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Producto • By Caino DesignMePas


MePas (Metal Panels) have been conceived combining the art of processing steel with a taste for beauty and artistic research. Their charm lies in the subtle play between full and voids, shadows, reflections, details and dimensions. Finely processed, yet made of extremely thin, hard stainless steel, these engraved metal panels are elegant and contemporary and may be adapted or custom created for different styles and settings, allowing interior designers to explore new directions and create glamorous and exclusive environments. Thanks to a combination of creativity, know-how, innovation and international vision, Caino Design presents the MePa collection, a range of decorative, large format, finely engraved, stainless steel panels, enjoying... Más

Producto • By Note Design StudioKyoto mini architecture system

Kyoto mini architecture system

We at Note refers to Kyoto as an architectural microcosm, an open constellation of interior architecture. Our interior spaces are ever changing, this we know. Less permanent divides and ‘blocking off’ of functional space that serve one purpose alone and more modularity. Kyoto is created as a solution which provides the insulatory function of a closed physical space, with none of permanence. As it’s name suggests, Kyoto’s inspiration comes from the land of quiet contemplation, particularly the beauty of its tearooms. In these special places, the construction of the architecture and clarity of line and form are gently harmonious. Nothing is superfluous, everything serves a clear function without getting in the way of personal interaction.Heav... Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas

World Cola Company

JEB Partitions System(s): X SeriesPartitions Type(s): Fixed, Double GlazedDoor Type(s): Double Glazed Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): X-Series, Integram WidelinePartition Type(s): Curved Glass, Feature Wall, Operable WallDoor Type(s): PLUS Door Más

Producto • By Palram IndustriesPalruf ®

Palruf ®

Palruf ® Corrugated PVC SheetMain features and benefits / advantages (USP) of using Palruf Corrugated PVC sheets. Common applications, including residential, architectural and commercial applications:Associated benefits / advantages ·        Does not corrode – Corrugated PVC roof panels are ideal for seaside projects, mines, livestock farms·        Fire resistant–self-extinguishes and meets the highest standards in the field·        PALRUF Roofing Panels are suitable for curved roofing·        High impact strength–resists hail, wind and snow loads·      ... Más

Producto • By AnauniaMovable Partition Walls

Movable Partition Walls

Movable Tailored WallsAs well as a wide range of standard models of movable walls and partitions, on demand the Anaunia’s people, work in team with architects, develop flexible solutions and create extremely functional and acoustic comfort projects, tailor made, to the specific needs of our clients.The continual evolution in ways of utilizing and living space means that the requirements of our clients are many and various. Anaunia transforms these requests into personalized products to satisfy both designer and client.Anaunia’s vocation is to use form, structure, materials and colors to create infinite solutions in movement. Movable Push Partition WallsThe movable push partition walls allow changing the layout of the spaces in a s... Más

Producto • By EastmanVanceva® Colors interlayers

Vanceva® Colors interlayers

Vanceva® Colors PVB interlayers for laminated glassA dynamic palette for decorative glazingProducing a broad spectrum of colors and moods that are unachievable using stock selections of glass, Vanceva® gives architects and designers more creative freedom with glass than ever before. Vanceva color interlayers can be combined to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent, or solid color options to help create the desired tone and intensity.When Vanceva color interlayers are combined with tinted or reflective glass, the design possibilities are nearly limitless. No other interlayer brand delivers the complete spectrum of colors for laminated glass like Vanceva colors Applications include:Curtain wallsAtriumsPartitionsConference roo... Más

Producto • By Seves GlassblockVISTABRIK 883


With its transparency, no other comparable building material provides the beauty, strength, and security needs of Vistabrik. Built tough to resist penetration from high-impact ballistics, and time-tested and proven in a variety of applications, Vistabrik solid glass blocks form durable, transparent masonry panels for interior and exterior use. Vistabrik features low distortion transparency for clear observation through sturdy, 8 cm thick glass block partitions into areas where visual supervision is a must. Plus, Vistabrik requires minimal maintenance and replacement costs and is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to impact, bullets, and fire. Vistabrik combines aesthetic values with structural integrity and resistance. Más



High, higher, VENTOThe new room-high toilet partition VENTO from Schäfer Trennwandsysteme sets new (vertical) standards and responds perfectly to the trend for ceiling-height partitions in sanitary areas. This highly exclusive glass installation is primarily aimed at buildings with high-quality, luxurious interior design that is also reflected in their sanitary facilities.Unique in design and constructionVENTO is the first toilet partition of its kind on the market. A perfectly formed construction with superb properties: the system consists of a 40 mm-thick, torsion-resistant sandwich construction with a 5 mm-thick safety glass (SPSG/ESG-H) overlay on both sides and an internal aluminium frame. The safety glass is available in all RAL colou... Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): X-SeriesPartition Type(s): Single, Double Glazed, Fixed PartitionsDoor Type(s): Double Glazed PLUS Door Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): SummitPartition Type(s): Fixed, Single GlazedDoor Type(s): Pivot Door, Single Glazed Door, Sliding Door Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): X-series, IntegraPartitions Type(s): Double Glazed & Fixed Partitions, Operable Walls, Switchable GlassDoor Type(s): Plus Double Glazed Door Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): Summit, IntegraPartitions Type(s): Fixed, Single GlazedDoor Type(s): Single Glazed, Sliding Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): Integra, WidelinePartitions Type(s): Fixed, Single Glazed Door Type(s): Single Glazed Más

Proyecto • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOficinas


JEB Partitions System(s): X-SeriesPartition Type(s): Double GlazedDoor Type(s): Double Glazed Más