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Producto • By HAVER and BOECKEREGLA-MONO 5001


The HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO got on one side a flat surface that creates a reflection across the full plane. The special crimps lend the material stability and robustness. Available with either square or rectangular apertures it can be used for many interior and exterior applications such as partitions, walls, ceiling design and exterior façades. All HAVER Architectural Meshes are specially manufactured for each individual project. The maximum width of the mesh is 3 m. The length is up to 30 m and can be flexibly adapted to the project.Architectural wire mesh is often used with a stainless steel look, however there are numerous options available for coloring: Painting (complete or partial) in RAL or metallic colors, digital p... Más

Producto • By B-LINE S.r.l.RING


Módulo contenedor que utilizado individualmente puede funcionar como mesita y después de apilado multiplica su capacidad para decorar paredes o crear divisiones. También está disponible en una versión sobre ruedas; está constituido por una envoltura de chapa de acero pintada y dos anaqueles de madera multicapas de roble. Más

Producto • By Smarter SurfacesSmart Office Films

Smart Office Films

Smarter Surfaces is launching a brand new product range at this year; Smart Office Films.  These films can be added to any smooth work surface – think desks, partitions and lockers as well as doors, into functional surfaces.These products are self adhesive which means once you remove the backing, simply add to your surface and you can begin using them right away.  Simply measure the surface area, cut to size, and stick on. Use on wood, concrete, plasterboard – any smooth surface. Transform your existing workspace to get even more out of it. Make the most of every surface around you. Refurbish old whiteboards, blackboards and projector screens with these instant use films.  Smart Office Films are available in three versions.&n... Más

Producto • By TESSAROPanello Wood

Panello Wood

The WOOD system is a flexible indoor and outdoor solution that allows to create railings, parapets, stairs, partitions or fences, leaving imagination and creativity to work. The materialistic model that reproduces the stylized veins of wood with the system of alternating panels, as it exists in nature. The asymmetric design refers to the wooden sections. The handrail can be made according to the tastes and needs of the customer and can be integrated into any section: tube, round, square, flat. The WOOD system is not a finished work, but a semi-finished product, of aid to the final performers to save time and in the same way to perform a unique work that can not be repeated. Más

Producto • By ClestraMétropolines 1 in Retro Style

Métropolines 1 in Retro Style

Retro design made ModernAn Art Deco-glazing style created in the 19th Century is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as designers and users appreciate its timeless chic. The popular style is characterized by floor-to-ceiling gridded glazing where the panes are held in place by slim black metal frames. With its own design team and manufacturing capabilities, Clestra Hauserman has been able to adapt its popular partition solutions to meet this trend. Customers can therefore enjoy this retro design while benefiting from modern features such as acoustic excellence, relocatability and switchable glass technology.Clestra System Partitions with strong industrial lines bring a Chic edge to office interiors in a warehouse style. Más

Producto • By EastmanVanceva® Illusion White

Vanceva® Illusion White

Modern building designs emphasize liberal use of glass. Meanwhile, building owners and occupants demand comfort—including reduced ambient noise. However, sound transmission is greatest through glazing made with ordinary window glass. This is especially a challenge for designers and engineers developing urban projects along highways, railroads, and airports. The answer is not less glass but new glazing materials, such as Saflex® acoustic interlayers with proven sound-dampening performance.While laminated glass with standard PVB interlayers provides noise reduction capabilities compared to ordinary glass, the new Saflex® Q PVB is a superior solution for architects specifying glazing systems requiring even higher levels of acoustic comfort.Saf... Más

Producto • By Culture INVarian®


Conceived to cover all or part of a surface, the range of wall tiles designed using Varian® technology opens the way to an infinite number of perspectives in terms of creativity.In simple version, equipped with backlighting or complexed with an acoustic filter, the modularity of the range will allow you to meet the technical challenges of your interior design as well as the aesthetic choices imposed by the harmony of the lines.For your future elegant and healthy layout projects : Screen and partitions, wall coverings, acoustic ceilings, dressing room, furniture, lights, objects,....This is a new innovative material composed by flax and vegetal resin with a lot of advantages :- bio-based (materials of plants origin)- durable/recyclable... Más

