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NoticiasNoticias • 6 dic. 2021

‘The Ledge’ by Wallmakers evokes a dream sequence of spatial experiences

Situated on the edge of a mountain in Peeremedu, India, ‘The Ledge’ by Wallmakers is based on a dream sequence of spatial experiences, drawing from a child-like whim to jump from the top of a cliff or the human desire to walk into the clouds from a mountain top.  Syam Sreesylam Blending with the natural landscape, the roof and external walls of the building are made of treated Casuarina poles. This is a fast-growing tree of the region that is typically considered to produce low-value wood and is thus often for scaffolding of fencing applications.  Syam Sreesylam A long span Casuarina-ferrocement composite roof is supported with the help of Casuarina trees planted in the central courtyard of the house. The C... Más