Top 10 residential table lamps

Top 10 residential table lamps
2 déc. 2022 Nouvelles

Residential table lamps provide direct or indirect lighting to highlight areas of activity within larger living spaces. Table lamps, despite their namesake, are designed to be placed on working tables, floors, shelves, bedside tables ,and other furniture. They are produced in a wide variety of shapes, materials ,and finish colors, and can offer a range of lighting effects.


Historically, electric residential lamps consisted of ceramic or metal bases which supported a single bulb under a pyramidal, conical or semi-spherical shade. Today, lamps are produced with bodies made from materials ranging from plastic to wood, glass, stone, aluminum ,and other metals, which support bulbs and shades of all forms and sizes. Some table lamps are designed as heavy sculptural objects; others as lightweight and portable.


Several table lamp products make use of shades, diffusers ,and other accessories to soften the light’s intensity, to increase its spread, or to make the light directional. Other products - often those with a more industrial aesthetic - proudly display the bulb without any shade protection whatsoever. Whether intended to light household spaces for reading, working, talking, or playing, the table lamps listed below are among the best on the market:


photo_credit Simone Furiosi
Simone Furiosi

The AP House project changes the original 1950s layout of the apartment in its entirety.

Designed in 1977 by Vico Magistretti, over the years, Atollo has bec...


2. Kidderpore Avenue - London
photo_credit Owen Gale
Owen Gale

What was the brief? To open up the spaces of the apartment and to create a contemprary timeless feel for a client who loves to entertain.

Taccia / Taccia Small
Table lamp providing indirect and reflected light. Reflector in painted aluminium, gloss white on the outside and matt white on the inside. Directionable diffuser in transparent mouth-blown glass. Body in matt black....


3. Objekts
photo_credit Hannah Rankin
Hannah Rankin

Objekts is not your typical design and furniture procurement firm. They required a workspace that reflected their slightly unconventional work style—one that rejected the standard product “showroom”...

The Bicoca is born with the optimism of brightening life and accompanying the good times, wherever you go. This colorful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spac...
4. LSH Residence
photo_credit Yaroslav Zagaria
Yaroslav Zagaria

Tucked away from the Bridport Street shopping precinct, LSH Residence comprises the reinvigoration of a Victorian-era wedge-shaped shop house, as well as the replacement of a tired 1970s extension with a contemporary...

Table lamp giving direct light with enamelled metal reflector and white marble base. It was designed by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967.


5. Nicolai Paris
photo_credit Antoine Huot
Antoine Huot

A young Italian family chooses as their pied-à-terre a flat in the heart of Paris, between the blue-grey galvanised roofs and the banks of the Seine. Studio noa* has been asked to design the interiors a...

PH 3/2 Table
Louis Poulsen
The fixture is designed based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the majority of the light downwards. The shades are made of mouth-blown opal three-layer glass, which is glossy on top a...


6. Out of the blue

The project “Out of the blue” consists of the restructuring of a 150mq detached house in Milan. From the very beginning , in agreement with the commitent , alongside the functional...

IC Lights Table
Table lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel, and black. Blown glass opal diffuser. Dimmer on the power chord.
7. Ginnerup arkitekter office

Ginneruparkitekter moved to new premises in spring 2018. The firm relocated because it was growing rapidly and wanted to be closer to the buzz of city centre life. The new premises previously housed a police station –...

Panthella MINI
Louis Poulsen
The fixture emits a soft and comfortable illumination. The metal version directs the light directly downwards and creates a soft and comfortable illumination due to the inner white painted shade and the reflection fro...


8. Hygge

A cosy atmosphere to enjoy the good things of life with loved ones. The project of a flat in the heart of Milan designed for a young family was born with this objective.Located on the seventh floor of an elegant...

Oda is big. Oda is a reservoir of light. Oda is a huge floor lamp for the living room- next to your sofa or armchair. Sebastian Herkner’s aim was to create a repository or a balloon full of light. The design is inspir...
9. Paris Madeleine
photo_credit Anastasia Abramova-Guendel
Anastasia Abramova-Guendel

The classic Parisian apartment located in the heart of Paris Madeleine was acquired by our clients in a very bad condition and had to undergo a complete renovation in order to restore its original features. Cl...

Martinelli Luce
Pipistrello flies to the table! The feather in the cap of Martinelli’s new proposals is the celebrated Pipistrello-Med lamp (Gae Aulenti, 1965) repro- duced in its original form but in...


10. Industrial Loft II
photo_credit Alain Brugier
Alain Brugier

This 100 m2 Loft with structure and apparent installations is located in the noble neighborhood of Morumbi, in São Paulo.   Although the aesthetic appeal of New York sheds converted into ho...

Cosy is a lamp series with personality and ambience. Place them anywhere to create anatmosphere. The lamp’s dim function makes it possible to the light and mood in a room. Only available in EU. &nb...


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