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Année du projet
Bartłomiej Senkowski
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Lighting designerAxolight
Interior luminairesFoscarini
Wall finishingsVerde Profilo
Sanitary ceramicsVilleroy & Boch AG
Wall finishingsconcrete
Interior luminairesVibia

Fiche technique du produit
Lighting designer
Interior luminaires
Wall finishings
Sanitary ceramics
Wall finishings
Interior luminaires
by Vibia


F A A B en tant que Architectes.

MOSS hair, nail and beauty salon is the compilation of two spaces, previously separated and located on the different levels. The lower level, accessible directly from the street, consists of main entrance/reception, hair salon and manicure/pedicure zone. The upper level, accessible via bespoke stairs, houses beauty salon/spa and relaxation zone. The relaxation zone is created by an over hanged mezzanine stretched over the entrance/reception area. In line with the initial premise, MOSS is to be occasionally used as a gallery, in which will be presented art and photography exhibitions.

Reindeer moss (Cladoniarangiferina), dyed an intense green color, is the main theme of the interior. It is present at the main entrance on the ceiling and wall. It is a compositional wall element closing the lower space. It isalso included in the furnishing design.

The intense green moss bursting on the walls finished with smooth, grey architectural concrete panels, symbolically represents vitality, viability and freshness. The interior composition is completed with warm wood, which in a very natural way, correlates with reindeer moss. Wood is present particularly in the furnishing, including the grandestin form and size - flowing through 2 levels of the reception area -creating a reception desk, stairs and mezzanine with the relaxation area.

The geometry of the form has been likened to the softness of a lock of hair or to the lower part of the tree sunk into the rock or moss carpet. The neutrality of white walls and varnished surfaces, underlines the contrast of textures and colors of moss, concrete and warm wood. The geometry of the bespoke furnishings correspond to the geometry of the form creating the mezzanine, stairs and reception desk.

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