Apartment on a cruise
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Lights in the false ceilingPANZERI
TilesCe.Si. Ceramica di Sirone
Bathroom fixturesCeramica Cielo
KitchenDel Tongo
Sliding doorFOA srl

Fiche technique du produit
Lights in the false ceiling
Ergo by Newform
Bathroom fixtures
Sliding door
by FOA srl

Residential renovation in Rome

FiumeArchitecture en tant que Architectes.

The apartment is situated in a 1920’s building in the district of Prati in Rome. The renovation features the retention of some original features such as the flooring and windows along with modern additions, including a false ceiling.

The apartment on the fourth floorwas designed around a central, open living room space. The windows are located on one side of the apartment suggesting the idea of being on a cruise.

Most of the furniture, the false ceilings, the pavement, the games of light give a dynamic aspect to the apartment. This fact conveys the idea that the apartment is constantly in transit, just like in a cruise. 


Material Used :
1. Interior lighting: spotlights Panzeri, 094 system Viabizzuno
2. Sliding door: FOA 
3. Doors: Aura Essential
4. Bathroom tiles: Cesi
5. Radiators: Tubolar, Graziano and Laguna
6. Bathroom fixtures: Evo, Ceramicacielo
7. Bathtub: Novellini
8. Flooring: Parquet Smoky 
9. Kitchen: Creta, Del Tongo
10. Mixers: Newform, Ergo
11. Shower Box: Zephiros

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