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Conceived as a tribute to mid-century and Scandinavian design, the ‘D’ desk was created by Block722 for a private client in collaboration with Maan Halaoui, a Greece based craftsperson who bridges traditional techniques and modern construction methods. The piece references Nordic furniture and Modernist design traditions, at the same time bringing them to the 21st century through a contemporary approach to both design aesthetics and manufacturing. Built in American oak wood, which has been waxed and oiled to a warm, red-brown hue, this desk features extra fine, delicate legs upon which sits a similarly slim, functional top. The latter incorporates two near-invisible drawers. Subtle curves on the profile of both the legs’ and the top’s volumes add softness and dynamism to this sophisticated design. They also create the impression of gentle movement, as if the edges might expand outwards infinitely.


'D', 2020; Home office: American oak wood; oil & wax finish; W200 D50 H75 cm

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