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Proyecto • By ONIXCasas Privadas

Residential Eixample

Location: Barcelona, Spain Architecture: Serrat Tort Design: Marta Castellano Photography: Davide Pellegrini ONIX Mosaic: Hex Natureglass Black Matte Más

Proyecto • By ONIXCasas Privadas

Mirror Penthouse | Cluj-Napoca

Location: Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaDesign: Watt Architects ONIX Mosaic: Hex Natureglass Black Matte Watt Architects Watt Architects Watt Architects Más

Proyecto • By KAD Firma ArsitekturCasas Privadas

Nusantara House

Design and materials in Architecture always evolve althrough the passage of time but are still rooted from the  context of the place. Re-embrace elements and principles of houses in Nusantara. Nusantara in English means Archipelago, but the term itself was to draw the islands across from Sumatra to Papua. Built by the reaction of the tropical climate in Nusantara, the roof typically becomes the dominant element for a house. Celvin Leowardi The roof is the dominant shelter element of the house. The solid plates slit open and change into the transparent plate from tempered glass to get enough sunlight through the window. Filtered by the grid lines create a patterned shadow that adds another texture to the exterior wall.  Eave... Más

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House Be

House Be is an experiment in dwelling in and amongst nature is the central theme. A rhythmic structure in concrete, wood and brick contrasts with the frivolity of the restored landscape. In a similar way to the Romantic motif from the 19th century arts, an attempt was made to create a sensitive tension between a sublime natural landscape and the human presence in it.  Stijn Bollaert The structure of the house consists of fair-faced concrete, shuttered with wooden planks. The proportions of aggregates, cement, sand, water and additives were carefully composed, weighed and tested. The result is a concrete skeleton with a rough and at the same time soft appearance. The structure is filled with large glass surfaces and facade brickwo... Más

Proyecto • By Alessia IacovoniCasas Privadas

Casa GA

The small city villa is part of a bigger housing complex which is not visible from the road. A pleasant journey through a long and isolated garden ends in a slightly lower veranda. A shaded and intimate space that melts with the openness of the ground floor and leads to the entrance. Alessandro Imbriaco The bright open space on the ground floor hosts the daily activities of the young family. It’s a unique and generous living room where light can freely flow or be easily arranged thanks to an ad-hoc rotating wall. Alessandro Imbriaco Once hidden by a thick plaster layer, the brightness of the structure is now clearly revealed, driving the whole concept of the spaces and creating a direct dialogue between structure, form and... Más

NoticiasEspecificación • 24 dic. 2022

10 beautiful daybeds creating serene house outdoors

With winters confining us to the warm indoors, one can only dream about or start planning for the sunny weather, to bathe in the sun and unwind in the breezy poolside on a relaxing daybed.     Daybeds offer the pleasure of resting or daydreaming in complete peace while taking in the outdoors. They not only add a hint of elegance to your patios but also craft a serene outdoor oasis.   From a rattan sunbed, upholstered in cloudy white to a luxurious canopy bed, the following list is a selection of ten daybeds creating the perfect house outdoor setting.   1. Casa Fly Tomeu Canyellas Visiting the island repeatedly in the process of looking for the right plot of land we were impressed by traditional stone houses i... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 16 dic. 2022

Bica Arquitectos wraps a house in Fir Wood Palisade to preserve the dunes in Troia

Nestled in an ecologically sensitive landscape facing the sea in Troia, Portugal, the Palisade House, designed by Lisbon-based architecture studio Bica Arquitectos, seeks to protect the surrounding dunes and local plant species while ensuring the resident's privacy. FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura The design process involved shaping a large dune surrounding the house and covering it with native vegetation. The dune emphasises the area's natural characteristics while promoting local sustainability since it was built using sand disposed of by nearby constructions. FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura To protect the natural dune, a long Palisade made of Fir wood was crafted, establishing the periphery of the building while... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 16 dic. 2022

Two equal volumes interconnected by a balcony extending to the horizon define this Brazil House

Set atop a mountain near Pedra do Bau, a popular tourist spot in the municipality of Sao Bento do Sapucai in Brazil, the Chalet SBS is a guesthouse designed by Silvia Acar Arquitetura and Gil Barbieri Arquitetura.  Alberto Ricci The design is a simple composition of two volumes of equal dimensions, supporting a distinctive, lightweight roof and linked through a transversal balcony extending towards the slope providing panoramic views of the horizon.  Alberto Ricci One of the volumes comprises a living room, kitchen and laundry area accessed by the back deck. While the other volume houses a bedroom and a balcony with two individual accesses.  Alberto Ricci The house features a light metal structur... Más

