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Punctual is a high quality shelving system from ferm LIVING. The powder coated metal elements come in different heights and a beautiful range of soft colour hues.

The basic structure is strong and robust. As a nice contrast to the sturdiness all the shelves are gently perforated with small round holes - a detail adding a soft and airy look and a homely feel. And a detail you first discover when you get up close.

Punctual is well crafted and meant to be used. The system is easy to assemble, suited to grow with you and your home, and you can use it to store everything from books, boxes, shoes and toys to kitchenware, works of art or beautiful plants.

Our idea has been to create a modular system that can easily be assembled and expanded. The perforated shelves add a vibrant and interesting touch that is still so classical that it won’t wear out.

Punctual is available in a three, five and seven shelves version and comes in three colours – dark blue, dusty blue and grey.

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