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Proyecto • By Moon HoonViveros

Morse_d curve

A first, the client wanted a new kinder-garden on an irregular site with 5 converging roads. It is a prominent site in the neighborhood with long curved edges touching the roads. The maximum floor space was a prerequisite requirement from the beginning like most projects in Seoul, but the space program of 5 large classrooms for different age groupsallowed for linear shaped, skipped rectangles with a central stairway that merged with children exhibition space. At the top, there was a small house for the client’s family. The basement was designed as a communal kitchen and dinning room.The façade was created with a signs, specifically referencing Morse codes, which provided internally windows for two types of inhabitants, lower ones for the ch... Más

Proyecto • By Eastabrook ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Corrugated metal extension

This Contemporary addition to a 19th Century stone cottage was designed to reflect the agricultural character of traditional farm buildings in the North Cotswolds in the UK. The property owners have lived in the cottage for 20 years and had always found the small cottage kitchen and dining area very constrained especially with returning family. An adjacent paddock had been purchased a few years ago and views out to this from the small cottage windows were limited.  An extension had therefore been a long-standing ambition but the challenge was to create a contemporary addition that would provide wide views out to the paddock without spoiling the humble but balanced appearance of the semi-detached cottages. The solution was to... Más

Proyecto • By Yaita and AssociatesCasas Privadas


The client desired a simple form residence that cannot be perceived from the outside, though the interior space is wide open. The wish can be said the entire concept of the residence. The site is located in a residential district that low-rise houses stand in lines spaciously, which is rarely seen at the center of Tokyo. Even though, neighboring houses stand close by and it required a particular idea in order to secure privacy in the residence. Firstly, so as to take in light, living, dinning and kitchen, which are the central spaces, are arranged on the top second floor. As a way to prevent gaze from the outside, the spaces are enclosed together with a courtyard, Floating Patio, with walls and is placed as if floating above a Jap... Más

Proyecto • By Vector ArchitectsCentro de Visitantes

Eco-Farm Series – Visitor Center

Sited in southeast corner of Yuefeng Island Eco-farm alongside the Yang Cheng Lake, Kunshan, the visitor center consists of a multi-functional activity space, a pet dorm, and a preserved house used as office. Our design task is to explore how architecture should be integrated into such a context, to create a new and unique place, however harmonize with nature.The empty flatness of the site is an essential character that we believe the design should respond to. The architecture appears as 2 horizontal translucent screens from the farm side. The first screen is made of perforated Cor-Ten steel. The corrugation reinforces the material and ultimately saves the supporting stud system at the back. The second screen surface is made of wood louver.... Más

Proyecto • By Ago ArchitectsPaisaje Residencial

3500 Millimetre House

3500 Millimetre house is 3,5 meter (3500 millimetre) wide by 17 meter long housing a young family of an architect, his wife and his son. The programs contained is a result from discussions between the architect and his wife, questioning the things they’re really need instead of what they want. Thus resulting in a 100 meter square house that provide basic programs for its user with 35 m2 master bedroom occupying the ground floor, Living-Dining-Kitchen (LDK) + laundry at second floor, a bed-play-study space for the son, and a rooftop with a city view. The House is an unexpected and exciting spatial experience that survives the limits of our ordinary living spaces. The three stories narrow house in a dense area reevaluates functional arrangeme... Más

Proyecto • By Chen + Suchart StudioOficinas

The Little Art Studio

El Pequeño Estudio de Arte es una adición de 1400SF a una residencia moderna de estuco y vidrio. La adición de este proyecto al sitio proporcionó un telón de fondo y un sujetalibros a un patio desierto existente y un área de reunión alrededor de un foso de fuego.   Para distinguir el estudio de la residencia existente, el diseño permitió que el estudio establezca su propia identidad. La forma en que la adición se une al plano del suelo se ejecutó de manera que se minimiza la perturbación del paisaje desértico existente. La estructura del suelo de vigas de acero y la cubierta de hormigón compuesto, está soportada por seis cajones d... Más

Proyecto • By CLB ArchitectsCasas Privadas

RCR Compound

The art collector clients for RCR relocated to this rural setting where they desired a house that capitalized on the characteristics of the extraordinary site and created an appropriate setting for the display and enjoyment of their collection. The house and guest quarters occupy a sloping transition zone between a forested butte and a grassy meadow located on an eight-acre valley site in Montana.The house was sited to access views of the meadow and distant peaks situated at each end of the valley.  This 9,000-square-foot house is organized as a series of connected building forms that surround an elevated courtyard.Carefully detailed wood buildings sit gracefully atop stone walls that extend into the landscape.Roof forms taper and... Más