Proyecto • By LOVE architecture and urbanismCasas Privadas

Villa 4P

The specifications of the design of Villa 4P included a relatively steep hillside property with a wonderful view of Graz and a desire for connecting the house and the garden. Jasmin Schuller The basic idea was one of following the slope with a succession of levels in its topography, on which the villa may develop – with its rooms, zones and outdoor areas, as well as its terraces and pool. Jasmin Schuller Entrance and access are via the front area and the carport, at the upper, narrow end of the property.  The top level, with a total focus on the fantastic view, houses the living quarters, the eat-in kitchen and the parents‘area, which includes a master bedroom and bathroom.  Jasmin Schuller A terrace... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 30 nov. 2022

Spaces & Design conceptualize stairs as a sculptural, interconnecting element in this Kolkata House

A split-level structure, in Kolkata, with a distinguishable floor plate and a unique spatial configuration, Upstairs is a private house designed by local architectural firm Spaces & Design. Ishita Sitwala Divided into three split sections of 700 sqm each, at varying heights, the house's beauty is how the intermediate levels are linked while retaining a visual connection throughout the space. The staircase, in this case, serves as both an interlinking element and a physical buffer. Ishita Sitwala Owing to the split levels, the house features half-flight staircases as a focal point of the residence. Interpreted as a sculptural detail, the stairs go beyond their functional aspect and showcase a seamless, organic finish.... Más

NoticiasEspecificación • 29 nov. 2022

10 distinct timber-clad houses that are rustic yet modern

Wood, in all its forms, is unquestionably among the most versatile materials available out there. Humble yet luxurious, raw yet elegant, timber has been one of the most widely used construction materials for aeons.    Whether you want a contemporary or traditional façade design, timber is an all-time classic choice for cladding. Often associated with comfort and serenity, timber cladding gives a natural and warm look.    From a one-storey dwelling with a dynamic timber-crafted screen to a house featuring a charred larch wood black curtain wall, the following list is a selection of ten exceptional homes showcasing timber cladding.   1. House 24 Edward Hendricks In a usual circumstance, the front of... Más

NoticiasEspecificación • 28 nov. 2022

10 white kitchens showing smooth and radiant surfaces

Minimal, light and clean, white kitchens pose a popular choice amongst designers. From making tight spaces look lavish to areas where light is limited appear bright, the practical aspect is no less than its aesthetic appeal.    Pair it with wooden flooring to create contrast or marble to give it a luxurious touch; white kitchens complement any look. Whether you introduce textural materials, pendant lights, some greenery or a pop of art, the design options are endless.    From a natural light-infused minimal kitchen to white cabinetry paired against wooden accents, the following selection shows ten examples, proving the timeless charm of white kitchens.   1. North West 10 Tom Arban North West 10 is a... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 27 nov. 2022

Californian hills, creek and nature inform the design of Suspension House by Fougeron Architecture

Suspended between two California hills, the Suspension House by Fougeron Architecture involves the revamp and extension of a two-storey dwelling built in the 1970s that spans across a creek. The structure integrates seamlessly into the environment while making optimal use of the spectacular location for the clients. Joe Fletcher Suspending a house over a creek is no longer legal in California, posing significant challenges to the studio, especially building along the exact outline of the existing structure.  Joe Fletcher As a result, the architects retained the footprint of the bottom and upper storeys while adding a third level with a different orientation. To sustain the load of the modifications, the existing hou... Más

NoticiasNoticias • 27 nov. 2022

Studio Ardete creates a unique juxtaposition of brick and concrete volumes in this Panchkula house

Situated in a modest residential area of Panchkula, Haryana, the brick house designed by Studio Ardete faces a wooded park to the south and south-east across the road, with a lawn providing scenic views of the landscape along its two significant frontages. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj The beauty of the house lies in its connection to the front lawn, acting as an extension of the living spaces, thereby becoming a part of the client's daily routine. The site, its surrounding nature and the built mass form a harmonious interplay emulating life from within.  Purnesh Dev Nikhanj As one traverses across the lawn, a large veranda awaits, flushed with the structure, adorned with lush planter pots and a swing set, offering an enjoyab... Más

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Purple Garden

A three-storey penthouse in Qujiang, Xi’an, from the entrance to the attic, this 422 sqm residence expresses a pure and elegant home. Returning to the basics, designers use a minimalist and modern design style to embrace the true life. Ren Dong The original structure was not ideal, with too many walls, scattered layout, chaotic and complex dynamic lines. The designers have changed the original disorder by opening up, expanding and reorganizing, still keeping a sense of permeability. Ren Dong Starting from the oriental philosophy and returning to the basics, the kitchen and dining room are opened, and the transparent doors, large floor-to-ceiling windows and the columns are decorated by natural stone. With the change of mat... Más