HIDROBAZA - Bathing complex

HIDROBAZA - Bathing complex

Štinjan, Croatia
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Damir Bosnjak

HIDROBAZA - Bathing complex

Studio KAPPO en tant que Architectes paysagistes.

Location: Štinjan - Pula, Croatia Landscape architecture: Studio KAPPO Client: Municipality of Pula, Croatia Design year: 2014-2015 Status in 2016: Completed first phase Area: 52,545 square metres Budget: 2.000.000 Euro Civil engineering: I.F. Projekt Lightning: San Polo Urban equipment design: Studio KAPPO CONCEPT DESCRIPTION Studio KAPPO provided the concept design development and construction documentation for the adaptive reuse of the former Military seaplane Station Puntižela (Hidrobaza) into a new bathing complex. In 2016 has been built the first phase. In total seven phases are planned.

The former Military seaplane Station Puntižela (Hidrobaza) is located in the settlement of Štinjan - City of Pula- Croatia. The physiognomy of the site is closely related to the development and construction of the seaplane station system. Construction of the operational quay plateau began in 1915 with landfilling and construction of the quay wall. The second enlargement of the quay occurred during the 1930s, where a new reinforced concrete quay wall was constructed. Cultural elements on the plateau includes the remains of conveyor rails mounted longitudinally and laterally to the coast line.

One of the fundamental goals of the proposed design was to preserve the historical character of the area, with the retention of the basic historical matrix and the integration of historical elements.

Another goal was to increase interest in visitors to explore the area and with historical traces to solve the riddle of the “History of Hidrobaza”.

In the central part of the site the historical elements are more visible while in the adjacent areas the natural environment has start to invade the man made structures. The proposed design follows this natural process where the central area still maintain strict geometric forms while the surrounding areas gently melt with nature. The integration of the historical matrix of the site is evident in the network of paths which follow the former seaplane transport tracks.

The bathing complex have several distinct components: beaches; a sports area, a recreational area, and natural areas.

Beaches Several structures are planned: linear - in the southern part of the site where the historic seawall is better preserved that will be in part reconstructed pebbly cove – in the central part of the site natural costal structures – in the northern part of the site

Sports area In this area are planned a skatepark, BMX terrain, climbing structures and a basketball field.

Recreational area In this area are planned a children’s playscape with custom made equipment, a pick – nick area, a beach volley field, and lawns.

Landscape works include outdoor lighting and planting. All the urban forniture is custom made for this location.

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