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USM Flexible Modular Interiors
USM Flexible Modular Interiors
USM Flexible Modular Interiors
USM Flexible Modular Interiors
USM Flexible Modular Interiors

USM Flexible Modular Interiors

Johan van Hasseltweg 31, 1021 KN Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Flexible Modular Interiors
USM challenges designers to push the USM Haller Configurator to the edges of its flexibility. Step 1: Choose one of the four interiors
Show in 1 one of the following 4 interiors how the Configurator can be used in 3 widely different uses in the same interior space. You can choose 1 of the images in the slider (called interior 1, 2, 3 and 4).
Step 2: The USM Configurator
Make three widely different designs that fit perfectly in the chosen interior and show the flexible potential of the USM Haller Configurator.
The Configurator can be found here: http://www.usm.com/en/configurator/configurator
A tutorial can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48zis2sfXLY&feature=youtu.be Step 3: Export to Photoshop
Export the Configurator designs and photoshop the three different configurations into the one chosen interior. Step 4: Publish on Archello
Login and create a personal profile on Archello. Create a company with your studio name or use your own name. Under your company profile publish your project on Archello and place the three design images in one project publication. Add the tag: "USMFlexibleModularInteriors" (without the ""). The designs will be judged by the clever use of modular design and optimized potential for adaptability. Deadline:
Be sure to submit your design before the 30th of June 2017. Eligibility:
Entry is open to architecture professionals, students and designers. There is no entry fee. Award:
The winner will receive €4000 to spend on one USM Haller furniture designed with the Configurator that will be delivered to your door. Jury:
- Patrick Howald (designer at USM)
- Marianne Kohler (stylist and journalist)
- Tom Kolnaar (editor-in-chief at Archello)

By entering the competition you agree to the following:
- Any images that are entered into the competition USM can use for their communication.
- Every participant agrees to receive the USM newsletter
- No cash payment
- Furniture will be delivered into the building by an USM partner for free.
- Participants can participate only once.
- Winner agrees to be interviewed including a photo shooting. The story will be published on the internet.

About USM
In our fast-paced environment adaptation has become an essential skill. This is true in our personal lives as well as in our work environments. Adapt to new family schemes, adapt to new social trends and to new business cultures. That’s why it is crucial to be able to build on flexible systems and solid references, which is the vision of USM’s modular modern furniture.
A Swiss furniture company, USM has stood for modularity coupled with value for 50 years. With the highest quality materials, Swiss styling, modifiable functionalities and timeless design, USM Modular Furniture is much more than just an everyday aid: it is a future oriented asset. And it will be for many years to come. www.usm.com
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