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Chelsea Apartments

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Chelsea Apartments by Cressey

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Cascadia Windows & Doors proudly announced the successful delivery of all fiberglass window wall products to the Chelsea development in Vancouver, B.C., making this project the first in the world to use high-performance fiberglass window wall.


Boasting 50% to 150% improved thermal performance compared to traditional aluminum window wall products, the Universal Series™ Window Wall represents a large step forward in commercial high-performance fenestration. Designed and manufactured by Cascadia’s BC-based team, the Universal Series™ Window Wall offers architects, specifiers, and developers a simple way to exceed the ambitious performance targets outline in the BC Step Code, without sacrificing glazing area.

“The Chelsea proves a building can have high glazing area and still dramatically increase its overall thermal performance and energy efficiency,” says Mike Battistel, president of Cascadia Windows & Doors.

“By simply using fiberglass window wall, the project was able to take advantage of performance values that are nearly double traditional aluminum, including R-4.1 for vision areas, R-14 for spandrel (opaque glass) and R-8.1 for slab bypass. Not only does this improved performance reduce operating costs, it also increases occupant comfort over the life of the building.”


Envisioned and constructed by leading Canadian developer Cressey, and designed by IBI Group, the Chelsea is a quintessential example of low-rise in-fill construction, comprised of two, six-story buildings along Cambie Street in south Vancouver. The project is part of a new wave of higher performance buildings being constructed—a wave Battistel believes is coming to cities across North America.

“Local and regional governments are aggressively outlining better energy performance requirements for commercial and residential buildings,” explains Battistel. “Our Universal Series™ products provide architects and specifiers the best of both worlds. They can design exciting, engaging buildings that people want to live and work in, all while delivering better thermal performance. They don’t have to choose between the two.”

Benefits of the Universal Series™ Window Wall go beyond just thermal performance to meet code requirements—the product also helps a building’s bottom line. With a higher performance building envelope, heating and cooling loads are less, which means mechanical systems can be optimized to reduce size and complexity. That means lower construction costs, and increased flexibility in building layout with less space used for ducting and heating/cooling equipment. And those reduced heating and cooling loads remain over the lifespan of the building, offering additional savings in operating costs.  

With successful delivery and installation of the window wall products, the Chelsea project now shifts focus to interior finishing in preparation for occupancy in late 2021.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team for their work on developing the Universal Series™ Window Wall and successfully delivering it to the Chelsea,” says Battistel.

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