the final performers to save time and in the same way perform a unique work that can not be repeated. The handrail can be made according to the tastes and needs of the customer and integrated into the section. Más



For those who are looking for a slightly different mesh, Haver & Boecker has developed the LARGO-FORTIS – a three-dimensional wire mesh consisting of flat profiles in combination with round profiles. Due to the newly developed weave the LARGO-FORTIS is particularly stable and robust, has a very strong structure and an unusual appearance. Depending on the observer's perspective, varied views are created with a special depth effect and impressive variance of the perceived optical transparency. By using colored materials, the appearance can be further changed and individualized. The HAVER Architectural Mesh LARGO-FORTIS is preferably used interior, for example as a ceiling or wall cladding, as well as partitions in hotel lobbies or on exhi... Más



With the new mesh type LARGO-DESIGN, Haver & Boecker has created an architectural mesh that is highly customizable to the customer requirements. The stainless steel mesh essentially consists of lasered flat metal profiles, which can be manufactured with a wide variety of geometries. With this individually designable stainless steel mesh many things are possible: varying designs within a continuous mesh element, integration into a standard wire mesh, use of colored materials, adjustment of the mesh opening, etc.. The LARGO-DESIGN mesh is primarily used for façade claddings, but it can also be used for wall claddings, partitions, etc.. Depending on the choice of mesh opening, the architectural mesh offers privacy and sun protection and pr... Más



INBECA believes that nothing is superfluous and that everything should form part of the well-being of the clients. Therefore, we put all our talents into designing changing rooms that people want to be in and where functionality and beauty exist side by side. Our cupboards, lockers, benches and partitions for changing rooms are made of durable materials of the very best quality. A wide range of colours and formats means that we can create made-to-measure spaces to meet the needs of each client. From spa centres to football clubs, we can provide the quality and design required.We use heat-strengthened phenolic laminates or HPL (high pressure laminates), which is durable, easy to clean and resistant to humidity, together with stainless steel... Más

Producto • By Secco Sistemi SPAOS2 40

OS2 40

OS2 40 is a brand new non thermally broken version of the award winning OS2 system. The purpose of this new innovation is to offer the same sightlines for internal doors and screens if an architect wants to use our OS2 65 or 75 for the external glazing. The system offers 10 new profiles in mild steel for internal use only and with 3 different glazing beads.   The maximum quality in a system reduced to the essentials: OS2 40. Designed for interior design projects, the agile and lightweight tubular profiles reproduce the same image of the OS2 windows and doors in the glass partitions, creating an effect of continuity between interiors and the building envelope.   Thanks to a careful and meticulous design, they feature a reduced... Más

Producto • By Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.VETRI


Thanks to the latest technologies, glass has become one of the most popular materials used in the world of design and interior architecture, not only for building entire façades, items of furniture or indoor partitions, but also as a material for floors and wall tiling. Gentle shades of colour, matt yet extremely smooth and bright surfaces: these are the elements that Refin wanted to recreate thanks to an extensive and in-depth research activity.The Vetri series floods settings with light, and is ideal for minimalist and elegant spaces, from offices and public venues to homes and private settings. A conceptual blend of silicon and ceramic powder, raw materials from two age-old processing methods merge together in a formal rigour oozing cont... Más