EXPANDO T. Rediscover simplicity.

EXPANDO T. Rediscover simplicity.
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EXPANDO T. Rediscover simplicity.
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Minimalist design creates room for inspiration. Broaden the range of your ability to implement trends in furniture manufacturing.

Blum has designed the first fixing system for thin fronts, with a minimum of 8 mm depth, that can be used in three different applications: lift systems, doors and pull-outs.

With EXPANDO T you can broaden your range of materials and implement your ideas – regardless of whether the front is ceramic, HPL or MDF.

This new Blum functionality means you can now use thin fronts or specialist materials in all rooms of the house – making it easy to create harmonious, minimalist furniture designs.


10mm diameter x 6mm depth. Intended to work with solid surface, stone, concrete, acryclics etc. In 8-14mm thick panels. Dowel technology that allows a cupless hinge, or door/drawer front attachment to work in thin material.