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2nd International Green Building & Energy Conservation Expo China 2014
2nd International Green Building & Energy Conservation Expo China 2014

2nd International Green Building & Energy Conservation Expo China 2014

1 Fuqian Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510040, Guangzhou, China
Green Buildings to Become the Developmental Trend for Construction Industry From 2011 to 2015, known as the “12th Five Year” In 2013, with the enactment of “Green Building Act”, “12th Five Year Plan for Green Building and Green and Eco-urban Developmental Planning” and other relevant policies, the importance of green building has come an unprecedented height and the outstanding position of green building in construction industry during 12th Five Year has become clear, which means China will move towards green building nationwide. The following governmental targets have made the above conclusion even more convincing: from 2014 onwards, government-invested subsidy houses and large-scale public buildings with construction area over 20,000 square meters are obligated to comply with green building criteria; from 2015 onwards, new real estate projects in municipalities as well as coastal cities and townships are aimed at over 50% standard green buildings; by the end of 2015, 20% of new buildings in townships are obligated to be in accordance with green building criteria. Promoting green building and making sustainable development of buildings are the priorities for China to create an eco-friendly nation. Green building in China has staged into high-speed developing phase from budding phase. Provinces as well as cities in China have been successively issuing mandatory green building criteria and implementation measures, which surely will bring about unprecedented opportunities for companies in planning, designing, energy-saving, construction materials, green technology, and construction and so on. It is reported by Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development that investment in green building projects will be increased to at least 1,500 billion Yuan by the end of 2020, evidently signifying that green building market in China has a huge potential to be tapped. In November 2013, Guangdong provincial government released “Guangdong Green Building Action Plan”. It is stipulated that as from January 1st, 2014, new large-scale public buildings in Guangdong province, government-invested new organs of state, schools, hospitals, museums, science museum, gymnasium and other public buildings, and new government subsidized housing in Guangzhou and Shenzhen are to fully implement green building criteria; as from January 1st, 2017, new government subsidized houses in the entire province are to adopt an overall implementation of green building criteria and quota management on power consumption is to be carried out on large-scale public buildings in Guangzhou and Shenzhen; by the end of 2015, green buildings in Guangdong province are expected to reach more than 40 million square meters and there will be over 10 ecological cities or areas; by the end of 2020, green buildings will have taken up over 30% of new buildings in Guangdong province. IGB Expo 2014: The Professional Platform Leading the Development of Green Building And Energy-saving Industries in China As an integrated green building exposition aiming at regions with hot summer and warm winter and real estate developers, design institutes and proprietors in South China, the second International Green Building Expo-China (IGB Expo 2014) will continue to take the form of a combination of exhibition, conference, awards ceremony and public events, with a view to showcasing the entire industrial chain of energy-saving and environmental friendly products in green building from design, consultancy, to project development. You will be endowed with opportunities to discuss and even establish cooperation with decision-makers from real estate developers, proprietors, planning design institutes, architecture design institutes, property management units, and city-investment groups, construction units for eco-parks and tourism resorts, nationwide authorities (such as Construction Committee, Planning Bureau, DRC and Land Bureau), and contractors and builders both at home and abroad in the entire architecture industry. IGB Expo 2014 is an indispensible sourcing platform for buyers and sellers in the eld of green building.
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