Climatorium in Lemvig

Climatorium in Lemvig

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Climatorium in Lemvig

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3XN wins competition for Climatorium in the Danish city of Lemvig

3XN has won the competition to build Denmark’s new international climate center, the Climatorium, in the Danish city of Lemvig. The winning entry was created in cooperation with SLA and Orbicon. As a forum for knowledge, education, innovation and development projects within utility services and climate change the building is going to support Denmark’s role as an exporter of climate solutions and help establish Lemvig and the Central Denmark Region as a center of climate change adaptation. The clients are Lemvig’s City Council and Lemvig Utility. The Climatorium is their answer to the local and regional challenges related to urbanization and climate change. With the establishment of a strong knowledge center, they hope to attract specialists and companies to the area that and thus promote growth and job creation.

The Climatorium also aims to attract both local residents and tourists as a place where they can visit exhibitions about climate change issues or enjoy a cup of coffee in the café. The lower floor can be used for exhibitions, conferences, concerts and events of various kinds and has the potential to become a new local meeting place.

‘We have aimed to create a building that tells the story about climate. The building has a rectilinear, stringent expression but forms a wave shape that lends it a distinct and easily decoded identity. The wave tells the story of the site and also refers to the serious challenges we face as a result of climate change,’ says Jan Ammundsen, Senior Partner and Head of Design at 3XN.

The wave marks the entrance section, where it also creates an inviting space sheltered from the elements. The new Climatorium building will be an iconic structure in Lemvig. It is a relatively simple two-story structure where the open glass facade of the ground floor makes the wood-clad upper floor appear to be floating in the air. The height and placement of the building are carefully adapted to the existing buildings on the harbor front. The entrance section is a wavy organic pocket in light wood, which forms a striking landmark both outside the building and seen from within. The motif draws inspiration from Lemvig’s characteristic fishing boats and celebrates the area’s cultural history and local building tradition. The material selection is inspired by the nearby boat halls, bringing a raw, rustic expression in wood, concrete and steel that resonates with the local environment. The ground-floor glass facade makes the building transparent and inviting and lets passers-by follow the activities inside the building and be encouraged to come inside to explore.

The Climate Wedge is the name of the undulating landscape around the building. The landscape is structured along meteorological isobar lines representing prevailing wind conditions in Lemvig – which sometimes lead to flooding. This motif interacts with the soft lines of the skater park and forms an intuitive route through the landscape. The Climate Wedge is designed to create pleasant, sheltered spaces for recreational use. The vegetation is based exclusively on local plants that thrive in the coastal environment and require a minimum of care. The Climate Wedge serves as an outdoor space where the professional users of the Climatorium can conducts experiments and provides the city with a new urban space for visitors to the harbor front.

The Climatorium is going to be a signature building that reflects local traditions and adds a contemporary element to Lemvig Harbor. The building is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

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