Proyecto • By Ola StudioCasas Privadas


Ross sits proudly within a characteristically diverse heritage precinct. Informed by our clients’ love of stark materiality and clean aesthetics, Ross unexpectedly provides a warm and joyful environment. Their new suburban home comfortably houses a family of five, their dog and an art collection while alluding to the industrial lofty spaces of a converted warehouse they had all become accustomed. Being nestled within a private garden, Ross completely satisfies our clients brief.   In a heritage precinct defined by its stylistic diversity, Ola Studio aimed to present a confident contemporary architecture to the neighbourhood that both referenced and conversed with its local context. Ross’ immediate neighbours are both white painted timber si... Más

Proyecto • By Cohesion StudioCasas Privadas


Folly is a peculiar prototype built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to its surroundings through an architectural medium. It derives from a need to expand my thesis position on architecture; which explores Cohesion as the integration of contextual and pragmatic relevancy within different environments. Folly addressed these multi-layered issues through its components and the method of adaptive reuse and its adherence to contextual, environmental, and social paradigms. Upon arrival, Folly sets the tone to disconnect from the norm, the expected, and provokes you to connect with the surroundings. I perceived it as a design paradigm, a small space with a big experience, modern and innovative while grounded within its environment.... Más

Proyecto • By Skylab ArchitectureCasas Privadas

Owl Creek

Built on the idea that a physical place can deepen the connection between friends, families and the natural world.Portland, United States, 2018-10-30 - Perched on the hillside, with panoramic views of Snowmass Mountain, the Owl Creek Residence was built on the idea that a physical place can deepen the connections between friends, families and the natural world. Initial site challenges and slope constraints were solved by anchoring the structures directly into the landforms.At Owl Creek a single shared, stand-alone home was built for two families. Additionally, a collection of lodge-like communal areas are clustered together, creating a space that is both intimate and open.Natural light was a constant consideration, with every effort made to... Más

Proyecto • By DESK architectesCasas Privadas

Residence G C

Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Sorel, the residence is positioned to benefit from the natural topography of the site. From the road, the long and narrow land is relatively flat over most of its area, except at the end of the lot where a significant height difference makes it possible to reach the river. This characteristic determined the location of the residence; an opportunity to have a garden level totally open on the river.The residence is programmed in 3 large volumes for 3 precise functions; the service block, the day block and the night block. The service block and the day block are covered with wood siding, well anchored to the ground to bind the inside and the outside. The night block is covered with black steel... Más

Proyecto • By Wendell Burnette ArchitectsCasas Privadas

Hidden Valley Desert House

The Hidden Valley Desert House is a “long pavilion for living” composed of a canopy hovering above a plinth.The south-facing house is precisely sited in the middle of a saguaro-studded knoll just high enough to obtain distant views south to the west Phoenix Valley floor, the Valley’s mountain ranges to the south / southeast, as well as reverse sunsets on the more proximate Continental Mountain to the east. The threshold to this dominant eastern view is a unique confluence of ecology; a teddy bear cholla field growing out of a prominent outcrop of pinkish-red shale stone which is found running along the entire eastern edge of the site. The geology of this rarefied site condition is extended westward into a simple ground-based plinth at an el... Más

Proyecto • By Olson KundigCasas Privadas


"This is a project close to my heart because it is in the immediate vicinity of where I grew up, so in a sense, I was coming home to do it. The clients came to me specifically because they saw me as a local boy who did all right. They’d watched my career and liked the idea of us both being risk takers. Being on site resonated at a deep level—hearing the crunch of the snow under my feet, smelling the pine needles. It was so utterly familiar." - Tom KundigThe T-shaped form of Rimrock responds to the unique typography of the bluff upon which it is situated. Sited at the edge of a cliff, the house straddles two sides of wash atop a stable outcropping of tough, slow-cooled volcanic basalt. The name “rimrock” refers to this type of geological occ... Más

Proyecto • By Pygma ArchitectureOficinas

Pygma Office

This building from the 60's, initially meant to be an architecture office, has hosted several tertiary activities before returning to its first assignment. The structure therefore had to be entirely revisited. Thankfully, the existing lay-out allowed for some flexibility which revealed useful to accommodate the new functions.We implemented three different programs :° the groundfloor was torn down to the basic steel structure ;° the basement, previously used as a storage area, central heating room and a garage - with access only from the outside - was connected to the groundfloor by the addition of a staircase in the central core ;° the rear facade was broadened on its full length.The building now welcomes :° on the ground floor, a back offi... Más

Proyecto • By Hamonic+Masson & AssociésApartamentos

Rue Camille Claudel

In the history of architecture it is rare to find examples of roads built entirely by the same architect. During the buzz of Ré-inventer Paris, Inventons la Métropole and other international architecture competitions, the Camille Claudel project primarily poses the question of scale. The trauma of the Grands Ensembles has prevented a unitary approach in architecture today. We often see urban projects divided into ‘slices’ of 50 to 60 houses under the guise of “architectural diversity.” This approach is often detrimental as it lacks consideration for town and city planning. Hamonic+Masson & Associés won the Camille Claudel project in 2013 having proposed a global and unitary strategy, which incorporated architectural diversity with evid... Más