Producto • By C.R. Laurence CoOffice Partition Systems

Office Partition Systems

Glass partitions are an ideal way of creating an open-plan ambience within office buildings, but often have the problem of poor sound insulation which can be a real issue in busy buildings where quiet areas are necessary. The Office Partition XL from CRL can accommodate 28mm thick insulating glass which insulates sound up to 42dB, allowing people to work undis-turbed by noise around them.Combined with its acoustic benefits, the Office Partition XL System makes installation quick and easy, enabling the feeling of openness and light created by large glazed walls simple to achieve in practically any space.With the Office Partition XL System from CRL, the height of hinged doors can be easily adjust-ed, glass fabrication is not required and the... Más

Producto • By iGAPTOUCHÉ


Featuring a new and interactive glass, Touche transforms your Privy glass into a touch display for various applications. The glass wall partitions of your conference room or office can now be an extended screen for presentations, digital note taking, video calls, and much more. Shopping malls, retail shops and hotel resorts can create new interactive displays to showcase products. Institutions can convert glass walls, windows and doors to become information portals. Más

Producto • By TABB Interior SystemsTABB construct excellence

TABB construct excellence

With the product TABB construct excellence we show a frame with integrated door in which we integrate the following functions: cabling, fixing points, hinges (adjustable), lighting, sound, a.o. The complete construction is made out of TABB construct light and the panel made of TABB construct light showing all integrated functions is located behind the door (so by opening the door all possible options become visible). This product illustrates one of the many applications to use TABB construct excellence, like: Ceiling systems, partitions (also acoustic), cladding, objects, furniture, etc. Más

Producto • By MykonB-Glow


As with Mykon's B-Clear product, the B-Glow range is characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit. These panels create and diffuse light from dawn until dusk, transforming and bringing to life any environment. LED light is distributed evenly through the whole panel, thanks to advanced laser 3D v-cut fine lines applied to one side of the panel. The LEDs are available in 3 options (warm white, cool white and colour change RGB. The panels come complete with a remote control that allows you to set the colour, brightness or fade of a room; creating an environment to suit your mood.B-Glow is ideal for creating an exciting feature wall for parties and entertaining at home, exhibitions, leisure and retail applicati... Más

Producto • By MykonB-Clear


Mykon B-Clear panels provide the perfect perspective for a generous spatial ambience imbued with modern elegance.Bonding polycarbonate, acrylic or glass to our hexagonal aluminium honeycomb centre produces the unique B-Clear ‘fish-eye’ effect, forming a panel characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit.The B-Clear panel range has a 78% light transmittance value, achieved through the aluminium ‘fish-eye’ centre capturing and diffusing light, to create a welcoming and relaxed environment. Each handcrafted panel offers superb concealment whilst maintaining an attractive translucence to create total privacy.Our high-quality polycarbonate or acrylic skinned panels are perfect for&n... Más

Producto • By VexicaVex Flexi light

Vex Flexi light

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Flexi-Light is a first for flexible wall grazing, allowing flexibility in both horizontal and vertical directions in one product. Offering an elegant solution for design challenges, Flexi-Light opens a host of new possibilities for lighting designers, being adaptable to pillars, curves, corners and bends, or bespoke ceiling fixtures, and adding a multitude of exciting new flexible lighting options in one seamless solution with a high level of versatility that is designed to wall graze and follow the contour of your structure.Having been introduced to lighting designers across the UK with exceptionally positive feedback, Flexi-Light has already caught the imagination of Lighting Designers across the pond... Más

Producto • By Vitro Architectural GlassNavy Pier

Navy Pier

Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass can transform heavy glass applications from attractive to sensational by adding sparkling clarity and unsurpassed color fidelity compared to standard clear glass. Available in a variety of thicknesses, from ¼-inch (6 mm) to ¾-inch (19 mm), Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass features a signature blue edge that makes it ideal for a wide range of extra-heavy glass applications, including decorative partitions, entrances and storefronts, and safety and security glazings. Más

Producto • By Intelligent GlassLaminate Switchable Smart Glass

Laminate Switchable Smart Glass

Laminated glass incorporating our switchable smart glass technologyThe seamless nature of laminate glass means that panels can be positioned side by side (glass to glass) without the need for any vertical frames. This makes switchable laminate glass the ideal choice for glass walls and partitions, creating a very minimal and contemporary look. A simple ON - OFF mode switches the glass from being clear to frosted and replaces the need for old fashioned blinds or curtains, offering greater control and comfort within any room.Our unique manufacturing process means that our laminated smart glass panels provide superior performance and clarity, compared to other switchable glass products in the market. Más